You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 44: Hawk Gets A Phone Call

I was laying in bed with Rain talking about the trip to Sturgis when my phone rang. Why would Blade be calling me this late at night I wondered?

" I answered the phone and said what is going on Blade?"

" You need to bring Rain and come to Grace's house like right now."

"Blade what is going on?"

"I left Grace here and went back to my club."

" I might have been there an hour when she called."

" I heard her screaming on the phone and a door being kicked open."

" Snake broke in and hit her and raped her."

" We are on our way."

"Rain we need to get to Grace's now."

" Snake broke in and raped Grace."

" We are on our way."

We jumped out of bed got dressed and had one of the Valkyrie watch the twins. We walked to Jerry's door and knocked on it.

"What is going on Hawk?"

" Snake did it this time."

" He is a walking dead man."

" What did he do now?"

" He broke into Grace's house and raped her."

" He what?"

" You heard me."

We are headed to Grace's. We walked out of the club and got on our bikes. We arrived at Grace's to find her crying.

She was holding on to Blade as if he was going to leave her.

"Rain, I can't get her to let go."

" She is afraid that after what Snake did you won't want her anymore."

" I will always want her."

" I waited all these years to have her and I not going to let her go now that I have her."

"Remember who she was married to Blade."

" As if I can forget."

" This time I am going to kill him."

" I need to go see if he want back to his old clubhouse."

" I will watch her."

" You and Hawk do what you have to do."

In the meantime Diane was screaming at Luke, Snake's father.

"So you taught him he could fuck who he wanted did you teach him is was alright to rape a woman to get what he wants too?"

"Diane what the hell are you talking about?"

" Snake broke into Graces house and raped her."

" I would never condone something like that and you know it."

" So, tell me Luke where would he hide."

" I know that you have not told me everything about the clubhouse."

"Is there a secret room somewhere?"

" Yes, there is."

" It is in his bedroom."

" How do I find it?"

" button on the top of the wood on the corner."

" This time have him transported to my sister' MC in South Carolina."

" Let's see how he likes living with a bunch of women who are worse than men."

"He will go after Blade is finished with him."

" And Hawk."

" They are not going to let him just walk away from what he did to Grace."

" Not this time."

" Luke this would never have happened if you had taught him to keep his cock in his pants."

" He may be my son and I love him but this."

" This I cannot condone and let him get away with."

" Even if I have to kill him myself."

I arrived at the clubhouse and looked at Max.

"I need to know if Snake if here Max."

" He is here alright."

" Out in the shed."

" He came here with scratches all over his face, and arms. He also had blood on him. He was talking like he lost his fucking mind."

"He said I needed to hide him because he did a really bad thing."

" When we heard he raped Grace we did not want to believe it."

" He kept saying he knew she was fertile and he would get her pregnant."

" He would get that child from her and be back in your good graces."

"It was all I could do to keep the members from tearing him apart."

" Hawk and Blade are on their way here."

" I figured you would be here sooner than later."

" He kept wanting me to let him to the president's bedroom so he could hide."

"Hide where I don't know."

" There is a secret room we didn't know about."

" Luke told me."

" I will need to show it too you before I leave."

The door slammed open and "Blade asked where the hell is Snake."

" We know he is here. I am going to kill him this time."

"Blade, don't kill him."

" You can teach him a lesson but I want him alive."

" He is going to be transported to South Carolina to his aunts MC."

" Luke won't like that."

" He is the one that ordered it."

Everyone was laughing. "Those women are worse than men."

" Yes, they are."

"They keep their compound gates locked and you need a security code to get in and out."

" Which Snake won't get."

" He will not be leaving that compound."

" Not anytime soon."

" I am telling you Diane he is crazy."

" He lost his fucking mind."

"Then it is time we go and see for ourselves."

" I will tell you this."

" Grace used her nails on him."

" He has some pretty deep cuts."

" And bite marks."

" She bit him too."

" Good for Grace."

" Now, I want to see that son of a bitch."

"He hurt Grace and he is going to pay for that."

" When we got there she was in really bad shape."

" He was lucky he was not there when we got there or he would be dead now."

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