You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 55: Looks Like Snake Loses

I looked at Blade and laughed.

"Looks like Snake loses another woman."

" And another claiming will be done."

" She will be treated right by Savage."

" Yes, she will."

" Now how about you and I head to town to Frisch's Big Boy?"

" I would love to."

I walked out the door and Blade lifted me onto this bike. We drove into the parking lot and he lifted down.

As we walked in I noticed some women looking Blade up and down. I smiled over at him.

"Baby you are being looked at like you are desert."

" Not interested."

" I have my wife and she is all I need."

We followed the server to a table in the corner. We placed our order and we talked about the BBQ we are planning to take place in two weeks.

Just as our food was placed in front of me one of the women walked over and laid her phone number on the table.

"If you ever get tired of the little girl and want a real woman call me."

" No thanks lady."

" Take your phone number back."

" This little girl is my wife."

" I don't need another woman. She takes care of me quite well."

"And lady, you might want to be careful who you try to hand your phone number too."

" You might just give it to a man who will rape you and sale you into sex slavery."

" Now have a nice day."

We saw the anger on her face.

"Oh, and lady. You are not my type."

" She is however. I have loved this woman since we were in high school."

" Good day."

I laughed as the woman walked away. I saw the woman with her give us a thumbs up as they walked away.

"Does that happen to you often Blade?"

" All the time."

" Even when I was single."

" But then I would tell them I have a woman I am engaged to."

" In my mind we have been engaged since high school."

" I was waiting for you to make up your mind to when you would agree to let me claim you."

"Smart move lover boy."

" I am your lover boy."

" Yes, you are."

" And you will stay mine forever."

" You got that one right baby." We finished eating and Blade paid for the meal. As we walked to the front I saw another MC sitting in the front. The president looked me up and down and smiled. I looked away showing no emotions. Not interested buddy.

I continued to watch her walk away from me.

"She belongs to the president of the Thunder MC. That is Blades wife."

" Lucky son of a bitch."

" You do know who she is don't you Beast?"

" yes, Blades wife and Snakes ex-wife."

" That was her all right."

" She danced at Snakes club for revenge."

" She sure did."

I sighed. I wonder when I will find the woman for me. I have looked for 10 years. I am 27 years old now. She was the one that got married at Sturgis. I remember now. That wedding dress was beautiful.

"She sure is shorter up close."

" That she is." I watched as Blade lifted her onto the back of his bike. Then he kissed her.

Oh well. Wishful thinking. She will never be mine and I know that, no matter how much I wish she was. We finished eating and paid the bill. We walked to our bikes and started them before pulling out onto the road. We headed to Dayton, ohio to my brothers clubhouse.

Back at the Thunder MC Grace dragged Blade to their bedroom where she seduced him. They were in their room for a few hours. After she was satisfied she closed her eyes and fell asleep. I looked down at my woman and smiled. She will continue to surprise me until the day I day.

The alarm went off and we got up showered and dressed.

"I have to go and buy a small gift for the new prospect."

" It is his birthday today. I just don't know him that well."

" What does he like, where did he come from, does he have family."

" Snoop in his bedroom. I will keep him busy in the garage until lunch."

"You are a wonderful man and I love you."

We ate breakfast and I watched as Blade took the prospect to the garage. I walked down the hall to his bedroom and opened the door. I walked and started looking through his side table and then his closet.

I lifted his mattress and found the bible. I smiled. He is a christian. I knew what to get him. I walked out of his room and down the hall. I went to my bedroom and opened my laptop to christian jewelry for men.

I called the jewelry store and ordered a black heart with a silver cross in the front and the engraving of the armor of god. I told them I would pick it up in an hour and pay for it then. I told her to put it in a nice gift box and wrap it.

I then made the birthday cake and put it in the refrigerator. After that I got into my car and drove to town. As I walked out of the jewelry store I saw that biker again. This time he was riding down the street with Savage.

I walked over and got into my car and drove back to the clubhouse. I carried the gift inside and put it behind the bar. I then walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee before walking over to sit at the VIP table. I turned on the big TV and started watching Jerry Springer.

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