You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 52: Sturgis

It was the last day we will be here. I have not had as much fun as I had this week. It is a long ride to South Dakota but well worth it. We were sitting at the Full Throttle Saloon enjoying ourselves. I looked over at Raylan and smiled.

"So, Jammer when are you going to claim Raylan?"

I saw the look on her face. I looked really closely at Jammer. Something is not right. I stood up and nodded at rain.

"We are going to the restroom."

" We will be right back."

We grabbed Raylan's arms and pulled her with us. When we entered the bathroom I looked at Raylan.

"Give Raylan."

" What the hell is going on?"

" I don't think he is going to claim me."

" Why not?"

" He didn't know I was standing outside the garage doors and I heard him on the phone."

" What about and with who?"

" I don't know but it was a woman."

" How do you know that?"

"I heard him call her babe and that he would meet her at the hotel at 8:00 that night."

" He called her babe and told her he loved her."

I ran back to the clubhouse and grabbed a beer and sat down.

"He walked in about 5 minutes later and told me he had to go pick up a part for one of the members bikes at 7:30 that night and he told me he would come by the house the next day."

"You know there are only three motels and one hotel in town."

" I didn't go straight home."

" I followed him."

" I watched him go to the Motel 6. He knocked on a door and it was opened by a tall red headed woman."

"He grabbed her kissing her and walked her backward shutting the door."

"That bastard."

" Have you checked his phone."

" I can't get it."

I looked at Rain and she grinned.

"We will get it."

" We walked back to the table but I stopped a prospect and told him what I needed."

He looked over at Jammer frowning.

"I will get the phone you do what you have to bring it back and I will put it back."

" Thanks she said."

About 15 minutes later the prospect walked behind Rain and slipped the phone in her jeans. He patted my back. I kicked Raylan and Grace.

"We will be right back."

" I want some fries."

We walked out of the solone and Grace looked through his phone and put the womens names in her notes. Then she found the one with the date and time that Raylan said that he got the call from the woman. We bought the fries. Rain walked by the prospect and handed him the phone.

He brought beers to Raylan, Rain, and Grace and slipped Jammers phone back in his pocket. Then he walked away. Around 9:oo we girls told them we were going back to the RV and the men said they would be there in an hour.

Back at Grace and Blade's RV we walked in and locked the door. We sat in the room and as we made the phone calls we wrote the name and phone number down. And any information we got. Soon we hit the right phone number.

"Who are you again Rain asked?"

" My name is Rachel. I am Jammers girlfriend."

" We are planning on being claimed in two months."

" Is that so?"

" Did you know he is seeing another woman?"

" You are lying."

" No, I am not lying."

" I will send you a picture of them together."

You have my phone number if you have any questions. I sent her a picture of Raylan and Jammer together at this clubhouse, and my house where Raylan was laying with her head in his lap and here at Sturgis kissing each other.

"Raylan do you still want to be with Jammer?"

" No. Not anymore."

Then I called Rachel back.

"How would you like to call Jammers phone in about an hour."

" Find out how he talks to you as he is here at Sturgis sharing his RV with Raylan."

" I will do that."

"I will go home with him and pack what I have at his club and go back to the house."

" I won't be seeing Jammer again."

" I can't have a boyfriend who cheats and is supposed to claim another woman."

" You do that Raylan."

" You can come and stay at Blades clubhouse for awhile."

"You know he will go to the house looking for you."

" Try to convince you that he is not cheating."

" I will come to Blades and stay for a few days."

" I think that is a good idea."

" But, try your best not to let him know."

" We unlocked the door and walked over to the cooler and grabbed a beer before sitting down next to the fire.

We we watched members making their way back to the RV's, campers, or tents. Soon Jammer, Hawk, William, and Blade walked over. They sat down in the empty chairs next to us. Not long after that Jammers phone rang.

"Hello, I have to take this he said."

" Raylan said, but Jammer you are here to party and not work."

"Why don't you call them back later?"

" I will be right back he said standing up and walking away."

" We heard him say, She is just a friend."

We all looked at each other. Especially Blade. He glared at Jammer.

"No, I am not lying."

" No, I am not sleeping with her."

" Her name?"

" Her name is Raylan."

" How long have I known her?"

" A few months."

" Why do you want to talk to her?"

" You don't need to talk to her Rachel."

" I watched as Raylan walked over to Jammer."

"Who are you talking to Jammer?"

" No body Raylan."

" Well, tell her to stop calling my boyfriend and hang up on her."

" I can't do that Raylan?"

" Why not?"

" I just can't."

" What is she to you Jammer?"

" Is she the reason you are holding back on claiming me?"

"She is my girlfriend."

" We are claiming each other in two months."

" You are a lying cheating son of a bitch."

We watched as she walked to Jammers RV and walked out carrying a suitcase. She walked over and put her suitcase in Blades camper.

"She then walked over and told Jammer, I will have William take me to your club to pack my things and get my car."

" Stay away from me Jammer."

She then walked over and dragged her chair over an sat next to William.

"Can I ride behind you home William?"

" Sure,"

" Will you drop me off at Jammers club so I can get my things and car?"

" I can do that Raylan."

" Cheating son of a bitch."

" I just don't get it."

" Why do men do that to women?"

Just then we heard Jammer telling Rachel he will meet her at his club and they can talk then. "

Be there Rachel."

" We heard her yell, I will be there alright you lying, cheating bastard."

" I will be there to throw your engagement ring in your face."

"Shit is about to hit the fan when they get back to their clubhouse."

" He deserves it Raylan said."

" He is walking this way."

" Jammer stay the hell away from me."

" Raylan, I am sorry I didn't tell you about her."

" No, you thought you would have your cake and eat it to."

" Go to hell Jammer."

"I refuse to let a man use me, lie to me and cheat not only on me but his girlfriend who is supposed to claim in two months."

Jammer sighed and walked back to his RV. He got busted and he doesn't like it.

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