You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 26: Grace's mother and Aunt Argue

"Dottie how could you let Grace do that to Tana?"

" It was her right and you know it Sharon."

" Your daughter decided to fuck Grace's husband, your daughter decided to get pregnant with Grace's husbands child."

" And your daughter thought she could get Snake to divorce Grace and claim her and her daughter."

"It would not have mattered if he did claim Tana's daughter. "

"Her daughter was not his first born and she was born out of wedlock so she still would not become the next president of Snakes MC."

" Angel would still be the next president."

" And just what do you think Angle would have done to her half sister when she does become president."

"She would make her half sister a club whore or kicked her out of the club."

" Tana knew what she was getting herself into."

" She knew what Grace would do to her when she found out."

" Which she did."

" And do you think that Grace would have let her punishment slide when she found out why and for who Snake would have divorced her for?"

"No she would not."

" Therefore Tana would never have been claimed by Snake anyway."

" I will tell you that Snake will have nothing to do with Tana now."

Just then we saw one of Tana's brothers hand Sharon Tana's cell phone.

"After reading what Snake text she looked up at Dottie."

"You are right Dottie."

" He text Tana that he loved Grace and had no intentions of divorcing her, or claiming Tana."

" He also told Tana he never wants to see her again."

" I hate to say it but I told you so."

" Tana was just an easy fuck."

" He never planned on giving Grace up."

"Tana should have not touched what did not belong to her."

" She thought she would get away with it but in the end our deeds always find their way home."

" I was standing behind my aunt and heard everything."

" Aunt Sharon if you have something to say, say it to me not my mother."

"Tana has always been a whore and she will always be a whore."

" I let too many of the things she has done to me slide."

" This time, I had enough."

" She fucked my husband."

" She got pregnant on purpose."

" She didn't know I was pregnant and had a daughter before she did."

" My daughter is five months old."

"And, it would not have made a difference."

" You see, I plan on making Snakes life just as miserable."

" Since he cheated and had a daughter with my cousin I can choose to let him divorce me."

" That is not going to happen."

" He fucked up and now he will live to regret it."

" I will stay married to him biker law and legally."

"That's right I married him the biker law way, and then we got a marriage license and married in the eyes of the law."

" Either way, I would not give him a divorce."

" So Tana would never have married Snake."

" I would not allow that."

"When I am finished with the both of them every MC in the united states will know about Snake and Tana."

" I will destroy his club before I would have let him divorce me and marry her."

" Oh, come now Aunt Sharon."

" Don't look so shocked."

" I am not that forgiving."

I heard David, Tana's oldest brother say behind me.

"No, you are not."

" I am surprised you let Tana get away with the things she has done to you."

" Yes, mother your darling daughter is nothing but a whore."

" She has had sex with every boyfriend Grace had."

" I knew Grace would not let this slide."

"After all Snake is Grace's husband."

" I pitty what she will do to him next. I am not done with Tana either."

" My revenge is not complete."

" My revenge on Tana will be complete the day her daughter is initiated into sex."

" And what a wonderful day that will be."

" To see her daughter's first time with three men at once."

"Maybe if she can ever have sex again or children she will remember that I can take them away from her too."

" Revenge is a wonderful thing, don't you think Aunt Sharon?"

" Now you are being a bitch Grace."

"And that is all due to your daughter."

" You have her to thank for that."

" Her and my husband."

" Oh, and one more thing. If I wanted to I can have sex with any man I want and not be punished for it."

" I just wonder who Tana's boyfriend is."

"You see Aunt Sharon it pays to read and study the laws not only of your on MC you grow up in. But your husbands MC and the mother chapters laws and rules."

" I am not as dumb as you all thought I was."

I walked away and sat down at the table across from my father. He smiled at me and winked.

"You are a hard woman Grace."

" I had to do what I did."

" I needed to get my message across to both Tana and Snake."

" Lie to me once fine."

" Lie to me over and over the bitch comes out."

" I am not going to be played a fool."

"I stayed for three days before I left to go home I walked to the doctors office to see Tana."

" Hello, Tana."

" I bet you won't mess with my husband again."

" Oh, and I am not finished with my revenge."

" Don't have any children."

" If you do the minute they are born they will go straight to Niger."

"And when I find out who you boyfriend is."

" I can have sex with him and not be punished."

" I might even do it in front of you."

" Good-bye Tana."

" Don't ever come to my territory again."

" I see you there I will kill you."

I turned and walked out the door and down the hallway. Raylan and I got into my car after putting Angel in the back seat. We drove back to Snakes house. He doesn't know I am there.

I had a contractor come in and build a living room and kitchen in three of the rooms. I then had a iron gate put up in the hallway so that Snake can not come to Angels or my bedrooms. I carried the key to the door around my neck.

Raylan and I then asked Diane to come and stay with Angel.

"Where are you going she asked?"

" The clubhouse."

" Grace, I understand your anger."

" I went through the same thing with Snakes father."

" I don't blame you and he has this coming to him."

" If he comes here he is not coming through that gate."

"Thank you, Diane."

" I hate to do this to you."

" No problem girl."

" Go raise some hell."

" And dress sexy."

" Make Snake see what he no longer gets to touch."

" Diane do you know where Snake keeps the real laws of the club?"

"She grinned at me."

" Follow me."

She walked down the stairs to Snakes office. She pushed a button under his desk and the wall slide open.

"I didn't know that was there."

" I am not surprised."

" Here are the books."

" Can you make copies of them for me?"

" I sure can."

"I will even put the in three ring binders for you."

" Let's look in his safe."

" She opened the safe and saw a book."

" What is that I asked?"

She opened it up and was pissed.

"A book of the woman he sleeps with at other MC's."

" There names and phone numbers."

" I will make a copy of this while I am at it."

"I can't believe he would do this."

" I can."

" write down the combination for me."

" I will really look around while he is gone."

" I would do that too if I were you."

" Now go get ready."

" I will have this all copied and sitting in your bedroom when you come home."

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