You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 50: Grace Explores Blade

I saw that Blade was sleeping so I sat up and explored his body. I kissed my way down his chest and down to his cock. I put my hand around it and felt how smooth and soft it was. I lay there letting Grace explore me. I almost groaned as she wrapped her small hand around me.

Fuck if she keeps that up I am going to lose it. Then my eyes shot open. She had put my cock in her mouth. She was licking the tip of my cock and it got harder than I thought it would. As she moved her mouth up and down and licked me I moaned.

I was so close to shooting my seed in her mouth I told her, "baby if you don't stop I will shoot in your mouth."

She didn't stop. I pushed my hips up off the bed and then I grabbed her hair and pushed one more time and shot my seed.

When I finished she lifted her head and looked at me.

"Blade, did I hurt you?"

" No baby you didn't hurt me."

" It felt so fucking good.''

" You liked that?"

" Yes, baby I liked that."

" You are soft down there."

I grinned and pulled her up to lay on my chest.

I leaned down and kissed her. I soon had her moaning and I lifted her and sat her down on my cock. She road me and soon she was screaming my name again. I made love to Grace four more times before we got up to take a shower.

I knew every inch of her body. I knew what turned her on the most and the fasted. And fuck me if she didn't know that just by rubbing my cock she would have me in bed fast. Or I would be up inside her so fast her head would spin.

She was finally mine. I dreamed for years of being inside her, having her mouth on me, having my mouth tasting her. And she tasted so good. It was like we were teenagers again. My cock had a mind of its own when it came to her.

No other woman could get my cock to stand at attention with just a smile or look like she can. I am going to enjoy spending time in bed with her. Hell, I will take her when ever I get the chance and no one else is around.

I have a feeling she is going to surprise me alot. It seems that she is fascinated with my cock and how smooth it is. She loved to sleep with her hand wrapped around my cock. I didn't mind at all. After all it belonged to her.

I just wish I had told Snake to go straight to hell when we were kids. We could have been making love for years, had kids, and been happy. I had my jeans on and just put my socks and boots on when she walked over and sat on my lap facing me.

"Blade do we have to get up?"

I looked down at her grinning.

"You know we do."

" But, I want to stay in bed with you."

Oh, fuck my cock sprang to life. That was all it took. I flipped her on her back and ripped the towel off of her and made love to her again. Finally we did get up took another shower and got dressed.

It was 2:00 when we walked out of the camper. We had four more days here and I was entered in the burn out. She sat on my bike facing me as I rode it up and stopped it. She lay back with her head between the handlebars and her legs wrapped around my waist.

I let the engine of my bike go and the smoke was so thick you couldn't see anything. She wrapped herself against my cock and then your heard the tire blow out so loud you thought someone shot a gun off.

As the smoked cleared I could finally see to ride my bike onto the grass. I lifted Grace off and got off myself. A club member was waiting to put a new tire on it and make sure everything was fine with my bike.

I saw a few women look at Grace with hate in their eyes. I knew those bitches and they had always tried to chase me. I then saw several bikers look at Grace with lust. Too bad fellows she belongs to me now. The tire was on my bike so I sat down and lifted Grace in front of me. I rode back to the RV and parked the bike.

I lifted Grace off but not before kissing her. I took her hand and we walked over to one of the bars. I saw the swings hanging from the ceiling. I knew how good she was on them. Hey baby. Look. She grinned. She took her boots and socks off and I lifted her onto the bar.

She grabbed the first swing and pulled herself onto it. I sat watching her and drinking and when she got high enough she jumped off did a flip and grabbed the next swing. Several peopled gasped.

"That woman is going to fall."

"No she isn't."

then she was grabbing the longer swing and she slowed down enough to grab the beer I held out to her. When she finished it she wrapped her legs around the bar and flung back and handed the beer to me.

"After her fourth time she yelled move aside."

Everyone moved but me. She let go of the bar and landed in my arms. She was laughing.

"That was so fun Blade."

" I had not done that in years."

I sat her on the bar stool and put her socks and boots back on her.

The we heard Hawk.

"Dam you Blade."

" Why the hell did you let Grace do that?"

" She can do what she wants within reason."

" Besides I would never let her get hurt."

" I know but she gives me a heart attack when she does that shit."

" Hell Hawk. There are so many bikers in her that if she fell they would have caught her."

Raylan, Rain, and Grace where pretty drunk and started to pole dance. We all know how good they are. Everything was going fine until a man grabbed Grace and tried to kiss her. That was a no no. My club members grabbed her from him and pushed her behind them.

"You are touching what does not belong to you shit head."

" This is Blades wife."

I walked over and took Graces hand and walked back to our table. Let my club members deal with that piece of shit. Which they did. It was almost daylight as we all headed back to the RV.

I gave Grace some aspirin and put her to bed. I put a bucket next to the bed knowing she will have one hell of a hangover. I know that Grace does not drink that much. She has her limit. But she was having such a good time.

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