You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 34: The Skull MC

We arrived at the Skull MC and I would catch Max looking at Snake. As we walked in I made sure to stand behind Snake. Then I heard the squill.

"Snake, you are here."

I stepped in front of Snake and she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Who the hell are you she asked?"

"I am his claimed woman and legal wife."

She laughed.

"Good joke. I am his girlfriend."

I turned to look at Snake.

"So, you lied to this woman and came here to fuck her leaving me at home with our daughter."

I turned around and she glared at Snake.

"She is wearing your property cut."

" You are married."

"Yes, I am married and yes we have a daughter. And no we will not divorce."

I looked up at Snake.

"I said you owe me another $25,000."

" This whore you have been fucking is pregnant."

" She is not Snake said looking at me."

" Ask her?"

" I thought you were going to claim me Snake."

" And yes, I am pregnant. I am three months pregnant."

"Get rid of it."

" I don't want it."

" You can't make me do that."

" Yes, I can."

" You are a club whore."

I looked over and sat the president and his Valkyrie standing there.

"Doctor come here."

" What do you need Snake?"

" Take this whore and give her an abortion."

" I watched as she was dragged away to get her abortion."

"Wow, I thought I was going to get more money."

" Listen Snake, there is no pussy for the taking here tonight or ever."

" Remember that I said."

I saw several single bikers look me up and down. Then I heard Hardass.

"Well if it isn't my favorite dancer."

" Hello Grace."

"Hello, Hardass."

" Nice to see you again."

" I wish I was seeing a bit more of you Grace."

" I heard Snake tell him to back off."

" Oh, Snake did you forget that Grace can flirt with any man she wants?"

" That's right you did forget."

"I just hope when she is ready to get rid of you she remembers that I think she is down right beautiful and sexy to boot."

" And that body is made just for loving by the right man."

" Everyone was listening."

" That man won't be you Hardass."

" Well now Snake, you don't know that."

" I could be."

" No one going to touch my wife but me."

I started laughing.

"Snake, you are going to die of blue balls or I will grant you that divorce before I let you touch me again."

" You seemed to enjoy fucking other woman instead of your wife."

" 50 of them I believe."

"I will be watching you and if I am not, I am sure that Raylan and hardass will be."

I walked over and sat down at the Valkyrie table.

"As the evening wore on it got very interesting."

" Several other visiting presidents were confronted by their wives and whores."

" The women made sure to get the whores name."

" And let them know that they have no intentions of divorcing their husband but they will have blue balls for lying and cheating."

"As the other women sat down at the table I was told they all found the secret room and they made copies of the rules and laws and they all found a book in the safe with the womens names their husbands slept with."

"We all plan on going to each other's clubhouses just to confront the whores and women our husbands of been having sex with."

" Not a one of them are happy they can't get away with leaving us at home now."

"What is all of your plans?"

" We decided to wait until we have more proff."

" Such as pictures."

" We all put trackers on their cars, trucks, and bikes."

" We are acting a bit different."

" We are showing our anger towards them for their lying to us and cheating on us."

" And we are finding the rules and laws quite interesting."

"It would seem that once they become the president they forget all about them."

" They use the laws they think will pacify us and let them get away with doing whatever they want."

" I find that it is amazing that whoever wrote those laws made sure they could not be changed."

"I bet it was a woman who worked on them with her husband."

" I need to ask Diane about that."

" If whoever wrote them is still alive I want to send them flowers and a thank you note."

" I want them to know how thankful I am that they did not want the president setting a bad example and giving the wife rights too."

"You find out and if they are alive we will personally visit them."

" I think we should do that."

I was watching Snake from the side of my eyes.

"I looked over at him rubbing a womans pussy."

" I stood up walked behind the woman and put my knife to her throat."

I whispered in her ear.

"This is to remind you not to touch my husband or let him touch your pussy or any other part of you."

" I looked over at the president's wife and she nodded her head."

" I slid the tip of my knife down her cheek to her chin."

" She screamed and I shoved her to the ground."

I looked at Snake and wiped the blood from my knife on his shirt.

"That is as far as you will get with another woman I said."

I then put my knife in my boot and walked away.

"I heard several men say, "that is my kind of woman."

" Making sure her man keeps his hands to himself."

I looked at them and said,

"he will keep his hands to himself and wrapped around his cock because he is not getting any of this again."

I then said, "The one thing I cannot abide is a liar, and a cheater."

I watched as they looked at Snake.

"So, it is true."

" What is true I asked."

" The rumor"

". What rumor?"

" The one that said you have been given permission to take a lover."

" Yes, it is true."

" The mother MC and presidents agreed, that since he can't keep his cock in his pants, and stop getting other woman pregnant, I can take a lover if I want to."

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