You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 29: Everyone Know My Hate For Snake

Raylan started laughing.

"She meant what she said Snake."

" She read the biker laws and rules."

" You all thought she was stupid."

" I more than read them."

" I memorized them."

" Don't forget Snake."

" If I wanted to."

" I can fuck any man of my choosing and you cannot do a thing about it or punish me."

"After all, you made the first move fucking my cousin and getting her pregnant."

" But I made sure her daughter will never be a member of our club."

" Like I said Grace."

" You turned into a real bitch."

" And how many times do I have to remind you who's fault is that?"

" Ya, I know, Tana and me."

" And don't either of you forget it."

"Now, I need a drink."

" Mark start the fucking music."

I lit a cigarette and Raylan a joint.

"You are my kind of woman Hardass said."

" I looked over at him and told him."

" I am not your woman and never will be."

" I do not intend on divorcing Snake or letting him divorce me."

"I am going to make his life hell until the day he dies or I die."

" And it would not surprise me if he is not planning my death."

He will not let me get away with doing the same thing he did or another man touching me."

" He will kill me first."

"Dreamer looked at me and told me to be careful."

" If you push him too far he might just do that."

" Good then I will die in peace and he will be in prison."

" Hell, he might even try to sale me."

" Who knows.

I watched Hardass smiled.

"If he does I will buy you."

I slammed my beer down on the table.

"Fuck off."

" I am leaving."

" I have a baby at home I need to get to."

" Are you staying Raylan?"

" Hell no."

" I want to here Snake cuss when he sees the gate you put up so he can't get down the hall to yours and Angels bedroom."

"We hugged Dreamer and told him goodbye."

We walked out and started our bikes and rode to the house. I saw Max look over at the table the girls had been sitting at.

"Where did the girls go he asked?"

" I don't know."

"I enjoyed watching Raylan and Grace give Snake hell."

" I figured out a long time ago Tana was cheating. I was just waiting for her to get caught."

" Grace did a number on her."

" I told Tana before I left we were finished and I was going to have fun fucking Grace."

I saw the tears slide down her face.

"You fucked Snake, it is only fair I fuck Grace."

" And get her pregnant."

" By the way, she is giving Snake hell."

" She won't let him touch her."

" And she cut up one of my whores face for leaning on him. I don't blame her though."

"Too bad I didn't date her in high school."

" At least I would not have had a whore for a girlfriend."

I turned and walked out of the room and her aunts clubhouse. I was sitting at the table not saying one word to Snake when the call came that Raylan and Grace were dancing at the strip club.

I have to see. Grace has a body any man would want in his bed. Even after having a baby. I loved the fact when we got there it was packed full of MC's who heard she was dancing. Snake was so pissed off that she was getting looked at and men telling her they would claim her if she divorced Snake.

She is one feisty woman. And she was hell bent on getting her revenge. It may be years before she lets Snake near her. We stood up and walked outside and noticed their bikes were gone.

"I am going to the house."

" I think it is time that Grace and I talk."

"Good luck with that Max said."

" She is not going to let you anywhere near her."

" I love Grace and I will be damned if any other man is going to touch her."

" You can't stop it Snake."

" You broke the biker codes and laws."

" You did it more than once."

We walked into the house and up the stair. I unlocked the gate and we walked in. We found Diane in the living room watching a movie. I hope you had a good time. We showed her the money we made and told her everything.

She started laughing. "Oh my god."

" I bet Snake was fit to be tied."

" We would say he was."

" Oh, and Grace cut Blade the president of the Thunder MC's whore they brought with them."

" She was leaning all over Snake. And he was Tana 's boyfriend."

"I know Blade."

" He is one of Snakes best friends."

" He is handsome let me tell you Grace said."

Diane looked at me and grinned.

"By law you can take him to your bed if you want to."

" I sat down and said, I don't want to."

" I love Snake."

" But, I can't and won't let him touch me."

"Just remember Grace."

" What is good for the goose is good for the gander."

" I just can't do it."

" I might let Tana and Snake think I will but I can't."

" I won't go that far."

" Maybe in a few years."

" I just don't think I can."

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