You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 28: Max See's Grace's Anger

I turned and looked at Max.

"And as for you."

" Did you really think I would not know just how much you knew Max?"

I looked down at the table and then back at Grace.

"I hoped you would not find out."

"You are Snake's best friend and VP."

" The VP knows everything going on about the club and what the president is doing and who he is doing it with."

" You may not have out right lied to me."

" But you lied all the same."

"You said he wasn't cheating since he fucked the whore."

" That whore happened to be my own cousin and you knew it."

" That whore had a boyfriend who is the president of the Thunder MC."

" And if I remember right."

" One of your best friends from high school."

"Max, you may be the VP but I for one will never trust you again."

" Anything you say to me I will think is a lie."

" If I had known that Snake was fucking my cousin I would never have married him let alone let him claim me."

"You all knew the things I hate the most is a Cheater, and lier."

" He is both."

" You are just a liar."

" I will make sure the woman you want as yours know all about that."

" Grace, I had to lie to you."

" I was ordered to."

" I am second in command."

" I need to know everything."

" No,"

" I am second in command you are third."

"I know that."

" But, Snake."

" But Snake nothing."

" He is just like a snake."

" He should be crawling on the ground like one."

" You love him Grace."

" Not anymore."

" I did love him."

" But not enough to put up with his cheating and lies."

" Right now I would rather see him dead."

I saw Blades VP look at me.

"Don't think I won't make you both regret what you did to me."

" I looked at Snake."

" And don't think I won't teach Angel to investigate every male that comes near her."

" I really can't wait for you to meet the love of your life Max."

" I bet that within the first year you are together you will cheat on her."

"You all think once you have your woman you can fuck anything that opens their legs."

" You can't."

" But I am so going to love watching you Snake."

" Wonder when I might find a man worth fucking."

" Knowing there is not a damn thing you can do about it."

" I might have just found him too."

I reached over and grabbed the joint Blades VP had just lit up.

"I thought you quit smoking Snake said."

" I started back up and plan to keep smoking now that my anger and hate is back."

" Especially for you."

" Oh, and Snake."

" I will find out all your little secrets."

I handed the joint back to Blades VP.

"Let's go Raylan."

" Where are you going?"

" The club in town."

" When Blade gets back come and dance and drink with us I said walking out the door."

We started our bikes and road to the strip club owned by the MC.

Once there I was so high and drunk I decided I was going to dance. Mark looked at me and Raylan and grinned.

"Is this more payback for Snake and Tana?"

" Why, yes it is. Mark, are you game in letting us dance."

"Are you undercover Angel?"

" Nope."

" Are you two dancing together?"

" As usual."

We walked to the dressing room and found our lockers still there unused.

"Hey, you can't touch those lockers."

" Yes, we can."

" They belong to us."

" You are Grace and Raylan."

" But, you are Snake's wife."

" Why yes I am."

We opened the lockers and took our outfits out and put them on. We never wear shoes. We went to the end of the stage and nodded at Mark.

He picked up the mike and said, "And back for a one night show all of you are in for a lucky treat."

"Grace and Raylan."

We heard the whistles and shouts as we walked out. Our music started and we started to perform. Then the door slammed open and in Walked Blade, his VP, Max, Snake and half the club members.

We ignored them and continued to dance. As our song ended we walked off the stage while two girls collected the money. I saw Snake storm back toward the dressing room and laughed.

"He was stopped by the two bouncers."

" You are not going back there Snake."

"I want my wife."

" Right now she is changing."

" And I don't care if she is your wife or not you fucking cheater."

We walked back to the dressing room and several of the women told us we were really good. "Thank you, we said."

"One said, you should dance more."

" No, this was just a one nighter for revenge."

" We heard what Snake did to you."

" Hell, that is all every MC talks about when they come in here."

" A lot of the men are going to be upset they were not here to see you two dance."

"Well, that is a shame."

" We would dance again if they were here."

" The girls looked at each other and made some phone calls."

" Let's really put on a show Raylan."

" Why not."

" Snake needs to see how fast he can lose you."

Mark walked into the dressing room.

"I am packed to the rims Gace."

" Will you and Raylan dance a few more sets?"

" Sure why not."

" We will go after each girl dances and then we are done."

He walked back out and made the announcements. Each time we went out we got the whistles and some remarks about dating one or the other men.

I looked over to see Snake fuming. Good, after what he and Tana did to Grace and me he deserves to know how fast he can lose Grace. I even threw money on the stage. These girls are good. As the night wore on Mark said last dance for Grace and Rylan.

We showered in the dressing room before dressing and walking out to the bar. We each made $10,000. Not bad for one night.

"I saw Raylan's brother's MC sitting at a table."

We walked over and I hugged Dreamer as did Raylan.

Two members brought over chairs for us to sit in.

I saw them all looking from me to Snake.

"Grace, we heard what Snake and Tana did."

" Are you alright?"

" Not really."

" How can I be."

" The man I loved since high school lied to me, cheated on me and had a baby with my cousin."

" That video is going around and every man in here knows."

I saw his VP looking at me.

"I don't know you."

" What happened to Jagger?"

" He died last year."

" Wrecked his bike."

" That's to bad."

" This is my new VP Hardass."

" And why would you all call him that?"

" Because he is a hardass."

" I see."

" Well, he is just another fucking cheating mother fucker."

" I saw his eyes get big."

"You don't know one thing about me lady."

" I know you are a man."

" That is all I need to know."

" Just then Snake grabbed my arm."

" Get over to our table where you belong."

I looked down at his hand and stood up.

"You have five seconds to let go of me Snake."

"You are my wife and will do what I say."

I started laughing. "I kicked him in his balls."

" He fell to the ground and it got really quiet."

" I may be your wife but you forgot that when you cheated on me with my own cousin and had a child with her."

" By rights you can no longer touch me if I don't want you to."

" And I don't want you to."

"Keep your fucking hands off me."

" Now and forever Snake."

" I told you."

" You will have blue balls until the day you die."

" Or, the day I divorce you."

I turned around and sat back down. I watched him stand up and walk over and sit back down.

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