You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 31; Snake Calls Max & Blade

I thought about what my mother told me. I don't want to believe it it but I need to tell Blade and Max what she told me. I fourwayed Hardass, Blade, Max and me.

"Whats up Snake."

" Did Grace lock you out of the house?"

"In a way she did."

" What do you mean."

" Mom helped her to have contractors come in. They put a gate in the hallway."

" They kept a bedroom for Angle, and Grace, and made a third one with a private bath. Then they turned a room into a kitchen, a living room, and another bathroom."

" Grace has a private suite."

" I can't get near Angle or Grace."

"I need to talk to you three in my office here at the house tomorrow."

" Can you be here about 1:00?"

" Yes I can said Blade."

" So can I Max told me."

" I don't know why you want to meet with me Hardass said, but I will be there."

" What is going on?"

" Something mother told me tonight."

" I don't want to believe it but I think you three should now about it."

" Alright. We will be there."

"I am really curious about what this is about Max said."

" Blade didn't say anything."

" Then he said, I wonder if it is something I heard when we were teenagers."

" I didn't believe it but I will tell you when I see you Snake. Good, thanks for coming."

I hung the phone up.

I don't want to believe it but their parents were members of the club once. All but Hardass's parents. Until they started their own. I knew my dad screwed around on my mother. I was taught that was what presidents did. I pushed the button under my desk and took out the laws of the MC's.

I had not read them since I first became a member. I looked up the laws of presidents who have a woman and legally married her and what the law said.

"Fuck I am screwed."

" If I had been aware of the laws I would never have cheated on Grace."

"Everything she said was true."

I continued to read the laws.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck."

" I can't divorce her unless she agrees to it."

" Only she can divorce me."

" And if she wants to she can take a lover."

I continued to read.

"Even if I wanted to divorce Grace and Marry Tana I can't."

" Having sex with Tana while I was married and had a child with Grace which I was and did."

" Tana was considered a club whore."

" I would not be permitted to marry her."

" I also would not be permitted to bring our daughter into the club."

"My first born child while married will become the president."

" As the president she can demand that her half sister leave the club if she was ever to come here."

" Which I know Angel would do."

" She will also hate me for having sex with another woman and getting that woman pregnant."

"I continued to read on and was surprised that Grace did not mention that she can have be brought in front of the mother club and forced to pay her for damages for pain and suffering. Unless she is going to hold that over my head."

I leaned back in my chair and thought. I know what she is doing. She is going to go to every meeting at every MC and take the women I have had sex with names down. The more women she has the more money she can get.

I continued to read on. Shit, For every woman I slept with I would have to pay her $50,000. I have a lot of women I slept with. I would owe her everything. Why the hell did I not pay attention with my father told me to read the rules?

$50,000 x 50 women = $2,500,000. Fuck I am in trouble. I picked up the phone and called my father.

"I told him I was in trouble."

" So, I heard Snake."

" How many times did I tell you not to cheat on your wife let alone get another woman pregnant?"

"Now you know why your mother his the head of the MC and has all the money."

" So, you got a woman pregnant?"

" Not just one but three."

" Then mom was not lying."

" No she was not."

" And I have to watch her with her lover and not do a thing about it."

" She is vengeful and will never give me a divorce."

" Now she gets to have her cake and eat it too."

"We men think we are so smart."

" But we think with our cocks."

" So, how many women have you slept with?"

" About 50."

" That is a lot of money boy."

" I know that."

" She will end up with all my money."

" And more Snake."

" Much more than you know."

" Fuck."

" What am I going to do?"

" Face the consequences."

" For every child one of those women have you will pay an extra $25,000."

"I hope you have nothing more you are hiding."

" It will all come out Snake."

" Why has she not brought this up to me?"

" She is biding her time."

" The more names she gets the more you will pay."

" She will ruin your name and club."

" But, again your mother is the big president."

"Hell your mother might just hand the reins over to Grace."

" Then Grace will do what your mother did."

" She will pick another president to run the club and kick you out on your ass."

" But she will make you still live in the same house."

"I'm sorry boy."

" But I told you to read those laws and re-read them until you knew them backwards and forwards."

" That is what she told me."

" Her dad made her read the rule until she knew them backwards and forwards."

" So she does know about this rule."

"Afraid so."

" You are up shit creek without a paddle."

" She is going to make you pay."

" Nothing you can do about it Snake."

" I sighed and said good night dad."

" Good luck Snake."

I had a wire in his office and I heard every word he told his dad.

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