You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 56: Aunt Linda

I looked over at my cell phone to see Snakes, Aunt Linda was calling me.

"Hello, Linda what can I do for you?"

" I think you should now that Snake is not crazy."

" Why makes you say that?"

" He was telling one of my guards about Renegades sister Luna."

" What about her?"

"He saw you getting claimed and married and he said something along the lines that, He realized that the woman he thought he could keep would have nothing to do with him now."

" He said it was Renegades, sister."

" That he fell in love with her the the first time he went to Renegades clubhouse."

" That after finding out he was claimed and married she told him to go straight to hell."

"Snake said that Luna told him that she would not let him touch her with a 10 foot pole after hearing everything I did to you."

" Snake said that he did not know that Luna even knew you."

" But she did."

" Then Snake said that revenge caused him more than it was worth."

"Thought you should know that."

" So you are sure that his being in love with Luna was not his imagination."

" I am sure."

" But is it his imagination that she loved him?"

" That I don't know."

" But I know he played everyone."

"I just want you to know he is not leaving my club."

" At least not for a very long time."

" Thank you, Linda."

" No problem Grace."

" You have a happy life with Blade."

" Thank you, Linda."

" I am very happy with Blade."

"Oh, and Linda let Snake know that Luna is being claimed by Savage of the Phantom MC."

" This weekend."

" So he lost her too if he really loved her."

" I will be very happy to give him that news."

" Goodbye Grace."

" Good bye Linda."

I looked up as Cookie walked out of the kitchen.

"Miss Grace it is time for dinner and the boys have not come in yet."

" Will you chase them all down?"

" I grinned and said I sure will."

" I walked out of the door and rung the bell."

I then walked over to the garage and into the office.

"Grace are you alright a member asked?"

" Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

" No reason."

" Have you guys looked at the clock?"

" No."

" Well Cookie said dinner was ready."

" I will clean up if you want to let Blade know. He is in his office."

I walked to the office and opened the door. I saw the man from the restaurant and the other one from town sitting with a woman between them. I saw the anger on Blades face.

"Grace what do you want."

" He asked in anger."

" Cookie said it was time to eat."

I turned to walk out the door.

"Who is that woman."

" She is my wife."

I shut the door and looked at the member.

"What is that all about?"

" That bitch swears up and down that Blade had sex with her in Sturgis."

" We all know that is not true."

" Yes, we do."

" What is she up to?"

" I don't know but I have an idea."

I bet she saw him when you and the girls went to the RV and he would have nothing to do with her.

"I would bet she had sex with a biker got pregnant and now she wants Blade to take the blame for it and claim her."

"If she was there she would have known he not only claimed me but married me legally."

" Bet she thinks he will divorce you or you will divorce him."

" That is not going to happen."

" No way would Blade wait all these years for me and then cheat on me."

" He would never do that Grace."

"Well get cleaned up and come and eat supper."

" I am on it Grace."

" I was hurt though that Blade would talk to me like that."

" I know he didn't have sex with her."

" He was either with me or the guys."

I walked into the club and into the kitchen. I was quiet and the members were concerned.

We heard Blade walk into the kitchen followed by the two men and that woman.

"Listen up."

" At Sturgis who was I with?"

" Most of the time with Grace, Jammer, Raylan, Hawk and William."

" When you were not with Grace it was one time and you were with all the men."

"Have any of you seen me with this woman?"

" Nope never seen her before in our life."

" Wait, I did see her once."

" She was with Max."

" I saw her walking out of his RV early in the morning."

" Now tell me I fucked you and I am your babies daddy."

" I would never cheat on Grace."

"I waited to many years for her and I would never take the chance of losing her."

" Go find Max because I don't know you lady."

" I will ask you this. Are you willing to take a lie detector test because I am."

"No, that's what I thought."

" I don't know what kind of game you three are playing but we arn't biting."

" So get the fuck out of my territory."

We watched as they turned and walked out of the club.

I still was not talking to Blade. He hurt me by yelling at me. I didn't look at him as he sat down. I finished eating and rinsed my plate off and put it in the dishwasher. I took the cake out of the refrigerator.

"Prospect when you all come out to the bar bring the ice cream, paper plates, spoons and forks."

I carried the cake and sat it on the bar. I sat down and turned the TV on. Everyone watched as I walked out of the kitchen and then over at Blade.

"What the hell is going on between them."

As soon as everyone had the cake and ice cream I called the prospect up and handed him his gift.

"Happy birthday Prospect."

He opened the gift and looked at me.

"This is beautiful. Thank you, Grace."

" You are welcome prospect."

I walked over and sat down next to Blade.

" Are you mad at me Grace?"

I looked at Blade and said.

"Never yell at me like that again."

I stood up and walked down the hall to our bedroom. I walked in and shut the door.

"What is she talking about?"

" I didn't yell at her."

" Blade, you not only yelled at her, you treated her like she was just another woman and not your wife."

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