You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 3: Grace

I was watching Grace from the top of the cliff. She sat in the sand on the beach just looking out at the water. I have watched her over her for the last two years. Hawk was wrong to bring her here to my island. She had no way to run. No way to contact Snake. I know that the man fucking that club whore was not Snake but no one would listen to me.

They all seemed to forget that the man in the video has no tattoo between his shoulder blades. I was there in the Gamer's shop when he had Grace tattooed between his shoulders. I don't think that Grace even knew about it. I know that Snake and Grace never had sex. He treated Grace like his angle.

He loves Grace. I know that for a fact. He has never claimed another woman let alone dated one. This has to stop. Grace does not eat right or sleep right. I have watched her walk on the beach at night. I hear her cry all the time. When Hawk and Rain visit again I am going to tell him how wrong he was and is to keep Snake and Grace apart.

I took a drink of my coffee watching Grace walk toward the house. I am angry that she has stopped playing the piano and singing. I turned around and walked back to the patio and sat down.

Grace, are you alright?

She looked up at me with tears flowing down her face.

No, I am not alright. I want to go home.

I want to go home to Snake.

Please, Uncle Jerry. Call Hawk and tell him I need to go home.

"I know that Candy lied to Hawk and Rain."

" Snake, would never cheat on me or hit me."

" You tell Hawk if he does not let me see Snake I will kill myself. I can not do this anymore."

" You tell him I will throw myself off the cliff if he doesn't do what I ask. Or I will cut my wrists."

" I cannot live another day without Snake. I just can't do it, Uncle Jerry."

"I mean what I say."

" I can no longer live without Snake."

" I love him."

" I know that he loves me."

" He would never hurt me."

" They are the ones that are hurting me."

" I will be right back."

I walked to my office and unlocked the door. I walked in and locked it behind me. I walked over to my desk and picked up the phone. I dialed Hawk's club.

I waited for the phone to be picked up.

"This is Diamond how can I help you?"

" Diamond this is Jerry."

" I need to speak to Hawk right now."

" Just a minute. I need to go and get him."

" I will hold."

I waited for Hawk to come to the phone. I walked out of Hawk's office. I walked to the table and told Hawk a Jerry was on the phone for him.

I watched as Hawk walked down the hall to his office.

" Jerry, is everything alright?"

" No, everything is not alright."

"First off I want you to know that I know for a fact that was not Snake fucking that whore."

" Snake, has Grace tattooed between his shoulder blades."

" I am calling because Grace has had enough."

" She is threatening to either jump off the cliff or cut her wrists if she does not get to go home to Snake."

" She loves him you fucking jackass."

" I can't believe you took her from him."

" She is not sleeping or eating and she is losing weight."

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