You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 39: Snakes MC

I sat drinking my beer and had a whore on my lap. My members and Max looked at me in anger.

"That whore doesn't belong at this table Snake and you know it."

" Max, if I want her here she will sit here."

I saw the anger in my members eyes. Just then the door opened up.

"I have a delivery for a prospect named Jessie."

" That would be me."

We watched as he signed for the delivery.

"It is from Grace."

" She made me a cake and then I opened the small package."

" It was a picture of Grace and Angel."

" Engraved it said from Grace, and Angel."

I let the tears slide down my face. What the hell the members said.

"She sent this for my birthday present."

The members all looked at it and they too had tears.

"Let me see that Max said."

" Jessie that is beautiful."

" What does it say the whores asked."

"A picture of Grace and Angel."

" It says from Grace, and Angel."

" This is the best present I could ask for."

" I walked outside and called Grace."

" Grace, thank you for the gift."

" You are welcome Jessie."

" I know that you loved Angel just as much as I did."

"Good night, Grace."

" Good night Jessie."

" I did the right thing. Jessie is a good boy."

" I know that if I do ever have any more children they will be protected."

" Jessie will make sure of that."

" You will be last one to receive a gift and cake from Grace."

"Grace never forgot my birthday even after everything that happened to her."

" She told me she had a very special gift for me."

" And this is the most precious thing I own."

" I will always remember what Grace and Angel look like."

" It is beautiful and special Jessie."

" Yes, it is."

"I am so going to miss Grace."

" She was a very special person."

" She didn't deserve to be treated the way Snake treated her."

" No she didn't."

" Just because she is not here anymore doesn't mean we can't watch over her when we see her."

" Got that right brothers."

Back at Grace's house she was getting ready to go to the club. Raylan just arrived and Uncle Jerry is driving us there. I walked out and looked at Raylan. I looked at Grace. I know that she is broken. But, she will not let that stop her.

We walked out and got into Uncle Jerry's car. We arrived at that the club and got out. We walked into the back the door and to the dressing room. After we dressed we smoked a joint.

"I asked her to see if Blade was here."

She came back and smiled.

"He is here alright."

" Good."

"Where is he sitting?"

" Across from Snakes table."

" Even better I said."

We walked out and heard Mark announce us. We walked on stage and started dancing. Raylan and I were good together. We both lost ourselves when we dance.

After all our sessions were finished we dressed in sexy outfits and walked out into the club. We walked over and sat at Blades table. "I sat in the chair next to him."

" We were drunk and started dancing."

" I gave Blade that lap dance I promised him."

" Snake was furious."

Blade's members and Snakes members watched and grinned at Snake. Soon I was sitting with my legs across Blades. I looked up as Snake walked over to our table. I tensed but felt Blades hand on my leg.

"So, I guess she found her lover."

I heard Blade tell Snake.

"She is not my lover."

" At least not yet."

" But if and when we fuck, I will be making love to my girlfriend."

" That's right Snake."

" She will be my girlfriend before I have sex with her."

" Then if she lets me, I will claim her as my woman and marry her legally."

"The hell you will Blade."

" I told you in high school to stay away from her."

" I am telling you know to stay away from her."

" She is mine."

" Not anymore she isn't Snake."

" You treated her like shit."

" You should have treated her like a queen."

" Does she know you fucked half the cheerleaders in high school?"

"I bet you never told her that did you?"

" If she had been mine she would still be mine."

" She would be happy."

" I would never have cheated on her."

" But, you did cheat on her in your own way."

" By having sex with Tana."

"Lets get this straight."

" I never had sex with Tana."

" You thought I did."

" You thought you would hurt me but you didn't."

" I dated Tana to stay close to Grace."

" I scared you when I showed up at your club didn't I Snake?"

"You always feared that I would take Grace from you."

" I just sat back and waited."

" I knew one day you would fuck up and you finally did."

" You have been fucking Tana even in high school."

" You made her believe you were going to claim her as you woman."

"What a shock it must have been for her to find out you not only claimed Grace but married her."

" You kept Tana hid in your cabin the whole time."

" That was until she had the baby."

" Then you knew you had to send her away before Grace found out."

"You see Snake."

" That is where we are different."

" I would not cheat on Grace."

" If I went to a cabin it would be Grace going there with me."

" Not a fucking whore."

" Or any other woman."

" I was looking at Blade and knew he was telling the truth."

"You knew Grace was not in love with you Snake."

" You knew she loved you and that is a big difference."

" She and I are in love with each other."

" I would wait for her for ever."

" You wouldn't."

" Why we are telling the truth here why don't you tell her how you really were not looking for her."

"Not until your members kept asking you if you found her and not until Raylan accused you of lying about looking for Grace."

" What a show you put on then."

" I looked at Raylan."

" You were telling the truth Raylan."

" I was but you didn't hear me."

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