You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 46: Two weeks later

We all saw the difference in Grace. She has gained her confidence back since the rape. Today she has started the tradition of making our club members birthday cakes and giving us gifts. Today one of the older members had a birthday. He is turning 35 years old.

He never had kids and his wife died. Grace has a way of finding things out. I was in Lelands apartment cleaning it. As I was putting his laundry away I saw a box on the top shelf. I am looking for something special to give to Leland for his birthday.

I took the box down and opened it. I saw a picture of a woman who he had his arms around. She had a wedding dress on. I lifted it and read our wedding day. And she was beautiful. I took the picture and walked out of his apartment.

I took the picture and went to the jewelry store. I looked around and found the dog tags.

"Can you put this picture on the dog tags and then put this date on the back of it?"

" Yes, we can. And you can have the picture back."

I waited until he finished with the dog tags. The picture turned out beautifully. I paid for the dog tags and the woman put it in a box and wrapped it before giving it back to me. I drove back to Lelands apartment and put the picture back. I made sure the apartment was tidy and clean before walking out and shutting the door.

I drove back to the clubhouse where I started baking his cake. The ice cream was in the freezer. Later that night around 9:00 pm I brought the cake out and sat it on the bar followed by two prospects carrying the icecream and paper plates and silverware.

"Today we have a birthday as you all know."

" Leland come and cut your cake."

after all the members had cake and ice cream I had him come back and stand in front of the bar. I handed him his gift. As he opened the box he lifted the dog tag out and looked at it.

We saw the tears flow down his face.

"This is beautiful Grace."

" How did you find that picture?"

" When I was cleaning."

" The idea came to me that you could carry your wife with you forever."

" I love it. Thank you."

He did something he never did. He hugged me.

"Leland yell out. It will be hard for Grace to beat this birthday present."

Everyone looked at his gift and smiled.

"Your wife was very beautiful."

" How did someone as ugly as you get her to marry you?"

" Hey, I was a pretty handsome man back in the day."

Everyone enjoyed themselves. The men were talking about the ride to Sturgis next month. I had my wedding dress that I was wearing for the wedding but for the claiming I was wearing leather pants, boots, a leather corset and letting my hair hang down my back.

The plan is to have the claiming at noon and later that night the wedding. That way Roberts staff will have time to decorate the stage. I was leaning against Blade with Diane walked into the club. So, she whispered in my ear.

"You are getting married at Sturgis."

" Yes, I am."

" I know you will be there."

" Of course I will be there."

" Jammer is going to be the best man and Raylan my maid of honor."

"This is going to be interesting."

" I heard a rumor that many single men are looking forward to getting to meet you."

" Well, they are out of luck."

" I would say they are going to be sad."

" Not for long I am sure."

" How are you doing Grace?"

" I am doing good."

" I am not going to let what Snake did to me get me depressed."

"I think he also thought that Blade would leave me because of it."

" The rape brought I closer together."

" We love each other and no one or nothing is going to seperate us."

" We have been separated for too many years."

" That is good to hear Grace."

"I am happy for you."

" Now, as for Snake."

" He was faking it."

" Hawk and Blade will kill him if they see him."

Then she started laughing.

"But he has been fucking so many woman the last month he states he hates sex."

" They use him every chance the get."

"A man seems to have no control over his cock but they do have control of who they put that cock in."

" Snake doesn't have control of that."

" Linda said that if one of the women is horney they get him hard and ride him right at the table or bar."

"He said he feels like a male whore."

" Well, that is what he is."

" He doesn't get to choose what woman he fucks."

" And he has had some pretty ugly, and heavy woman fuck him."

We started laughing.

"You see, Snake did not like heavy women."

" He wants them big breasted and small waisted."

When Diane told Blade, Jammer and Willian what she told me they even started laughing.

"Hell I heard that Linda's VP, Sarina put a dog collar around Snakes neck with a leash I really started laughing."

"That just made my day."

" He now knows how some women feel."

" He is going to be embarrassed at Sturgis."

" Oh, he is not going."

" They are locking him in the cells with guards while they are gone."

" But, I encouraged Linda to put a TV on the wall across from his cell so he can watch everything. Including your claiming and wedding."

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