You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 49: The Claiming

Jammer handed me over to Hawk and Jammer put Raylan's hand through his arm. They walked up the stairs to the stage and took their placed. Hawk walked me up to the stage and put my hand in Blades.

"Who gives this woman in claiming?"

" I and my wife do."

Hawk then walked down the stairs and sat by Rain and Diane.

"Blade you have the stage."

"Grace I fell in love with you in highschool. I had to stay away from you as Snake ordered it. I watched over you as much as I could. I love you."

" I claim you as my wife by biker law. To have and to hold until my death. I want you to have my children, grow old with me, and watch our grandchildren grow up. To be my second in command of the Thunder MC. Do you accept my claim?"

"I Grace feel in love with you in highschool too. I thought you didn't like me as you never gave me a second look. You showed me not signs that you liked me. I want to have your children, to grow old with you, to watch our grandchildren grow up. I will become your second in command and accept your claim."

"The property cut please."

William handed Robert the property cut. Blade put the cut on me and lifted my hair and let it flow down my back.

"I now pronounce Grace and Blade as man and wife."

" You may kiss your bride."

"Everyone the wedding will be at 8:00 pm tonight right here."

" So you get two receptions."

" Please feel free to go to the tent with the yellow roof for the reception."

Pictures were taken of the claiming and then we walked to the reception. Everyone was shocked to learn that Blade claimed Snakes ex wife.

They were also shocked to learn that they were having a legal wedding tonight. Everyone did dance, drank and enjoy themselves. I was so happy that Blade and I are married. Tonight I won't have to stop making out. He will make love to me.

We left the tent and walked to the RV. We decided to take a nap before the legal wedding. We slept for a few hours and got up around 5:00.

"I kissed Blade and we made out but I reminded me we have one more wedding."

Blade laughed and then said to me.

"I don't have to stop tonight."

" No we don't."

"I will give you so much pleasure and have you screaming my name."

" I hope not here."

" I promise to kiss you as you scream my name or you will have to put a pillow over your face."

" If I am going to be between your thighs where I have dreamed of being for years."

My face turned red.

"I don't believe it."

" Grace did Snake ever really take his time with you?"

" Sometimes."

" Just sometimes?"

" Once or twice."

" But did he ever put his mouth down here he said stroking my clit"


" Are you kidding?"

" No."

Then he smiles at me.

"Baby I am going to have some much fun making love to you."

" You are like a virgin."

" Come to think of it."

"Blade, yes, babe."

" What does your cock feel like?"

I was shocked.

"You don't know what a cock feels like to touch?"

"yes I never touched Snakes very much"

. I saw him really grin.

"Baby I will teach you everything you don't know."

" And you can touch my cock any time you want to."

" But not right now."

"Now you have to get ready for our wedding."

I walked into the RV and took a shower. Diane and Raylan helped me to dress. Then it was time. I was walked to the steps by Diane and my hand placed into a big bikers hand. He put my arm under his. I didn't look at the man. I looked at Blade.

He looked so handsome.

"Then the Robert asked who gives this woman's hand in marriage?"

" My wife Sara and I do."

He placed my hand in Blades. When we were announced man and wife Robert said you can now kiss the bride. We were interrupted.

"I don't think so."

" As the bride is my biggest fan I get the first kiss."

Then I was being kissed and when I looked up I gasped.

"You are the grave digger."

" That's right little darling."

" Surprise."

I looked over at a tiny woman laughing.

"I am so sorry Grace but the look on your face when you saw him was pricely."

"Now Mr. Undertaker let Blade kiss his bride."

Than Blade kissed me. That was all I wanted right now. His arms around me.

"Did you like your surprise?"

" I loved it Blade."

" But I love you so much more."

We had our first dance as man and wife and the Undertaker dance the father daughter dance with me since my father is god knows where. Pictures were taken and our food eaten. Several bikers stood in line to dance with me while women danced with Blade.

Around 3:00 in the morning we walked back to our RV. Once inside he took my dress off of me and hung it up in the closet. He took his cut off and hung it up as well. He sat down and took his boots and socks off and then his shirt.

I ran my hands over his chest and pulled him down and kissed him. Soon I was fully naked and laying on the bed. He found all my sweet spots and moved down to my thighs. He lifted my legs over his shoulder and started licking and sucking my clit.

I moaned and lifted my hips. I grabbed the sheets and held onto them as I felt my muscles tighten and then my pussy fluttering. I screamed his name. I didn't care who heard me. He moved up my body and put the tip of his cock at my entrance.

"Blade don't tease me."

He pushed himself deep inside me and pumped in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and had one after the other orgasam. I felt her sucking my cock dry as I gritted my teeth and shot my seed inside her.

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