You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 51: Snake Is Furious

I don't know how much longer I can play stupid. I didn't think that my own father would tell my mother to send me here to my aunts MC. I have a cock that has a mind of its own. I have fucked some pretty ugly women. But what the hell.

Then I thought I would get to go to Sturgis. Oh, no my aunt was not going to permit that. Instead I am sitting in this cell and watching it all on TV. Then I was furious. Blade is claiming my wife. Well she isn't my wife. Not anymore. I wanted to kill him.

That night my aunt made sure to video the wedding. She looked to beautiful and then I gasped. She was walked up to the stage by none other than her favorite wrestler, Grave Digger. And then he kissed her. Mother fucker.

I know that my aunt will never let me out of here. I want to rip Blade to pieces. I hated him in school because all the girls like him. So when I had the chance to take the only girl he ever wanted I did it. I especially hated him when I found out we are brothers.

I thought that after raping Grace he would not want her. I was so wrong. She looks at Blade with the love she never showed me. But why should she. I never really showed her that kind of love. I even had sex with Tana thinking he cared about her. He could give one shit if I had sex with her or not.

He just bid his time. He knew the rules backward and forward. I just let them go in one ear and out the other. He finally got what he wanted all these years ago and so did Grace. I fucking ruined my own life. Just because I wanted revenge on my father and Blade. Yes, I knew all along he was my brother.

I then also realized that the woman I thought I could keep would have nothing to do with me now. Renegades, sister. I Fell in love with the the first time I went to Renegades clubhouse. After finding out I was claimed and married she told me to go straight to hell.

Luna told me that she would not let me touch her with a 10 foot pole after hearing everything I did to Grace. I did not know that Luna even knew Grace. But she does. My revenge caused me more than it was worth.

If my mother would not have said the only child of mine that could become president had to be from Grace I would never have raped her trying to get her pregnant. I then forgot about the shot or pill a woman could take to stop a pregnancy. I was such a fool.

I heard that Luna also found out I had raped Grace. She told Renegade that I was a low down fucker to do something like that. And to hit Grace on top of it. Everyone knows what I had done. A lot of bikers said that I was a disgrace to the biker clubs.

They said if I was into hurting women I belonged to 1% clubs. I do not belong with them. I was angry. I was pissed off and I hurt only myself. Look where my own father told mother to send me. I feel like a fucking piece of meat.

One of the guards looked at me.

"Your ex wife is one beautiful woman."

" Yes, she is."

" She sure as hell didn't deserve what you did to her."

" And to hit that little woman."

" You could have broken her jaw."

" I could have if my own members had not pulled me away from her."

"Blade sure fucked me up over that one."

" And after you raped her?"

" He wanted to kill me."

" Hawk the one standing next to Blade wants me dead now."

" He is Grace's best friend."

" I would want you dead too the guard said."

"Revenge of that kind does not get you anywhere Snake."

" I figured that out."

" So I have a question Snake."

" What is it?"

" They say you really didn't love Grace."

" I loved her in my own way."

" We also heard that while Grace was on that island you fell in love with Renegades sister."

"I did."

" So why the hell did you marry Grace after you rescued her?"

" Revenge against Blade."

" Is it because he is your brother?"

" Part of it."

" So, you kept Grace away from him because you blamed him for being born."

" That's about it."

" Where did that get you?"

"No where."

" I didn't think he would stay single."

" He loves Grace."

" Of course he would stay single."

" You don't find that kind of love very often."

" When you do, you don't accept second best."

" He bid his time."

" He knew you would fuck up sooner than later."

" Now he has the love of his life for ever."

"She thought he didn't care about her even though she was in love with him."

" You really are a fool Snake."

" You could have married and claimed the woman you really loved and still rescued Grace."

" Then you could have told Blade that Grace was free to be with him."

" Instead you ruined her life and yours."

"I really do feel sorry for you Snake."

" Maybe one day if this girl you love, really does love you she will forgive you."

" But, you would have to show her that you have changed."

" Then maybe your mom will reverse her ruling."

" Or, you can start another club."

"You of course would have a lot of proving that you can do better before anyone would even trust you again."

" You would also need to learn to control that anger of yours."

" And remember this Snake."

" Those boys who are your brothers."

" They never asked for their mother to have sex with your dad and to get pregnant or for their mother to give birth to them."

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