You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 54: Luna Visits The Thunder MC

I was in our bedroom when a prospect knocked at the door.

"I opened the door and he said Miss. Grace there is a woman down stairs and wants to talk to you."

" She is crying."

I walked out and followed him down the hallway. As I entered the bar I saw Luna sitting at a table crying. I also saw that it bothered some of the members.

"Luna, has something happened?"

" Oh, Grace."

" I need someone to talk to and I thought about you."

" What is wrong."

" I have been thinking about Snake."

" I was so angry about what he had done to you."

" I was remembering everything he said to me."

" Then I find out he raped you."

" How can I love someone that would do all those things?"

"Luna we both know how manipulative Snake was."

" He is such a good lier."

" He said he loved me."

" But if he loved me why did he claim and marry you?"

" He did that for revenge."

" He wanted to keep me away from Blade."

" Grace I am scared."

" What are you scared of Luna?"

"I am scared that now Snake will come after me."

" I don't want to see him or talk to him."

" I told him to stay away"

" Then a week ago I started to get these letters."

I took the letters from her and started to read them. I know Snakes writing and this not his writing.

"Luna this is not Snakes writing."

"Grace someone has been following me they followed me here."

" Did you show these to Renegade?"

" No."

" Stay here."

" I walked over and told a prospect to get Bladee and William."

A few minutes later they walked in. I told them what Luna said and showed them the letters.

William walked over to a few members and told them to look around and see they can find anyone watching the club. They came back 20 minutes later.

"There is someone up in the trees in the back watching the clubhouse."

" Go get that bastard and bring him here."

"Luna it is going to be alright."

" We won't let anything happen to you."

Just then the members dragged a man into the club. They threw him on the ground.

"Who are you and why are you watching my club?"

"I am not watching your club."

" I am watching her."

" Why?"

" I can't say."

" If I were you I would tell me or I will kick the shit out of you."

" My boss wants her."

" He says she is beautiful and he has to have her but he can't get within five feet of her."

"Who is your boss?"

" I can't tell you that."

" Well dumbass you told us what MC you are from."

" The Panther MC."

" I take it your boss is either the president or the VP."

" Could be the enforcer."

" We need to contact her brother."

" He doesn't know."

" I will call him William said walking to the office."

"Hello is Renegade there?"

" This is Renegade."

" Renegade this is William the VP of the Thunder MC."

" Your sister came here crying to talk to Grace."

" She is being followed and she has received threatening letters."

" We also found one of the men following her."

" He is from the Panther MC and he said his boss wants Luna."

"He won't say who is boss is."

" We thought you should know that she is here."

" I will let Blade know you are on your way."

I walked out and told Blade that Renegade is on his way.

"Her brother is on his way here."

" You better have answers to his questions."

" Renegade won't take those threats to his sister very well."

"What threats."

" We have not threatened Luna."

" My boss would never hurt one hair on her head."

" He loves her."

" She just won't give him a chance to get to know her."

" Not me you have to tell that to. It is Renegade."

"You see her brother is very protective of his sister."

" He does not like her being threatened, let alone being followed."

I looked over and saw that Grace had calmed Luna down.

"But we did not threaten her."

" I don't care if you threatened her or not. She did not like being followed."

"And if you don't tell us who it is that wants Luna, Renegade will beat it out of you."

" It's me that wants Luna."

" We turned and saw the president of the Phantom, his VP, and his enforcer standing by the door."

" And I did not threaten Luna."

" I would never threaten her."

"Blade you tell that to her brother."

" And let me tell you I for one am sick and tired of women being threatened."

Just then Renegade walked in.

"Thanks for calling me Blade."

" Now, let me see those letters."

" She thought it was Snake."

" But Grace said that is not Snakes writing."

" Besides he is being kept at his aunt Linda's MC."

"There is no way he can get any letters out."

" And he would not threaten Luna either."

" Gossip says he loves her."

" Just like he said he loved Grace?"

" Grace was a revenge."

" He knew we loved each other. He made sure to keep me away from her. He blame me for being born."

"That makes sense in a way but in the end it ruined him."

" Yes, it did."

" He knew he made a mistake when he claimed her and married her."

" He thought he would be able to divorce when he wanted."

" He did not bet on her being smarter than him. Or knowing the laws and rules backwards and forwards."

"She had him by the balls."

" What made her divorce him was the murder of their daughter."

" She blamed him and she was right."

" If he had not fucked her cousin Tana and got her pregnant Angel would still be alive."

" He also thought that Tana and I were lovers."

" We weren't."

" I let him think we were."

"I knew eventually everything would come back and bite him in the ass, which it did."

" It is someone else threatening Luna."

" Probably another one of his women who thought he would claim her after Grace was gone. But it didn't happen."

" They must have found out that Snake loves Luna and he would claim her in a heartbeat."

" They want her out of the way."

"I don't love Snake."

" I would not accept his claim anyway."

" Why not?"

" I love someone else."

" I saw her look over at Savage."

" I love Savage."

" Why didn't you tell me Luna?"

"Because you and Savage's club are not allies."

"I don't care about that Luna."

" You are my sister. I want you to be happy."

" If Savage makes you happy I am fine with that."

We watched as she ran over and hugged Renegade. Then she jumped into Savages arms.

"He doesn't care Savage."

"We can be together after all."

I watched as Renegade glared at Savage.

"Not until the day he claims you Luna."

" Savage, when can you claim me?"

" Renegade you bring your club members and Luna to my club this weekend for a BBQ and I will claim her then."

" Until then keep her safe."

" And Luna no more leaving your brothers club unescorted."

" Fine."

" I want you safe baby."

"I promise not to leave the clubhouse."

" At least not willingly without an escort."

" Good."

" Now, that is settled we will be heading home."

" You take care of my girl Renegade."

" I always do."

We watched as they walked out the door.

"Good by Luna, Renegade."

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