You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 36: Angel's Revenge

It has been four months now. I am able to walk now. I am so full of hate. An eye for an eye. I walked out to the shed followed by everyone. I looked at Tana.

"Karan place that baby on the table right there in front of Tana.

" Please Grace you would not hurt a child."

"You killed my daughter."

" You remember what the bible said."

" An eye for an eye."

" I lifted the gun and shot her daughter right in the chest."

" Now neither one of us has a daughter."

" But, I am not done with you yet."

I took my knife out and sliced her arms, legs, tomach, back, ass, and face. She screamed and screamed.

I then poured salt into the wounds. Cut lemons and rubbed them in every cut she had. She continued to scream.

"You are going to live Tana."

" But you will not live around here."

"You will be dropped into the sea where you will die a slow death."

" Wrap a sheet around her soaked in lemon juice and put her in that box with air holes."

"Cut their throats and throw them in with her."

" Nail the lid shut."

" Take her to the private plane and and tell them to drop the box in the sea as far away from land as you can get."

I then turned and walked out of the building. I walked into the bar and saw the members look at me.

My daughters funeral was in three hours. I refused to ride with Snake. He caused this mess.

"I rode behind Blade."

" Blade stood behind my chair."

" After the funeral I rode behind him back to the club."

" I had filed for divorce from Snake."

"My lawyer was bringing the divorce papers to the dinner."

I saw him walk over to Snake. "Sign these he said placing them in front of Snake."

I saw him look over at him. "No."

" Yes, you will his mother said."

I watched Snake sign the papers.

"The lawyer said I would receive the official ones in the mail."

" He said you are legally divorced in the eyes of the state."

What Snake did not know was that I no longer live in his house.

I moved out three days ago. I bought a house on the lake. I stood up and walked over to Max.

"Are you sure Grace?"

" I am sure."

I was surrounded by club members. A burn barrel was in the middle. I took my property cut off and poured lighter fluid on it. I looked over at Snake.

"I Grace divorce you Snake for lying, cheating, fucking my cousin, getting her pregnant and getting my child killed."

I light the cut and as it burned I threw it in the barrel.

I heard Diane say. "As the acting president of the mother club I pronounce Grace and Snake divorced."

" Grace you are free to visit the club if you want to."

" You can never be banned from it."

" But you Snake."

" You are banned from ever claiming another woman as your wife."

" And Max is now the next president should Should Snake die or step down from his current position."

"No other child conceived from Snakes sperm will become president of this club."

" The only child to become president must be born from Grace's body."

" But we all know that is never going to happen."

I turned and walked out of the club and got into my car and drove to my house.

I was stunned. My mother made sure I could never claim another woman and that no child born from any women but Grace will inherit the presidency.

"These women are really out for revenge Blade."

"What do you expect Snake."

" You lied, cheated, had a child with another woman, that woman killed your daughter, and you had sex with over 50 women."

" Why shouldn't Grace be pissed off."

" She is in pain and hurting."

" The man she loved since high school fucked her over royally."

"I can't believe you are my brother."

" I am going back to my clubhouse."

" At least there my members know how to treat a woman right."

" Especially their wife."

" How would you know Blade."

" You aren't married and don't even have a girlfriend."

"I watch my members."

" When they want sex they grab their woman and take her to bed."

" They don't grab a whore."

" They know where there priority lies."

" And I don't have a girlfriend because I want to pick the right one."

" The one I plan to marry marry and claim. The one I plan on spending the rest of my life with."

"Unlike you."

" Why do you cheaters think you will never get caught and that even if you did they will stay with you."

" They don't stay."

" They find someone they can depend on."

" Someone that is there for them and only them."

" Not like you and this club. I will see you later."

I walked out of the club and rode to the cemetery. I kneeled by Angels grave.

"I am so sorry little Angel."

" Your mother was given the wrong man and you the wrong daddy."

" I will tell you this little one. I have always loved your mother."

" I was so sad she choose your daddy instead of me."

"I couldn't tell your daddy that I didn't have a girlfriend because I have waited for your mother."

" I will continue to wait for your mother even if she doesn't look my way."

" There is no other woman for me but her."

" Rest in God's hands little girl."

" I will miss you."

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