You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 4: Hawk Yells At Jerry

"Jerry, I screamed. I do not have time to deal with Grace's temper tantrums."

" Snake, has kidnapped Rain."

" Rain just had twins and we need to find her."

" Hawk, calm down."

" You and I both know that Snake would never harm a woman."

" No matter how pissed off he is."

" He will come for a man in a heartbeat but not harm a woman."

"He wants you to feel the pain he is feeling."

" Stop and think a minute man."

" You took Grace away from him."

" Now, he wants you to feel that same pain."

"That has to be the reason he took Rain from you."

" To make you hurt."

" To feel lost without Rain."

" The same way he feels."

" Lost, hurt, angry. I bet you feel all of that and more."

" I bet you feel desperate. Scared."

" I feel all of those things."

"Well, that is just what Grace and Snake are feeling."

" They love each other Hawk."

" You had no right to hide Grace."

" It was her decision to make."

" You did not give her the choice."

" You made it for her. That was wrong."

"I sighed. Jerry, you are right."

" I should never have done that to Grace."

" Then let her go home."

" Let her go to Snake."

" I can't do that Jerry."

" And why can't you?"

" If you keep talking the way, you will make me think something I don't want to think about Hawk."

"What would that be Jerry?"

" That you love Grace."

" No!, I don't love Grace."

" Well, yes I do but not in that way."

" She just reminds me so much of Rain."

" Hawk, I am telling you that if you do not let Grace go home, I will take her myself."

" No. Not just yet"

". I need to find out what Snake is really after."

" Can you at least give me one to two months?"

" Fine! But no more."

"think I can get Grace to wait that long."

" But, I guarantee she will wait no longer than that."

" Thank you, Jerry."

" Hawk, you know I hate you right now."

" I know."

" Jest let Grace know I will let her come home in two months."

" Alright, Hawk. Best not be lying to me."

"I walked out and looked at Grace."

" Well, what did he say?"

" He will let you go back home in two months."

" No! I want to go home now."

" Not in two months."

" He will have a new excuse and say in one more month."

" NO! Jerry."

" I swear to god I will jump off that fucking cliff."

" Crying I yelled that Hawk had no right to take me away from Snake."

" I love him."

" I want to see Snake."

" Please! Don't keep me away from Jerry."

"I'm sorry Grace, there is nothing I can do about it."

" I hate you I screamed running out of the house and toward the cliff."

" Fuck, I ran after Grace, and just as she was about to jump I grabbed her hair and pulled her back to my chest."

" We fell to the ground."

" I held her in my arms as she screamed and tried to get away from me."

" Grace, please stop."

" I will have to lock you in your room."

" I do not want to do that. Jerry, I want to go back home."

"I hate all of you."

" I will never forgive any of you for doing this to me."

" I stood up and lifted her into my arms."

She had cried herself to sleep. I carried her back to the house and up the stairs where I walked to her room. I lay her on the bed and covered her with a light blanket before sitting in a chair next to her bed. I looked at her and thought, how wrong Hawk was to bring Grace here.

She is not the same person anymore. She is wasting away. If Grace were mine and someone took her from me, I would do whatever I had to do to get her back.

I would bet that Snake will hold Rain until Hawk brings Grace to him. And if he needs to hide Rain he will do it. Snake and Grace belong together. I know that Snake never cheated on Grace. At least I have never seen him or hear He loves her too much to do that.

I will give Hawk one week to find Rain and then I will order my boat back here. Then I will take Grace back home. If she wants to be with Snake she will be. What they are doing to each other is wrong. I can't watch Grace grieve anymore. I walked down the stair to my office where I unlocked the cupboard and plugged the phone in.

I dialed Hawks phone number.

"Hawk, you have one week, and if you have not found Rain by then I am bringing Grace back home."

I hung the phone up not giving him a chance to try and talk me out of it. I did not know that Grace was looking through the crack in the door. I put the phone back and locked the cupboard after putting the phone back. I then put the key in my desk drawer.

I ran back to the stairs and up to my room. I acted like I just woke up and walked down the stairs.

"Grace, you are awake."

I just looked at Jerry.

"Not talking to me I see."

I turned my head and walked out the front door and sat in the rocking chair looking out at the water.

I sighed and turned and walked to the kitchen. I made us both a sandwich and added chips to the plate before carrying them outside and sitting them on the table. I walked back in and grabbed two beers and carried them out and sat them down next to the plates. "Come and eat Grace."

I watched her get up and walk over to the table.

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