You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 42: Two Weeks Later

I was watching TV with Raylan at my house when there was a knock on the door. Who could that be. I opened it to see Jammer the president of the Ace Of Spade MC standing there.

"Hello, Grace."

" Can I come in."

" Sure, why not."

I opened the door wider and he walked in.

"I was just at Max's clubhouse."

" I was surprised to hear that you divorced Snake and his mother sent him to California."

" That's right."

" I am sorry about your little girl."

" Thank you."

" Why are you here Jammer?"

He smiled and said. "Max said I could find Raylan here."

" She is in the living room."

I turned to here Raylan scream and jump into Jammers arms.

"I take you two have been seeing each other for awhile?"

" Yes, we have."

" Are you ok with that Grace?"

" I smiled. Not up to me."

Then there was another knock on the door.

"What is this grand central station."

I opened the door and saw Blade standing there. He leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"Come on in Blade."

We walked into the living room and sat down on the other couch.

"Hello, Blade. Jammer and Raylan said."

" Want a beer I asked him."

" Sure."

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of popcorn and two beers.

I walked back into the room and handed Blade his beer. I sat my down on the table before sitting down. I leaned against Blade and stretched my legs out. Blade and I have not kissed yet. But we are getting to know each other again.

We were watching wrestling which Raylan and I get into. I saw Jammer look at Raylan and me and smile.

"Blade said, they take their wrestling seriously."

" Who is your favorite wrestler Grace?"

" The Grave Digger."

" I know him. So does Blade."

" Sure you do."

After wrestling was over we sat and talked. I then laid down and laid my head in Blades lap. I felt him playing with my hair.

"So are we going to sturgis I asked looking up at Blade."

" Of course we are."

" Jammer is Raylan going with you?"

" I don't know."

" Are you Raylan?"

" Of course I am."

"Maybe our clubs should ride down together Blade said."

" That would be nice."

" We have a few prospects taking down RV's and campers a week before it starts."

" We are friends of the owner and we always get the VIP sections."

" We are close to the stage and bars."

" We should set up our campers and RV's next to each other."

" We should."

"We will talk later and I will call Robert to get our spots."

" How many camper and RV's do you take?"

" We take Six RV's and 10 campers."

" Along with tents."

" I can make it happen."

" I dialed Roberts phone."

" Blade good to hear from you."

" Robert I am calling to let you know I have 15 RV's and 20 Campers coming this year with the usual tents to sit up outside them."

"Can you get us close to the stage, bars and bathrooms?"

" I got you covered Blade."

" It will be my club and the Ace of Spades."

" We are coming together."

" No worries."

" You have the VIP section as usual."

" Good thing you just called me."

" I heard that Max is now the president of Snakes MC."

He called and wanted me to call him back.

"Do me a favor Robert. Put our two clubs down for every year."

" We will pay you for this year and next year."

" Then before we leave we will pay in advance for the following year next year."

" In other words the VIP session is reserved just for your two clubs. Next to the Stage."

"You got it Robert."

" No problem Blade."

" Good thing you are my cousin."

" I guess it is."

" By the way Blade I have a question."

" What is it?"

" Is it true that you are dating Snakes ex wife?"

" It's true."

" I will be claiming her in two months."

" I have an idea is she there?"

"Yes, why?"

" Put me on speaker phone."

" Hello Grace this is Robert the owner of the camp grounds here at Sturgis."

" How would you like to have Blade claim you and marry you right here on my stage?"

I looked at Blade.

"He is not serious is he."

" Hell yes I am serious."

" Every fucking single man coming knows you will be here."

" It would be a shock to find out you are being claimed and married at the same time."

I looked at Blade.

"Why not?"

" Are you sure Grace?"

" Yes, lets do it."

"We will do it Robert."

" Good, I am going to advertise a surprise claiming and wedding."

" We will do it the second day at noon."

" Find us a minister."

" I am one you idiot."

" I forgot about that."

" We will talk when you get here."

" I can't wait to meet the woman that outsmarted Snake."

" Talk to you later Robert."

I looked at Blade.

"Best order that Property cut to take with us."

" As for meeting up we should meet at the truck stop and then ride to South Dakota."

" We will set a time to do that."

" Wow, a wedding at Sturgis."

" This is going to be great."

"Yes, it is."

" Hey Grace. I am going to Jammers clubhouse."

" I will see you tomorrow sometime."

" Be careful."

We watched them walk out of the living room and heard the front door close. I looked at Blade and smiled.

"I can't wait to be claimed."

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