You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 38: The Thunder MC

After dressing I followed Blade to his clubs kitchen.

"Sit down Grace."

I sat down and looked across the table at his VP, William.

"How are you doing Grace he asked me?"

" Couldn't be better I said."

" After all I just buried my daughter had a husband who seemed to prefer to fuck more women than I can count on my fingers."

"A husband who continued to lie to me."

" And never really loved me."

" Guess he only wanted me because I was rich."

" Richer than he was."

" I am not finished with that bastard yet."

" Snake thinks he is so smart and women are stupid."

" I have a plan to take over his companies."

" He will wish he never crossed me."

Everyone sitting at the table gasped.


" You all think it is ok to fuck a woman over?"

" That we are stupid?"

" I will own most if not all of his companies when I am done with him."

" He is about to find out just who has been keeping his companies a float all these years."

"You are his silent partner aren't you Blade asked?"

" I am why do you ask?"

" He told me that if it was not for his silent partner he would have lost his companies a long time ago."

" That is true."

" He is not as smart as he thinks he is."

"I told him I would ruin him and that is just what I plan on doing the next time he pushes me."

" After we ate I rinsed my plate and put it in the dishwasher."

" Blade, thanks for coming to get me."

" Grace what was you taking yesterday?"

" Nothing."

" I just accepted a drink after the funeral."

"Someone must have put something in it."

" Was it beer?"

" Yes."

" Was the cap off of it?"

I thought for a minute. "Yes, it was."

" Do you remember who gave you the drink?"

" One of Snakes prospects."

" Grace do not ever accept a drink that is open from anyone."

"Why not?"

" Because someone could be drugging you, just like last night."

" Alright, I won't."

Give me your phone. I handed him my phone and he put his phone number in it.

"Call if you need anything."

I put my phone in my back pocket before walking out of the room.

"I kissed his cheek and told him I would see him later."

" What are you going to do Grace?"

" Dance with Raylan."

" We are dancing at Snakes strip club this weekend."

I smiled down at her.

"I will make sure to come and watch."

" You do that."

I leaned up and whispered in his ear.

"I might give you a lap dance".

"You can always dance at our club again."

" I might take you up on that offer some day."

I walked out of his clubhouse and got on my bike. I drove back to my house. When I got home and entered my house I slid down the door unto the floor.

I feel so alone. I wish I had never left the island.

I called Uncle Jerry.

"Grace are you all right?"

" No, I am not Uncle Jerry."

" Where are you?"

" My house on the lake."

" Do you want me to come over?"

" Yes, please."

" I am on my way."

"I looked at Hawk and told him I was going to Grace's house."

" Rain and I will go with you."

" She didn't sound like she was alright."

" What is wrong with her?"

" I didn't want to tell you since you and Rain just got back from seeing her family."

" But I will tell you when we get to Grace's."

I heard more than one bike stop in front of my house. I saw Hawk and Rain with Uncle Jerry. I ran to him crying. He picked me up and carried me into the house.

"What the hell is going on Jerry?"

" You were right along."

"Rain take Grace to her bedroom."

" Get her a shower and then make her something to eat."

" Come outside with me Hawk."

After I told Hawk everything I watched as he punched the garage wall.

" I will kill him."

" When he found out about the money that Grace received "

he laughed.

Smart girl.

"You might want to sit down for this part."

After hearing that Tana killed Grace's daughter Hawk went crazy.

"I wished I had known everything about Snake."

" He goes near her again he is a dead man."

"His mom told him that he has three brothers."

" All of them hate Snake."

" Blade was dating Tana but nothing serious."

" I remember that he loved Grace in school."

" He still loves her."

" I think that Grace was in love with Blade but he never gave her the time of day."

"That is because he thought she was in love with Snake."

" She loved Snake but she was not in love with him."

" She choose the wrong man."

" Yes, she did."

" She should have been with Blade and not Snake."

" Maybe we can fix it so that the two of them spend more time together."

" Maybe."

We walked back into the house and "Jerry asked Rain how Grace was?"

" She is asleep."

" What the hell is going on Jerry?"

" You have to not yell and cuss."

" Fine."

After we told Rain what happened since she and Hawk had been gone she growled.

"That low down son of a bitch."

We told her about fixing it so that Blade and Grace see more of each other.

"She told me she and Raylan are dancing this weekend at Snakes club and that Blade said he might be there."

We smiled.

"We are going to be there as well."

Laughing Rain looked at Hawk.

"What do you know we don't Rain?"

" Grace said she told Blade if he came to see her dance she might give him a lap dance."

" Even better."

" I have to see the look on Snake's face when he sees his ex wife giving his brother a lap dance."

" The very brother she was given permission to take as her lover."

"Don't forget Hawk."

" Blade is also the man she was in love with in high school but never looked at her twice since she was dating Snake."

" The same man who is in love with her."

" I so love math making. They should have been together in high school."

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