You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 48; The Ride

The club was lined up and ready to hit the road. We were meeting Jammers MC at the road stop 30 miles away. From there we are headed to South Dakota. As we were riding down the freeway we got a lot of looks. There are a lot of bikes riding today. When we meet up with Jammer there will be about 200 bikes. That is a lot of bikes.

About 45 minutes later we were riding into the parking lot of the rest area. Raylan ran over and hugged me.

"Did you bring your dress I asked her?"

" It is in our RV."

" Good to hear. I am so excited."

" Tomorrow Blade and I will claim each other."

" Then later that night we have the wedding."

"I can't wait to be his wife."

" You are glowing Grace."

" I know that you have loved Blade since high school."

" You loved him more than Snake."

" I settled for Snake only because I thought I couldn't have Blade."

" But now he will be mine."

" Yes, he will."

" You have a good man Grace."

" He waited all these years hoping that he would eventually get to claim you."

" Now it is happening."

An hour later we were back out on the road again. A few hours later we were in Sturis and riding into the campground. They rode the bikes to the VIP section and into the gates. The bikes were parked and I was lifted off by Blade.

We walked out of the gate and to Roberts office. They man hugged each other.

" So this is Grace my soon to be cousin."

I did not see the wink that Robert gave Blade. As he hugged me.

"You really are beautiful."

" It is about time that Blade and you get to claim each other."

" You both were so in love with each other that Snake couldn't stand it."

"I know that Blade will treat you right Grace."

" I know that as well."

I put my arm around Blades waist.

"Sit down I will tell you about the claiming first."

We talked about the claiming and that evening around 8:00 pm he will perform the wedding.

"I have a good friend that will walk you up the stairs and onto the stage."

" He has offered to give you away Grace."

" His wife loved the idea as they do not have any daughters at least not yet."

After discussing the claiming and wedding we walked out of his office and he told us to go have fun. Tomorrow is your wedding day.

We walked out of his office and met Jammer and Raylan walking toward us. We walked around for awhile and watched some of the bikers burn their tires out. We then got beers and stopped and talked to some of the people that Blade knew.

I noticed several single women glaring at me. I didn't move from Blade. He is mine. Then Raylan pulled me over to look at some jewelry.

Two of those girls walked over and looked at me.

"You know it won't last between you and Blade."

"Why is that?"

" He is in love with a woman named Grace."

" He won't claim you."

" He will only claim her."

Raylan looked at them.

"Blade didn't introduce you did he?"

" Meet Grace."

They gasped.

"The Grace he went to school with?"

" The very one."

" So, that you know."

" It will last between Blade and me."

Raylan and I walked back to Blade and Jammer. Blade leaned down and kissed me. I saw how jealous those girls were. Later that night after we ate at the RV's we sat and watched the shows. We enjoyed the bands. Around 11:00 that night Blade and I went to bed.

We fell asleep listening to our members sitting around the fire talking in soft voices. I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon frying. I rolled over and saw that Blade was not in bed. I got up and showered before dressing. Today was my claiming and wedding day.

I walked out to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Blade put the plate in front of me and poured my coffee. After we ate I washed the dishes and we walked out to sit by the fire. I looked over and saw chairs being set up in front of the stage. Apparently everyone is curious to see who is being claimed. Jammer is going to ride me up to the stage on his bike.

Then he will walk up with Raylan and Hawk will walk me up for the claiming. I just had to show up. I was so excited. I have to get dressed in two hours. Diane and Raylan are going to help me.

"Are you getting cold feet Blade one of the members asked?"

"Hell no."

" I wish it was time right now."

" How about you Grace?"

" Nope."

" I am excited that Blade will finally belong to me and me to him."

" It took enough years for this to happen."

" Yes it has."

Around 11:oo Diane and Raylan pulled me into our RV. Blade was getting ready in Jammers. Soon we heard people talking and saw all the chairs filled. There was a knock on the door. Raylan go and stand with Hawk.

I walked out and Jammer lifted me onto the back of his bike.

"Are you ready Grace?"

" More than ready."

He started his bike and road through the gate and between the chairs He stopped his bike and lifted me off.

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