You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 47: One Week Before Sturgis

I was standing next to Blade as we walked to the garage holding the RV's, campers, and tents. As we walked in he walked over to the biggest RV there.

"This is our RV Grace."

We walked in and I saw a large kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, a bathroom shared by two of them.

I followed Blade to the back of the RV into a large bedroom with a private bath. It had a TV in it as well. We walked back to the kitchen area where I opened a door and saw a washer and dryer.

"This is an Rv you could live in all the time."

" This is nice Blade."

" I thought we would have two bedrooms for any kids we might have."

" It is bigger than a regular bus."

"We are going to be right next to the stage."

"Tomorrow the members are driving the buses and campers to Rogers campground."

" They will be staying there as they are going to stack all of them with the food and beer."

" They will also set up the tents next to the campers and RVs so everything is ready when we get there."

"Jammers members will be doing the same thing."

" I ams so excited."

" So, I need you to take your wedding dress and put it in the closet in our bedroom."

I kissed him and walked to the clubhouse. I carried my wedding dress down the hall and out the door. I walked into the RV and hung it in the back of the closet.

That night we all sat and watched wrestling and Raylan and I got kind of loud.

Cussing at some of the wrestlers. I still did not believe that Blade and Jammer knew Grave Digger. But I was in for one hell of a surprise. At my wedding.

That night in bed we made out for a while before going to sleep. I dreamed of our wedding and our first time as man and wife. I could not wait to be Blades wife. I woke up in pain. I was having cramps. I was glad that I was starting my cycle. That way it was over with for another 30 days.

I got up and walked to the bathroom. I took a shower and put in a tampon. I took some miladol for the cramping. Blade walked in and rubbed my belly.

"You started didn't you?"

" I did."

" The cramps are bad?"

" Yes," he grabbed a heating pad from the drawer and handed it to me.

"Go lay down and I will bring breakfast to you."

"I know how the first few days can be baby."

" Mom used to have bad cramps. She would cry sometimes. So do I the pain can get that bad."

" Go, lay down."

I walked into the bedroom and plugged the heating pad in before laying down and putting it on my belly. I opened my eyes when the door opened and I saw Blade carrying a try in. He helped me up and I ate my eggs, bacon and toast and drank my coffee.

"When I finished he kissed me and told me he would be in the garage if I needed him."

I watched as Blade took the tray and walked out the door. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep. I was woken up by Blade as he sat a try on the bedside table.

I sat up and he handed me a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread. After eating he handed me two more maladol. I took them and fell back to sleep. As I was dozing off I felt Blade kiss me and then heard the door close.

Around 5:00 that night I got up and walked down the hallway to the bar. I felt better. The cramps were gone. I walked over and sat down in Blades lap.

"He kissed me and asked if I felt better."

" The cramps are gone now."

" Good."

I sat on his lap and dozed off again.

I woke up hearing some men's voiced I had never heard before.

"She sick?"

" No, cramps."

" I understand that."

" My sister gets them really bad the first day or two."

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up. I looked at a prospect and he stood up and walked to the kitchen.

A few minutes later a cup of coffee and the bottle of midol was sitting in front of me.

"Thank you, I said."

I took a sip of my coffee before looking across the table. I saw a man that was really handsome. He was american indian with long black hair.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Hello I said."

" Hello, Grace."

" How do you know my name."

" Every single man in the MC's knows who you are Grace."

I looked over at Blade.

"Don't look at me."

" It appears that word about Snake had gotten around and you are single again."

"I am not single."

" I belong you to Blade."

" Yes, you do."

" We loved each other since high school and don't you forget it."

" Believe me Grace."

" I never forgot it or how Snake kept us apart."

" So, who are you I asked him?"

" I am Eagle, President of the Cherokee MC and that is my VP, Running Wolf."

He was just as handsome.

"I have to say. I was disappointed to find that Blade snatched you up and away from the rest of us single men."

" None of you had a chance with me I said."

He started laughing.

"Blade you got a woman that is sassy."

" But, I love her."

" We can see that."

"We are looking forward to seeing you in Sturgis Grace."

" Why?"

" It is going to be funny seeing a lot of sad men."

" I am sure they won't be sad for long."

" I am sure they won't have trouble finding a woman they like."

" That is very true."

"I stood up and told Blade I was going back to bed."

I walked out of the room and into our bedroom where I fell back to sleep.

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