You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 57; Blade Messed up

"What are you talking about Lane?"

" She went in to tell you Cookie said supper was ready and You said, what do you want Grace?"

" Not, do you need something Grace?"

" You talked to her like she had no right to go to your office."

" You hurt her feelings and in front of two presidents and that bitch."

"You treated her like she was nothing."

" That was not right Blade."

" It doesn't matter how mad you were at that bitch for lying to you."

" Instead you should have asked her nicely what she needed and introduced her as your wife."

" You did neither."

"So I would guess you hurt her feelings and made her feel as if she had no right to go to your office."

" I wouldn't talk to you either if I was her."

" From what I understand Snake treated her just as bad if not worse."

I decided to take a shower and go to bed. I cried myself to sleep that night. It hurt me that he treated me like a nobody. I slept on the edge of the bed. I didn't want him to touch me.

I sighed and walked to our room. I opened the door and found her sleeping on the edge of the bed. I really did hurt her. I didn't mean to. I noticed tear stains on her cheeks. I showered and put on short before climbing into bed.

The next morning I noticed I did not feel her weight on me. I looked over and saw her side of the bed empty. I got up and dressed and walked to the kitchen. She was not there either.

"Has anyone seen Grace?"

My club members glared at me.

"No we have not."

" She didn't come in for breakfast."

" A prospect walked in and asked what was wrong with Grace."

" What do you mean?"

" She left this note for me to give to you Blade and she had another prospect take her to the airport."

"She is going to visit her business in California, New York, and Arizona."

" She will be back in five days."

I decided to visit my companies face to face instead of Zooming them. When I arrived at each one they thought someone was in trouble. It felt good to sit behind my desk in my own offices.

I met with the CEO's and discussed things that needed to be discussed. I was there for one day. I arrived back in town and got a taxi to take me back to the clubhouse. When I arrived I saw that Blade was working in the garage.

I would have normally went to see him but I was still hurt about how he talked to me. I didn't go near the garage. It is not my place to be there apparently. I carried my suitcase into the clubhouse and took it to our bedroom.

I took a shower and went to the kitchen. Instead of sitting at the VIP table I drank my coffee in the kitchen. I also was reading some of the company reports. I made notes to question some of what I read at the next meeting.

I thanked Cookie for the apple pie and pored me another cup of coffee before carrying it to our bedroom. I shut the door and sat down in the rocking chair. I put the report in my briefcase and turned the TV on.

I heard Blade walk into the room but I didn't say anything to him. When he walked into the bathroom I walked to the kitchen and made a plate and poured a glass of milk before I sat down.

I noticed the club members looking at me. I didn't say anything. I ate the food and drank my milk before I rinsed everything and put it in the dish washer.

I walked out of the back door and went to sit down on the swing. I didn't say anything as Cookie walked over and sat down.

"Grace I know your feelings are hurt."

" He should not have yelled at you like he did."

"I also know that you think he doesn't love you as much as you thought he did."

" Cookie, I don't have anything to say."

" I just won't go near his garage again."

" I will take care of my business and leave him manage his."

"Just because some bitch try to say he was the father of his kid he didn't have to treat me like shit."

" I'm sorry but I refuse to live like that again."

" I won't let him make me feel unwanted."

" I will stay out of his way before I let him talk like that to me again."

"If he is sorry he married me then he should tell me he made a mistake after all."

" I will give him the divorce if that is what he wants."

" I am going to take a walk. I will be back in a little bit."

I looked at her shocked. She can't believe that Blade thinks he made a mistake in claiming her and marrying her. But she does. I saw the tears flow down her cheek. She doesn't think I did. But I saw them.

She lost her confidence. Ever since that night.

"She stopped and said, Cookie, if he wants me to leave I will go back to my house."

" All he has to do is tell me."

" I won't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do."

"If he wants the divorce I won't fight him."

" But, I also can't stop loving him even if he thinks he made a mistake."

I watched her walk toward the woods. I walked back into my kitchen and saw William looking out the window.

"What did she say Cookie?"

" She thinks that Blade doesn't love her anymore."

" She said if he feels he made a mistake in claiming her and marrying her she wont' fight him if he wants a divorce."

"She also said if Blade doesn't want her here she will leave and go back to her house."

"You are kidding me?"

" Please tell me she doesn't think he stopped loving her?"

" That is what she thinks."

" William she is giving up."

" She acts like someone who has lost the most important thing to her."

I sat by the creek and cried. I won't let any of them see me cry. I washed my face and walked back to the clubhouse. I saw Hawks bike out front. I walked into the back door and made a fresh pot of coffee. I didn't bother turning the lights on. I poured me a cup and sat at the table.

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