You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 30: Snake Is Furious

I walked into the house. It was quiet.

"Well, I guess I will go home."

" I copied everything and put them on the desk over there."

" Thanks Diane."

" You are welcome Grace."

" All of a sudden we heard Snake yell."

"What the hell is this gate doing in the hallway."

We walked down the hall and looked at Snake.

"This is mine and Angels apartment."

" You are not welcome here."

" We have a three bedroom with kitchen, living room and private bath in the bedrooms and one across from the living room."

"I want this gate gone Grace."

" Go straight to hell."

" This is my house and you will do what I say."

" Afraid not Snake."

" Mother what are you doing?"

" I am on Grace's side."

" This house belongs to me or have you forgotten that?"

" I have added Grace's name to the deed."

" This is her personal apartment."

" It belongs to her and Angel."

"But, mother."

" Don't you but mother me."

" You are just like your father."

" A lying, cheating bastard."

" Really."

" Did you know you have a half-brother."

" I what!"

" You have a half-brother."

" Well three really."

" Who are they?"

"Max is one."

" Max, my VP?"

" Yes."

" Hardass the new VP of Dreamers MC. and don't let me forget your best friend Blade."

" Why did we not know this?"

" Your father made me keep it to myself."

" But, after what you did it is time you knew."

" You fucked your brothers girlfriend."

" You got your brothers girlfriend pregnant and had a daughter with her."

"Mother you can't tell them."

" I have already done it."

" I sent them each a text."

" Now lets see what happens when they talk to their mothers."

" I looked over at Diane my mouth hanging open."

" Sweet heart close your mouth."

" Revenge is a dish best served cold."

"That's not it."

" Hardass told me that he would buy me if Snake tried to sale me."

" It is my right to take Blade as my lover since Snake fucked my cousin, his girlfriend and got her pregnant."

" Both men being Snake's brothers want me as theirs."

" Now that is interesting Diane said."

" What do you think about that Snake?"

" Your brothers want your wife."

"Now back to your brothers."

" Talk to your father since you don't believe me Snake."

" I told him the day you cheated on your wife was the day I would tell you just how much alike the two of you are."

" That is why I have all the money and am the head of the club."

" That is why you have to talk to me before any big decisions are made."

"And yes, what you always wandered is true."

" I do have a lover."

" I have had him for years."

" And your father hates him but he can do nothing about it."

" Just like you can do nothing if Grace chooses a lover."

" I hope she does take Blade as her lover."

" It would serve both you and Tana to be in as much pain as they are."

"Now, step away from the gate Snake."

We watched him step back and after his mother walked though I locked the gate again.

"I will see you tomorrow love."

" Take care of our little Angel."

" I will Diane."

" And do read those books I got for you."

"I will." "And I am sure that I will find them really interesting reading."

Raylan and I turned around and walked back to the living room but not until we grabbed coffee. We sat down and grabbed the black book first. Raylan grabbed a pad and pen and started writing down women's names we either heard mentioned or we knew first along with the phone numbers.

There were at least 50 names.

"We looked them up on the internet thru their MC's face page."

" Most of them are not whores."

" We started calling them."

" When I told them I want them to stop fucking my husband they were shocked."

" They all said that Snake was their boyfriend."

"When they found out I was his wife legally and biker law they were angry."

" I told them what I did to Tana and the child she had and that I will not divorce Snake."

" I explained the laws to them and told them if they fucked Snake again I will find out."

" Then I told them I will come to your clubhouse and I will cut you."

I hung the phone up and I knew that they would all call back. I have a phone that was put in with the clubhouse phone number. It will ring up here. Right on time. We pushed the button and heard the women all yell at Snake.

"When he had to admit he was married and was not getting a divorce they asked if his wife would really come to their MC and cut them he told them it would be my right."

" Then they all told him never to call them again and lose their phone numbers."

We laughed after the last woman called Snake and told him get lost.

"They called him a liar and cheater."

" One of the women told him that after she tells her brother about his being married there would be trouble."

" We heard Snake tell the woman go ahead. Her brother is doing the same thing."

"We heard Snake say, you don't want to tell Revenge that though."

" I will have to call his wife and tell her what he is doing."

" You leave Luna out of this."

" She doesn't need to be hurt like you hurt me."

We wrote Luna and Revenges name name down.

"Pay back time."

" We will be calling Luna."

" Letting her know."

" I will have you know that Revenge is going to the Skull MC and fucking his little girlfriend there this weekend."

" Maybe I should take pictures and send them to her."

" Don't do that Snake."

" Then keep your mouth shut."

Raylan and I looked at each other. We are going to the Skull MC this weekend. But how can we do that and be safe. I looked at Raylan. We are going with Snake and Max of course. Let's call him.

I dialed Snakes phone.

"Snake I forgot to tell you something."

" What? Raylan and I will be going to the Skull MC with you this weekend."

" You see you lied again."

" I was asked tonight why I never go with you to the other MC's when you visit."

" When I told them you told me wives and old ladies don't go they laughed."

" One of the members told me that was a lie."

"Another member told me that they only tell their wives that they are not invited so they can fuck the whores and girls from the college."

" So, we will be going."

" Everything is coming out and biting me in the ass."

" When the girl I see at the Skull MC sees me she is going to tell Grace I am her boyfriend."

" Shit is about to hit the fan."

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