You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 37: Back At The Thunder MC

I arrived back home and walked into the club. I grabbed a beer and sat down. My VP, William walked over and looked at me.

"So, how is Grace holding up?"

" William she divorced Snake after the funeral."

" His mom set a new law."

" He can never claim another woman, and if he has any children from another woman that child or children can not become the president."

"The child to become president has to be his and Grace' child."

" That is never going to happen."

" So the next president will be Max."

" Diane fixed Snake for good."

" Grace never wants to see him again."

" She blames him for her daughters death."

"She is a shell of her old self."

Just then William' s phone rang.

"She may be a shell of herself but she is dancing right now at our strip club."

" The hell she is."

I stood up and stormed out of the club. When I arrived at our strip club I saw her dancing. She is on something and I am not sure what.

I jumped up on the stage and lifted her in my arms and walked to the dressing room.

"Help her change."

" And what the hell is she on?"

" I don't know one of the dancers said. She walked in her and demanded to dance. She is in her own world."

"I went out and brought coffee back."

" I made her drink it."

" Blade what are you doing here?"

" My question is what are you doing here at my clubs strip club dancing?"

" I needed to forget."

" Come on."

" You are coming to my clubhouse."

" I will send someone back for your bike."

When we arrived at the Thunder MC Blade lifted me off his bike. He held my hand as we entered his clubhouse. Everyone looked at us but didn't say a word. I didn't know they knew who I was. You see, Blade has a picture of me hanging on the wall of his office.

We walked over and sat at the VIP Table. Bring coffee with two creams. I sat drinking the coffee trying not to cry. I looked at Blade.

"What is is Grace?"

" Why couldn't you have been the one to fall in love with me?"

" I was taken back."

" I thought you loved Snake."

" I did but not as much as I did you."

"You never showed me any attention in high school."

" So, I started dating Snake."

" I did love him but I was not in love with him."

" I was in love with you."

" Why did you act like you didn't know me then?"

"Because I was married to Snake."

" I had to stay away from you."

" I could never cheat on him."

" You were too much of a temptation."

" So, when you did decide to take a lover would it have been me?"

" I thought about it."

" A lot."

" But, I couldn't."

" I was still married to Snake."

" I just could not cheat even when he did."

"I need to go to bed."

" Come on."

" You can sleep in my room with me."

" Don't worry."

" I will be a good boy."

" I won't do anything you don't want me to."

I took her to my bedroom and took a Tee-shirt out of my dresser.

"Bathroom is in there. Clean towels under the sink."

"Clean toothbrush in the drawer."

"I will be in about an hour."

I walked out and locked the door then walked down the hallway. I walked over and sat down across from William.

"What the hell is she on Blade?"

" I don't know but when I find the person who gave her the shit they are dead."

"I can't believe Snake did those things to her."

" She is just broken."

" She lost her little girl and her man cheated on her so many times."

" But she still couldn't take a lover even with permission."

" She told me it was still cheating and she could not do that."

"She is a good woman Blade."

" I know."

" She just told me she loved Snake but she was in love with me."

" She has been since high school."

" She thought I didn't care about her that way so she dated Snake."

" I thought she didn't like me so I didn't let her know I loved her."

" I have always loved her."

"So, Grace is the reason you never seriously dated."

" That's right. I would go to the ends of the earth for her."

" I think we all know that Blade."

" If Snake comes here, keep him away from her."

" Will do."

" We will enjoy it with pleasure."

" I will let the members know."

"Then why date Tana? "

"To be close to Grace if given the chance."

" To see her from afar."

" You never planned on claiming Tana did you?"

" No, I didn't."

" I knew she was seeing someone else but I didn't think it was Snake."

" I should have known it was Snake."

" After all Tana had sex with all of Grace's boyfriends."

"I am going to bed."

" See you in the morning."

I walked down the hall and opened the door. I grabbed shorts from the dresser and took a shower. I walked out to the bedroom and climbed into bed and lay on my back. I could tell that Grace was a sleep as her breathing was soft.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I dreamed of holding Grace, loving her, having children with her and marrying her. I woke up to a weight laying on me. Then fingers poking my cheeks.

"Grace it is too early to get up."

" Please go back to sleep."

"But, I am hungry."

" And why am I in your bed."

" How did I get here?"

" Someone drugged you and you were dancing at our clubs strip joint."

" I brought you back here."

" Oh. Sorry if I caused any trouble."

" You didn't cause any trouble Grace."

"I'm glad you found me."

I opened my eyes and looked at her.

"You are just as beautiful as when we were in high school."

" And you are just as handsome."

" Now, are you going to get me some breakfast?"

" Sure get up and get dressed I told her."

I watched as she grabbed her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

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