You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 45: The Shed

We walked to the shed and when Max opened it we saw Snake had a chain around his ankle walking back and forth mumbling to himself. Then he laughed. He looked over and saw Diane and the rest of us. When he saw Blade he really started laughing.

"I know I got her pregnant and she will have our child and he or she will be the next president."

" You should be proud of me mother."

" Grace will have our child."

" Snake, she will not have your child."

" She was given a shot to stop any possible pregnancy."

" No, you can't do that."

" I need that baby."

"She will not be having your child Snake."

" Any child she has will be ours."

I punched him in the jaw.

"That is for hitting Grace again."

Blade look at him. Snake is not thinking straight.

"Mom I did a bad thing."

" I hurt my wife."

" I hurt Grace."

"She is not your wife Snake."

" You are divorced."

" She is engaged to Blade."

We all saw him change. I

" told you to stay away from Grace Blade."

" I want her for myself."

" I don't care that she is in love with you."

" I can teach her to love me."

" She is beautiful. She is sweet, and she plays the piano so well."

"Mom, where is Grace?"

" Why isn't she here?"

" Did you take her shopping?"

Then he started to laugh again.

"She can't find out about Tana and our baby."

" I told that bitch to get rid of it."

We all looked over at the doctor.

"What the hell is wrong with him?"

" He is in shock."

" After he realized what he did to Grace his mind would not accept it."

" Rape is something he can never accept doing to a woman let alone the woman he loves."

"Diane have the doctor give him a shot and take him to his aunts club."

" Just make sure we never see him again."

" If we do, we will kill him."

" Make sure he is chained and handcuffed so he doesn't get away."

"We are going back to Grace's."

" I will be taking her back to my club."

" Diane, I know he is my brother but I can't let him get away with this."

" If he is faking it I will kill him without a second thought."

We turned and walked out of the shed. And drove to Graces.

Back at Max's clubhouse Diane looked at Max.

"Come on let me show you that room."

We walked to the club and down the hall to the president's bedroom. I watched as Diane walked over to a wall and reached up and pushed the side of upper corner. A door slid open and we saw the room.

We looked at each other in surprise. You could not tell it was here. It was large. Held a queen bed, dresser, TV, couch, and chair. In the corner of the room was a small bathroom, and the other a small kitchen.

"How the hell is this not seen?"

" Because your bedroom is at the end of the hallway."

" Whoever did this did a dam good job."

It had to be another bedroom and the door was covered over.

"It is basically where the President's woman will hide if the club is attacked."

"Is it sound proof?"

" I don't know."

" You stay out there and I will turn the TV on and see if you can hear anything."

Max shut the door and closed the wall. I turned on the TV really loud and pounded on the door.

I waited five minutes then opened the wall and door.

"I turned the TV off and said well?"

" I heard nothing."

" I was even pounding on the door."

It is sound proof.

"But how would you get out?"

We felt around the wall on the other side. We found a button and pushed it.

"It's right here."

" Well, Max looks like you have a way to keep any wife and children you have safe."

" But let her know it is there just in case you are gone and the club is attacked."

" Nice place to have kinky sex."

" Rally Max."

" I was kidding Diane."

" I would hope so."

"Make sure that you meet Snake's aunt's members at this address."

" Call this number when you get close to the meeting place."

" I will call her that you are bringing him and what is going on."

I walked out of the club and got into my car.

"I dialed my sister's phone number and told her everything."

"What do you think Diane is he acting?"

" I am not sure but he might be."

" Be very careful until you get inside the gates of your clubhouse."

" Don't worry Diane."

" Snake will learn he is not going to get away with hurting Little Grace."

" I gave her the phone number of Max and told her they will call when they are close to the meeting spot."

Back as Graces house a van pulled into the garage. Blade lifted Grace in his arms and carried her down the stairs and laid her in the Van.

"Grace honey."

" I will be behind the van."

" Rain is going to ride with you."

" Promise Blade?"

" I promise."

I shut the door after Rain got in and sat next to Grace.

Hawk, Jerry, and I sat on our bikes and followed the van down the road. I was still fuming and wanted to kill Snake. But, I couldn't do that. Not until I know for sure he was not acting. We pulled into the compound and shut our bikes off.

I lifted Grace out of the van and carried into the clubhouse.

"Do you want to go to our room?"

" No, I want to stay right here in your arms."

I walked over and sat at the table.

"Are you hungry?"

" Can I get tomato soup and grilled cheese and coffee?"

"You can have anything you want."

The prospect brought the food to our table and Grace ate it. She grimaced as she ate. I know her face hurts. The door opened and I saw Jammer and Raylan walk in. They sat at the table.

"If anyone knows how it feels to be raped Raylan does."

After Grace finished eating Raylan and Rain took Grace to our bedroom.

Jammer and William looked at Hawk and me.

"Well, did you kill him?"

" We told them about Snake's behavior and how he looked like he lost his mind."

" We told the what the doctor said and that Luke had him sent to Diana's sisters clubhouse in South Carolina."

"He is at Linda's MC?"

" The Black Widows MC?"

They started laughing.

"He is going to wish he had never raped Grace."

" Those women are worse than us."

" Well, lets hope that he changes his behaviors."

" Oh, he will change."

" They will use him as their fuck toy."

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