You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 33: The Meeting With The Valkyries

I walked into the house and Raylan, and my cousin Karan.

"Everyone is here they said looking at me."

" So, how did the meeting go?"

" I am going to laugh all the way to the bank."

" I got $50,000 for every female he fucked and if any of the had children from him I get another $25,000 for each child."

"I am draining his bank account."

" Now lets talk to the other presidents women."

" We walked and sat down. I introduced myself and informed them all there husbands are fucking whores and other women."

" They all lied to us telling us that we are not invited to the parties."

" That is a lie."

"Also they have a hidden room in their office at home."

" Check for a button under the desk or behind a picture frame. There is one somewhere in his office."

" When it opens you will find a binder like this."

" I contains the laws of the clubs."

" Most likely you will find a safe."

" Inside it a book like this with all the names addresses, phone numbers and club the woman is from."

"These are the woman your husband is having sex with."

" Read the laws and rule and reread them."

" Learn the backward and forward."

" I just got $50,000 for every woman in this book."

" And for any woman that had a child they gave me $25,000."

"Be smart."

" Watch him close."

" If he tells you he is working at the garage bet he isn't."

" Get a small tracker and put it on his bike, his truck or car."

" They don't cost that much."

" Download the app on your phone and you will know where to find him."

"Call the woman in the book and find out how he knows them."

" If they tell you they are his girlfriend."

" Let them know he is married and has a claimed woman."

" It is time we women stop them from cheating on us."

" I know that many of you have Seen Snake fucking a woman in each of your clubs."

"Don't think your husbands are not doing it in other clubs."

" Ask each other what they have seen."

" Write it down."

" Hide your notebook where it can't be found my your husband."

" Make a file to take to the meeting. Try and get pictures."

"Act like you don't know anything."

" Hire a woman detective."

" That way you can introduce her as a friend."

" Any questions?"

" No, but we agree with you."

" We are all tired of our husbands lying and cheating."

" Well, we will all see each other at the Skill MC party this weekend."

" We walked the woman out of my suite locked the door and walked them to the front door."

"See you this weekend."

" We can tell each other how things have gone."

" And be prepared to confront our men's girlfriends."

I shut the door after they all walked out.

"Karan, how have you been?"

" Better than my whore of a sister."

"I was shocked to hear she was fucking Snake, had a daughter with him and then thought you would just give in and divorce him."

" And let her take your place."

" I laughed at her when I saw her."

" Oh, and I need to tell you I stopped at the garage and met Snake."

"And his cock."

" What?"

" He got a hard on standing next to me."

" I told him that his cock didn't do a thing for me since I like women."

" And that I would be sure and tell you about his intentions toward me."

" His cock got soft real fast."

" Then I told him that Tana was my sister and a whore and she will always be a whore."

We started laughing as we walked back up to my suite. We locked the gate and walked into the kitchen grabbing a couple of beers before I walking into the living room. As we sat down we heard a few bikes riding into the driveway.

"Raylan looked out the window. looks like Snake is going to have a party here at the house."

" Want to bet."

" Not with Angel here."

We heard laughing and yelling and the music got loud. I picked up the phone and called Diane.

"What the hell is that noise Grace?"

" Snake brought some bikers home with him."

Then she heard Angel screaming. "Not in the house that Angel and you live in."

" I will be right there."

" Thank you Diane."

" I do not like that he did this."

" This is our private home, not a clubhouse."

"We were waiting and listening to them talk about this weekend and the woman they were going to fuck."

" I don't think that Snake knew I was here."

" That is because all the lights were shut off in the house but the lamps in my living room."

Just then we heard the door slam shut and a whistle blowing. It got quiet.

:Snake just what the hell are you doing?"

" Having a small party."

" Not in the house that Grace and your daughter lives in you are not."

" Get the fuck out of here."

" Every fucking one of you. You to Snake."

"If you can't respect the house your daughter lives in you can move your things out of here and to the clubhouse."

" No, wait."

" No you won't."

" That is just what you want."

" You will stay here."

" The rest of you get out and do not come back here again unless it is for a meeting."

We heard the bikes star and drive away. Then Diane yelling at Snake.

"So, blue balls is hitting you."

" You will remain living here."

" And don't think you will get away with fucking anyone at your club."

" I have spies everywhere."

" Go jerk off because that cock of yours in going to remain in your pants."

"We then heard Diane call my name."

" I unlocked the gate and let her in locking it again."

I saw Snake looking at me. I turned and followed her to the living room.

"I stopped that shit in the bud."

" Thinking I would let him move to the clubhouse."

" He can't."

" Not unless I agree."

" I do not agree."

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