You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 35: Back Home

We arrived back at the house and I got off Snakes bike. Diane met us at the door. It had been planned that we would be going to the club tonight. Diane was driving Angel and me in her car. I walked over to her car as she put Angel in the car seat.

We were driving to the club when a van came out of nowhere and started to push us off the road. I called the club and yelled at Max to send help. Then they started shooting into the car. The next thing the car flipped and everything went black.

I did not know that Diane was conscious.

She heard and saw Tana.

"I wish that bitch could see me kill her daughter."

" Diane watched as Tana shot Angel in the chest"

. Then she heard the bikes. Four bikes chased the van down firing at it. Blade hit the tire and it flipped.

They dragged three men and Tana from the van. Just then his phone rang.

"Did you catch that bitch?"

" We did."

" I want her at my club now."

" She killed Angel."

" I looked over at Tana and slapped her right across her face."

" You fucking bitch."

" You killed Angel"

". An innocent little girl."

"She doesn't deserve to live."

" Grace took my child from me."

" Now she will become the president."

" No, she won't Tana."

" You are considered a whore and you are not married to Snake."

" That baby was born out of wedlock."

"And for your information now that Angel is dead, if there are any more children they will be next in line."

" If Snake and Grace have no more kids Max is next in line to be president."

" And Max hates your fucking guts."

"As for you."

" You are going to die for what you did."

A van pulled up and the three men and Tana were handcuffed inside. Take them to the clubhouse and hang them from the ceiling in the shed.

The rescue squad arrived and Diane and Grace were taken to the hospital. The police questioned everyone and was told they were being chased and that someone fired at the car but they got away. Little Angels body was taken to the morgue. Tana shot her at point blank range.

We went to the hospital and waited for news of Diane and Grace. Diane received a concussion, and a broken arm. Grace was shot and in surgery. We all looked over at Snake.

"She is going to hate you even more now."

" Because of you fucking Tana her child is dead."

" She is never going to forgive you for that."

"Family of Diane and Grace."

We all stood up.

"Diane is going to be fine."

" Grace was shot and the bullet lodged in her back."

" We were able to remove it but she might not walk again."

" We have to wait and find out."

" She also has a broken leg."

"Can we see them?"

" Only immediate family."

" That would be the three of us."

" Follow me."

Max, Blade, and I walked into Grace's room to see her laying on the bed with IV's and tubes in her. Mom looked over at me.

"Angel is dead isn't she?"

"Yes, mom she is."

" Tana did it"

". She did not want Angel to become the next president."

" She also thinks that Grace is now dead and you will claim her Snake."

" I am not going to claim that bitch."

" She killed our baby."

" And Grace will never forgive you for that either."

I was sitting with Dreamer when my phone rang.

"I looked at my brother in shock."

" What is it Raylan?"

" Tana and three men shot at Diane's car."

" Diane and Grace was taken to the hospital."

" Grace might never walk again."

" Tana she."

" She what?"

" She shot little Angle at point blank range."

" She killed her."

"Fuck what hospital?"

" Lima Memorial."

We arrived at the hospital and walked to the waiting room.

" Diane are you going to be alright?"

" Yes, but Grace is not going to be."

" She might not walk again and little Angel is dead."

I heard my name called and looked at the nurse.

"Grace do you know where you are?"

I shook my head no and then she told me.

"My baby."

" Where is my baby?"

" Honey she didn't make it."

" What do you mean she didn't make it."

" She was shot and killed."

I let out a god awful scream.

Bikers started running down the hall.

Then I saw him. Snake.

"You stay the fuck away from me."

" If you had kept your cock in your pants my baby would still be alive."

" Stay away from me."

" I don't want him here."

" I want my baby."

The next thing I know I was given a shot and it got dark.

She really does hate me now. And she is right. If I had not had sex with Tana and got her pregnant Angel would still be alive. I stormed out of the hospital and drove back to the clubhouse. I got off my bike and walked to the shed. I slammed the door open and looked at Tana.

"Now she will divorce you and you can claim me and we can get our daughter back."

" I will never claim you, you fucking bitch."

" You killed my daughter."

I looked at Max.

"Max if Snake does not have any more children with Grace what is going to happen?"

"Snake is going to have a vasectomy so he never has anymore children."

" And when he dies or retires."

" I will be the next president."

" But, I don't intend to let you get near me Tana."

" I would not fuck you with a bag over your face."

" I never liked you."

" I really hate you now more than ever."

" You killed my niece who also happens to be Blades niece."

"You thank that Grace hurt you before."

" Just imagine what she is going to do to you for killing her daughter?"

" And Tana. Karen is on her way to this club with your daughter right now."

" Grace is out of her mind right now."

" She is going to kill your daughter in front of you."

" Just like you killed Angel."

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