You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 41: Diane

I was watching TV when I received a text. I was furious when I opened the picture and saw Grace's face.

"That son of a bitch."

I stood up and walked to the door putting my shoes on. I then walked out of the house and got into my car.

"How dare Snake punch Grace in the face."

Not once but twice before he was pulled away. I arrived at the clubhouse and got out of my car. I heard oh, shit. Diane is here and she is pissed. I slammed the door of the clubhouse open and then slammed it shut. I heard the glass in it break. I looked over at the VIP table and saw Max and Snake sitting at the the table.

I grabbed a beer walked over and sat down across from Snake.

"You don't look so good Snake."

" What happened?"

" I got into a fight nothing to worry about mother."

" Oh, I am not worried."

" Want to know why?"

" Because you are going to step down and Max is going to become president that's why."

"Oh, and Snake."

" Would you like to know who your secret partner is in your companies."

" Don't tell me. You are."

" No, it's not me."

" It is Grace."

" She has been the one keeping your companies afloat."

" After what you have done I can just about bet she will withdraw her support."

" So, good luck with that."

I looked at my mother in surprise.

"No, it can't be Grace."

" Oh, but it is."

" You should never had hit her Snake."

" Now stand up and take your cut off."

I stood up and took my cut off.

"Get me a new cut and put new patches on them."

" Put president Max."

Then bring it to me.

I sat looking at Snake.

"She was going to ruin this club because of you."

" I can't have that now can I?"

The new cut was handed to me.

"Take your old cut of Max."

I stood up and put the cut on Max. Max took the pledge and

"I announced Max as the new president."

"Max you will need to choose a new VP."

" The choice is up to you."

I watched him look around.

"I say we put it to a vote."

" Good idea."

We sat down as Diane counted the votes. Gunner.

"Gunner you win the vote 40 out of 75 Members voted for you."

" Take care of his new cut Max."

"Snake I would suggest that you leave and go home."

" I need a new president at our sister club in California."

" You will pack your things and leave the house."

" You leave in the morning."

" Oh, Max as the new president you will move into the house that Snake is leaving."

" Enjoy the house."

We watched as Diane turned and walked to the door.

"And your first order should be to get this glass cleaned up and a new window put in."

" Goodbye everyone."

We also watched Snake walk to his office and take his personal things from it and then he walked to his room in the club and cleaned that room out.

He put everything in his truck and drove it to the house where he grabbed boxes and packed them. He called for a big uhall to be delivered to the house. One hour later it was packed with all his belonging. and he drove to the club and loaded his bike.

He had never seen his mother this angry before. Now he would be thousands of miles from Grace. No way to earn her trust back. Blade finally won. He got what he always wanted. Grace. Now she will not only be my ex wife but my sister in law. How funny is that?

Back at the Thunder MC the door opened and Diane stepped in. I looked over at her and she walked over and sat down.

"Son of a bitch."

" I should have sent him to Alaska."

" How is she Blade?"

" In pain."

" I am glad it was you she choose."

" I have known for year that Snake didn't really love her not the way you do."

"He knew she was in love with you."

" Did you know that?"

" I found out tonight."

" Why didn't you ever tell her Blade?"

" I was told to stay away from her by Snake."

" He was my president at the time remember?"

" I remember."

" She thought you didn't like her."

" She did love Snake don't get me wrong."

"Just not the way she loves you."

" She would have broken up with Snake in a heartbeat if she know you loved her."

" She told me once that her heart really belonged to you."

" I have always loved her Diane."

" That's why I have never claimed a woman."

" It was always Grace I wanted."

" If I could not have her I didn't want another woman."

"But, you can have her now."

" Treat her right Blade."

" You know I will."

" Yes, I do."

" She is a good girl."

" I will miss having her as my daughter in law."

" In a way she still will be."

" Snake and I have the same father."

" She will be your step daughter in law."

" You do have a point."

"I expect to be invited to the claiming and the wedding Blade."

I smiled at Diane.

"You will get the first invitation."

" Good."

" Now I think you should know that Max is the new president of our club."

" Good man my brother."

We all laughed.

"Yes, he is."

" I hope that Grace forgives him."

" I am sure she will."

" Well, I am going home."

" Good night Blade."

" Good night Diane."

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