You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 25: The Members Are Shocked

I looked over as Max stood up and connected the big TV to his phone. Good morning members.

"And Snake."

" Good name for you because that is just what you have turned out to be after all."

" So, Snake here was not fucking some club whore."

" He was fucking my cousin and they have a one month old daughter."

"There are envelopes in front of all of you."

" Take a good look at the information inside."

" As you see he went shopping today with my cousin and they bought a wedding ring set."

" It was not for me."

" But, I have them now."

" Most of you don't know about my family."

" We are entitled to hurt or kill anyone in our family that stabs us behind our back."

"I did just that Snake."

" Look at your woman."

" The one you want to exchange for me."

" Everyone looked at Tana before I hurt her."

I then waited for the video to end.

"If you want her to fuck on the side feel free."

" Let this be a promise to the next bitch you fuck Snake."

" And for your information."

" I will not grant you a divorce."

" I am going to make your life hell."

"You lied to me over and over."

" You told me you were not cheating."

" And yet I caught you red handed."

" And last but not least say goodbye to your youngest daughter."

" She is on her way to Niger."

" I am sure she will have a good life."

" Especially after she starts menstruating"

"You can't do that Grace."

" Oh, but yes I can."

" Read your own laws Snake."

" I am your woman, wife by biker law and legally."

" You will think twice before fucking another woman."

" And you will have blue balls before I let you touch me again."

" Until I am ready for another child that is."

" If I ever am."

"I will make sure you keep that cock in your pants."

" The next time you cheat, you might lose your balls."

" I will cut them off."

" I will be back home in three days. So, if you had in mind to fuck another woman think twice."

" And if any of your whores climb into his bed,"

" I will make sure you don't do it again."

" So it is in your best interests to sleep with another club member and stay away from my husband."

"Now, Snake, take a good look at your mistress."

" Good-by and have a nice evening everyone."

I turned and looked at Max.

"She sent my child to Niger."

" It looks like it."

" But, why would she do that to an innocent baby?"

" Because that baby was not hers."

" Because you got another woman pregnant and from the looks of these pictures because you planned on divorcing her and claiming her cousin."

"But I wasn't going to do that."

" I love Grace."

" And you appeared to love her cousin as well."

" You can't have two women Snake."

"It wasn't like that."

" Well these pictures say different."

" The wedding rings on Tana's hand sure look like these I said throwing it at him."

"You made this mess Snake now you have to clean it up."

" It wasn't my baby."

" And I was not getting the rings for me and her."

" I bought them with a friends money."

" She kissed me to thank me for helping them out."

" He is going to be so pissed off."

"Who is he and where is he?"

" I will have to pay for her plastic surgery."

" Snake, no one is going to believe you after the lies you have told."

" We all know you have fucked Tana."

" You can't get out of that."

" Not to mention how your so called friend will like it if he exists."

"So, stop lying while you are ahead Snake."

" Grace is hurt and pissed."

" She won't believe a word you have to say."

" She took these pictures, she saw you two together."

" You won't change her mind."

" I remember Grace when she was younger."

" She was a bitch."

" A fighter, and she would rather kill you as to look at you."

"She is the Grace we did not want to see again."

" Yet, here she is."

" I blame you for that."

" You used her, lied to her, and had a kid with her cousin."

" There is no friend and you know it and so do I."

" I know because I saw you two together at the cabin."

" I saw you fucking her against the wall two days ago."

"So tell that lie to someone who doesn't know you like I do."

" I will let Grace know if you even look at another woman, or whore."

" Here or at any other club."

" I will also let them know to keep their whores away from you if they want to keep them alive and looking good."

I looked over and saw a text come from Tana.

"Well since she doesn't have a tongue all you can do is text her."

" She can't give you head now."

I stood up and walked out the door and lit a cigarette. I am just as bad as Snake. I lied to Grace too.

I knew everything but kept it from her. I would tell her that Snake was not cheating when I knew he was. I hope she never finds out that I knew it all along. She will hate me for not telling her. I saw the members look at Snake in anger.

I know that Snake does love Grace. He always had. He was in the process of getting rid of Tana. But he got caught and they both got punished. He lost a daughter to another country and he lost another one due to his fucking Tana and getting her pregnant.

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