You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 27: Grace's Birthday Party Went To Hell

Raylan and I rode our bikes to the club and got off. No one recognized me as they have never seen me ride before. Or wear leather pants, boots, and a corset with my Property Cut. We walked into the club and saw the women dancing and men partying.

All of a sudden we saw the men turning and looking at me and Raylan. It got quiet. I looked over and saw a whore leaning against Snake.

"Well, Well, Well, It looks like a whore did not take me serious."

" I walked over and grabbed her by the hair."

" Bitch let go of me."

"I am a bitch that is true."

" But I am also Snakes wife and second in command of this club."

I brought my knife from my boot.

"Looking right at Snake I slid the tip of the knife from the whores timple down to her chin."

" Go near my husband again and I will cut your throat the next time."

I then threw her across the room.

"I heard a man yell."

" That was one of my whores."

I brought my gun out and pointed it at him.

"I guess no one gave you the message."

" Keep your fucking whores away from my husband."

" I just cut and branded my own cousin who he was fucking and had a child by."

" I sent that child to Niger."

"That makes me aloud to fuck who I want without punishment."

" And I refuse to let Snake divorce me."

" I am going to make his life hell."

" And he will have blue balls when he dies."

" Isn't that right Snake?"

"If you don't believe me I will be happy to play the video for you."

" And if you step any closer I will put a bullet in you."

" I am not playing."

" Bitch."

" That's right I am a bitch and you have Snake and my cousin to thank for that."

"Now who are you."

" I am Tana's boyfriend."

I started laughing.

"Then you don't know what they have been doing behind your back."

" Play the video Max."

I shot the gun in the air.

"Everyone shut the fuck up."

I grabbed a beer and watched the look on Tana's boyfriends face.

I watched as he looked over at me.

"You did that to her?"

" My right I said."

" In my family you don't backstab a family member let alone fuck their husband or wife and have their child."

" When did she have the baby."

" One month ago."

"I hoped it was mine."

" Nope not yours."

" My darling husbands."

" Where is Tana?"

" Home in my families territory."

" Afraid she can't talk."

" That was the last thing I did to her."

" Cut out her tongue."

" She doesn't need a tongue to hear what I have to say."

"Oh, you might want to know what I told her."

I stood up and walked to him.

"Bend down."

I whispered in his ear what I told Tana and he started laughing.

"He looked me up and down."

" Never know."

" I might take you up on that offer someday."

I watched as he told his VP he would be back. He then walked out the door. I noticed that his road name was Blade and he is the president of the Thunder MC. He is one fine looking man. He is just as handsome as Snake. I remember him being one of Snakes highschool friends. To tell the truth. I was in love with him. He never looked twice at me.

I looked at Ryalan and saw her looking at Blades VP. We walked over and sat down across from Snake and Max.

"So tell me Grace. How did it feel to get your revenge on an innocent woman?"

" She was not innocent if she had your child."

" That child is not mine."

" Oh it is. We had a DNA test done."

" That baby is Angels half sister."

"You have portrayed me for the last time Snake."

" I will never give you a divorce."

" And according to your laws."

" Because of what you have done."

" I am free to fuck any man I want without punishment."

" No you can't."

" Max, you know the laws by heart and you VP do you know the laws by heart?"

" I do."

"Well, tell Snake here if I am wrong."

" Snake it is true."

" She can fuck any man she wants and you cannot divorce her or punish her."

" You are a president."

" You are not to cheat on your wife or get another woman pregnant."

" You did that and more."

I could not believe that she would know the laws.

"How did you find out Grace?"

" I know the laws by heart too."

" My father made Raylan and I learn them backwards and forwards."

" Why didn't you tell me?"

" Now why would I want to do that?"

" I also know that you cannot force me to divorce you."

"I can make your life a living hell."

" And that is just what I plan to do."

" I loved you with my whole heart."

" But you just had to fuck my cousin and get her pregnant."

" You had to lie to me over and over."

" Just like you never fucked any whores at the other clubs."

" I know all about them too."

"And just so you know."

" I sent letters out to every MC in the united states."

" Along with the pictures and video of Tana and where your second daughter was sent to."

" They were told to keep their whores out of your bed or I will go there and hurt them too."

"You have turned into a real bitch."

" And just who made me that way?"

" You did."

" And Snake, you are never going to touch or hold Angel again."

Then I grinned at him.

"I will be doing my duty and riding behind you to Sturgis and everywhere else the club goes with their women."

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