You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 32: The Meeting

I looked up as Max, Hardass, and Blade walked into my office.

"Have a seat."

" I have something to tell you that mom told me last night."

" Mom seemed so happy to tell me too."

" What did she say Max asked?"

"My mother told me that you three are my brothers."

" The hell we are Max said."

" My dad and mom would not cheat."

" Well ask your mother."

" I already heard my parents talking about that when I was a teenager, Blade said."

" They were fighting and dad threw it in her face."

" I believe it."

" So, my own brother fucked my girlfriend and got her pregnant."

"And now your wife has the right to fuck me."

" I think that is so funny."

" What goes around comes around."

" But if that is true why keep it a secret?"

" It didn't remain a secret."

" I have to pay Grace $25,000 extra if they got pregnant."

" That is why dad does not run the club."

"Oh boy are you in trouble then."

" Shut up Max."

" I looked from Max to Snake."

" You have fucked more women then just Tana."

" That is none of your business."

" I read the rules."

" Everything Grace said is true."

" Now she and Raylan are going to the Skull MC this weekend."

We looked over at Hardass laughing.

"What is really funny Snake is that not only does Blade want Grace."

" I want Grace."

" She is going to find out every woman you fucked in every MC you ever visited."

"Oh, shit."

" She will find out about Carrie."

" I know that."

" Shit will hit the fan this weekend."

" Nothing you can do about it."

" It is her right to go."

" No more lying to her about the parties."

" She will go to every party at ever MC we are friends with."

"You might want to come clean to Grace."

" She won't even talk to me."

" I know."

" She won't talk to me either."

" So Max we might want to go talk to our parents."

" Might as well get it over with."

" We will see you later Snake."

" Later I said watching them walk out the door."

I need to get laid and I want that woman to be Grace but she won't let me near her or any other woman. I stood up and walked to our room. Well, my room now. I took my clothes off and got in the shower. I remembered the night before shit hit. I wrapped my hand around my cock and thought about Grace. I started pumping faster and my cum hit the wall.

After my breathing slowed I finished washing and got out of the shower. I dressed and left the house to go to the garage.

"I worked on the cars and bike and then a woman walked in."

" I felt my cock get hard."

" I need my car looked at she said."

She looked at my road name and then up to my face. She showed no emotions.

"Sure where is your car?"

" outside."

" Where else would it be?"

I followed her out the door and as I listened to the motor she looked at me and asked where my house was.

"Why are you asking about my house."

She grinned looking at me.

"So, you are the bastard that fucked my sister got her pregnant and lied to my cousin about it?"

" You know that Tana was always a whore don't you."

"She fucked all of Grace's boyfriends."

" Now you are going to pay for her but Tana will watch her daughter get fucked a three way when she is old enough to start menstruating."

" That will be her introduction to sex."

" And if Tana is lucky enough to get a man to fuck her again and, she has any more children it is Grace's right to take them too."

"One way or the other you men will learn to keep your cock in your pants."

I saw her look down and grin.

"That cock does nothing for me."

" I like women."

" I am so looking forward to telling Grace what you had in mind for me."

Fuck me. This bitch is Tana's sister. She will tell Grace. And Snake. You really don't want Grace to keep cutting woman's face up. She can do that all day long and not blink an eye. There is nothing wrong with your car. I know. I just wanted to see the ass that got on my cousins bad side.

I watched her get in her car and drive out of the compound. I know where she is going. My house. I walked into the garage and slammed the door. My cock does nothing for her. My cock got small fast. She embarrassed it.

I slammed my fist in the wall. I am never going to get laid around here in this town or any close by. Grace saw to that. Hell I will get laid in no MC because she made sure they all knew about what I had done.

I heard the office phone ring. Snake.

"Yes, this is Snake."

" You are ordered to the be at the mother clubhouse at 4:30 today."

" There is a meeting you need to attend."

" And don't be late."

" She did it."

" She contacted the Mother Club."

" Now mother and the other presidents we are friendly with will be there."

I arrived at the club and when I walked in I saw Grace sitting there. I also saw a file in front of her.

"Mother started the meeting."

" You have been ordered her to answer to the accusation against you Snake."

"She read the document."

" It is stated that you are married by biker law and legally in the eyes of the court to Grace."

" Is that true?"

" Yes."

" It is said that you fucked her cousin several times, Got Tana pregnant and she gave birth to a daughter one month ago."

" Is that true?"

" Yes."

"Is there anything else Grace you want to tell us."

" I have a file here with all the women he has been sleeping with, their names, the clubs they live at and their phone numbers."

" There are at least 50 if not more."

" VP please take the file and bring it here."

"His mother went threw it and passed it to the next president."

" Is that true Snake."

" Have you had sex with all these women?"

" I can't deny that I have sex with every woman in every club that we are friends with as the presidents sitting up there know it."

"You will pay Grace $50,000 dollars for every woman you had sex with and if any of them had a child that belongs to you you will pay Grace $25,000 for each child born from your sexual intercourse with these women."

"As is the law, due to your behavior of lying. and cheating and getting other women pregnant Grace is permitted to take a lover and you can do nothing about it."

" The decision is hers if she wants to or not."

" Any questions?"

" No. I have none."

" Can I get a divorce?"

" Not since you are the one who cheated. lied and have a child from a woman that is not yours."

"If at any time Grace decides she no longer wants to live with you she can divorce you biker way and by law and you will give that divorce to her."

" As for you daughter with Grace."

" She will become the next president when she turns 21 years of age."

" That will never change."

"This hearing is dismissed."

Grace did not look at me. She stood up and took her file back and walked out the door. I looked at my mother and the other presidents. Those fuckers take Graces side. Soon they will all be in this room.

"I said I do have something to say to those presidents."

" Grace is just getting started."

" Soon I will not be the only one sitting here."

" Believe that."

" Snake was so right."

" As everyone of those presidents that had a woman or wife was waiting for Grace to arrive home."

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