You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 53: William

I had talked to Jammers VP, and he told me that Jammer does love Raylan but his relationship was complicated. Rachel and Jammer grew up together. Their parents are best friends. They arrange the marriage to take place between Rachel and Jammer.

Jammer went to the motel to tell Rachel that he found the woman he wants to marry and claim. But he didn't get to tell her because their parents were there. Rachel and Jammer decided that if either one of the found the person they loved they would break the engagement.

He and Rachel have never had sex. They both agreed to wait just incase they found the one for them. He wants to claim Raylan but he can't do that until he tells Rachel. He is not cheating on either one of them.

That is why Rachel has never been at the clubhouse before. They are not really together. They have to see each other once a month. They agreed to do that to please their parents. I looked up to see Jammer walk out of his RV with a bottle of whiskey.

He sat down in a chair near the door. He was drunk. I have never seen Jammer drunk. One of his members went over to talk to him.

"To hell with this Jammer said throwing the bottle down."

"Raylan get over here."

" No,"

" Either you come to me or I will come to you."

" I am not fucking Rachel, Raylan."

" I don't even love her."

" I love you."

" It was an arranged marriage between our parents."

" We are like brother and sister."

" We agreed if either of us found the one person we love and want to claim we would break off the engagement."

"I want to claim you Raylan."

" Sure you do Jammer."

" I will prove it."

" I Jammer fell in love with you the day you walked into Snakes MC. You had a laugh that drew every single man's attentions to you including me. I wanted to claim you right there and then. I want to claim you right now. I want to have children with you, to grow old with you. I Jammer claim you Raylan as my woman and wife."

I too fell in love with you when I looked across the table into your eyes. I feel safe with you Jammer. I want to have your children and grow old with you. I accept your claim to be your wife and woman."

I saw the property cut being held out to Jammer. He walked behind her and placed the cut on Raylan.

"I now claim Jammer and Raylan husband and wife."

" You can kiss your bride Jammer."

" Now, I have to make a phone call."

" Rachele."

" I have just claimed Raylan as my wife."

" You are now free to be with your boyfriend."

" Good luck telling your parents."

" Good luck to you to Jammer. I am happy for you."

Now, lets celebrate. We all sat around the fire and congratulated Jammer and Raylan.

"Raylan you might want to move your stuff out of our RV and back to Jammers."

" Prospect. Go get my suitcase out of Blades RV and put it back in Jammers."

" I don't know about you all. But I am going to bed. I am tired."

I will come in soon Blade said looking at me. I kissed him and walked to the RV. I showered and put on shorts and a tee-shirt. I was asleep the minute my head hit the pillow. I didn't even hear Blade come to bed.

I woke to the alarm going off. I stretched and moaned.

"We have to get ready to leave Grace."

" I don't want to get up."

I kissed her.

"But we have to."

" We need to eat breakfast and let the members close the RV and get ready to drive it home."

I rolled over and sat up.

I walked to the bathroom and showered before putting on clean underwear, my bra, Jeans, Shirt, socks and boots. I braided my hair and put my property cut on. I walked our of the RV with Blade and we went to the restaurant to eat breakfast. The club members had the RV, and campers lined up and the bikes are also lined up to leave.

Robert stopped by and Jammer and Blade paid them for next year for these spots.

"He hugged me and I thanked him for such a beautiful claiming and wedding."

I looked up to see Sara and the Undertaker walk over. Sara hugged me and thanked me for making the Undertakers day.

I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"You will always be my favorite wrestler."

" I better be young lady."

" After all you are now my adopted daughter."

" I will see you again won't we Sara?"

" Yes, we will."

" Maybe you can come and watch his wrestle in person."

" I would love that."

" Good, next time we are in your town I expect Blade to bring you."

" I will. Grace would kill me if I don't."

"Well, you all drive safe."

" You too."

We got on the bikes and we all drove out of the campground. This has been the best week I had in a long time. Both Raylan and I are claimed and married. At least I am married legally. I wrapped my arms around my man and kissed his neck.

"Let's go home."

A few hours later we all pulled over and walked into Bob Evans. After eating we were on the road again. We beeped good by to Jammer and Raylan as they took the exist to take them to his clubhouse. An hour later we drove into the compound. Blade lifted me down from the bike and held my hand as we walked into the clubhouse.

"I need a cup of coffee bad."

As we sat down my cup of coffee was put in front of me. I grabbed the new prospect and kissed him.

"Shit he said looking at Blade."

Blade and the members started laughing.

"Get used to it prospect."

" When she is craving her coffee whoever brings it she will kiss."

" It doesn't mean anything."

" And Blade won't kill you."

The prospect walked away with a very red face.

"Prospect don't tell us you have never kissed a woman before."

" I have never had a girlfriend let alone kissed a woman."

" She kissed me."

" That is true. But your face is as red as a tomato."

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