You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 40: Grace

It has all been a lie. Snake didn't really love me. He just didn't want Blade to be with me. I looked from Snake to Blade. I pulled Blade down and whispered in his ear.

"Blade are you really in love with me?"

I looked into his eyes.

"Yes, Grace."

" I really am in love with you."

" Ask my members."

I looked at William.

"Is he in love with me?"

" Yes, Grace."

" We all knew who you were."

" He has your picture hanging in our meeting room and one the wall in is office and his bedroom."

" It has hung in our club since the day he started it."

" That is why he never seriously dated or claimed a woman."

"He told us once that the only woman he would ever claim would be you."

" Hell, that man never fucked anyone that we know of."

" And as his VP, I sure as hell would know if he did."

" No woman other than you has ridden behind him on his bike."

" And no other woman will ever do it but you Grace."

I looked back over at Blade. I took his hand in mine.

Blade, I whispered in his ear.

"Tell Snake we are dating."

" As of tonight."

I saw him swing his head and look in my eyes.

"Tell him I am your girlfriend."

" I was going to get the man I really always wanted."

"Are you sure Grace."

He whispered in my ear.

"I will never give you up if we do this."

" I know I said smiling."

I saw him smile and then turn and look at Snake.

"Here is the truth Snake."

" You have lost any chance you ever had to be with Grace again."

"You see as of yesterday, Grace became my girlfriend."

" And she was in my bed last night."

" I know you had one of your prospect drug her beer at the dinner after Angels funeral."

" You thought she would spend the night at your club."

" But she didn't."

" Instead she came to me."

"Grace and I plan to claim each other next month."

" What have you got to say about that Snake?"

" Snake yelled, you son of a bitch."

" He swung at Blade but missed and hit me."

All hell broke loose when that happened. Snakes members were trying to pull him away from our table. But he swung and hit me again.

Blade, his members and Snakes were pissed off. Snake was dragged out of the club.

"Blade looked at me and told William to put ice on my face."

Then he stormed out side and the members parted so he could walk through.

"You son of a bitch."

Blade started fighting with Snake.

"You dare put your hands on a woman."

" And that woman being mine."

" You dare to blame everything on Grace."

" You did this yourself."

" She is my woman now and brother or not I will kill you if you ever touch her again."

Blade kicked Snake in his ribs over and over. I hope to hell I broke your ribs.

"I wonder what Diane would say about you punchng Grace in the face not once but twice."

" Take this son of a bitch back to your club."

We watched as Snake was put into a truck and someone drove his bike away.

We walked back into the club and I lifted Grace and sat her on my lap. I looked at her face and growled.

"That bastard."

" The left side of her face was swollen."

" He will never touch you again Grace."

" Take me back to your club Blade."

I stood up and carried her out the door followed by my members. I sat her on the back of my bike. I put a helmet on her before climbing on and starting it. I drove to my clubhouse. Once there I carried her in and sat down with her on my lap.

I looked at the ice pack a prospect handed me. I laid it against her cheek. Another prospec handed me a bottle motron. I opened it and gave her three of them.

"So your headache is not as bad. I said."

" Thank you Blade."

" Anything to help reduce the pain."

"You know you are going to have one hell of a black eye Grace."

" Figured that. Blade."

" I don't think he was aiming to hit you."

" It was me he wanted to hit."

" I know."

" That's why I went outside to make sure he never tries it again."

I took a drink of my beer and noticed she was sleeping.

"William looked over at her face and said, that bastard deserves more than what you gave him Blade."

" I should have killed him."

" But I want him to suffer."

" To know that Grace is finally mine."

" Just like she should have been in highschool."

"She didn't deserve what he did to her."

" I did notice that his own members didn't like it either."

" No they didn't."

" That remains me."

" I handed him my phone. Take a picture of her face."

He handed the phone back to me.

"I sent Diane the picture with a text letting her know that Grace was now mine."

" That I planned to claim her in two months."

" I told her that Snake did this to Grace."

I then sent the message.

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