You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 24: Back In My Home Town

Raylan and I were standing at the door of my parents clubhouse. We heard everyone cooing over Tana's baby.

"Who is the father Tana my mom asked?"

" I don't know, I was raped."

I slammed the door shut and Tana looked at me going white.

"Mother take the baby."

" By rights it is mine to do with as I want."

" Now, Tana lets try this again."

" Who is the baby's father?"

Everyone looked from Tana to me.

"I know who the father is, do you want me to tell them?"

" Tana was having sex with my husband behind my back."

" I have the proof."

Raylan handed my mother the envelop.

"Who did he buy the wedding rings for."

" Not me."

" I don't have them."

Mom looked from the picture to Tana's hand.

"Take those rings off her and give them to me she said."

" Does everyone agree that it is Grace's right to punish Tana?"

Every hand went up.

"No, please I can't help that I fell in love with Snake."

" Tana did you really think he would divorce me or that I would let him?"

" I am going to make you both pay for what you have done to me."

" Oh, and would you like to meet our daughter?"

" Angel is going to be the president of his club because she will most likely be the only one we have."

"But, then again. Snake so much likes to make love to me I might just let him until I get pregnant again."

" As for you."

" When I finish with you he won't want to even touch you."

" Mom, I want that child sent to Niger to live."

" No, you can't do that."

" She will have a bad life."

" I know I said looking at Tana."

"You should have thought about that before fucking my husband and having his child."

" As for you I said rolling up my sleeves. Take her to the basement."

" Mom watch Angel for me."

" Have these bags taken to Raylan and my rooms."

I handed mom my property cut. "Take this to my room please."

Raylan carried my case that I had not used in years.

"I never thought I would ever use it again after I left home."

We walked down the stairs.

Her family was required to watch the punishment. They showed no emotions but anger and hate toward Tana.

"You all know that I never wanted to do this again."

" But, this I cannot forgive."

" She thought my husband would divorce me and I would just let him do it."

" And she thought he would marry her."

" That is not going to happen."

" A member of my own family stabbed me in the back."

" She has to pay for that."

"Take her clothes off and chin her to the beam."

I waited until they finished. I opened the bag and took my tools out. I made sure everything was clean and sharp.

"Raylan, shave her head and pubic area."

Lana had beautiful hair that fell to end at her feet.

"Please don't cut my hair."

"Why I asked?"

" No one will care or even touch you when I finish with you."

" You all know that I hate cheaters."

" Especially one who cheats with my husband."

" You brought this on yourself."

I picked up the small iron and sat it in the fire to heat.

"What are you going to do Grace?"

"You will find out."

I nodded at Raylan and she picked up the iron. She walked over toward me as I held Tana's head. She placed the iron on Tana's forehead and Tana screamed from the pain. She was branded with whore. On her cheeks husband stiller.

When that was finished we threw water on her to wake her up. I picked up the carving knife and walked over and started to carve her breast up, I cut her nipples off, then moved to her stomach, back, and ass. When that was finished I cut the lips around her pussy off.

"Come on Grace that is enough."

I looked at her mother.

"I will say when it is enough."

" She won't be fucking anyone elses husband."

I finally grabbed the pliers. I grabbed her tongue and pulled it out.

"I just bet you liked licking and sucking my mans cock.

" It won't happen again."

I then cut her tongue out. I looked at her family.

"Now I am done."

" The next time she goes anywhere near my husband."

" I will outright kill her."

" I want her to live knowing that she touched what did not belong to her."

" And she had a child from my husband which was not his to give her."

"If I find out that child was not sent to Niger I have the right to kill that child in front of her and the person who hides it."

" I also have the right to cut the person that hides that child and raises it."

" I will cut their hands off."

" Now Is that not my right?"

"It is your right Grace."

" She will hang here for three days. Then she may be taken down and taken to the doctor."

" She is not to see that child."

" As a matter of fact I will go to the private airport and watch the plane leave with that child."

"I have a special friend in Niger I will call to collect that child."

" I don't want to hurt another family member."

I watched as Raylan carried my bag upstairs. In my room I called Karan. She will meet the plane and take the child. She will place the child for adoption.

I want my family and Tana to think that child will be sold as a sex slave when she starts her minastration. I want Tana to think twice before backstabbing me again. Right now I am so full of hate. Raylan send Snake his gift.

"She grinned and told me she wished she could see his face when he gets it."

We made sure to video his daughter being sent to Niger as well.

"Oh, send a copy to all the members."

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