You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 59: Raylan Is Worried

"Jammer Blade did something to make Raylan go into hiding. I don't what he did but she is not answering her cell phone or the house phone."

" Call Rain and found out what is going on."

I dialed Rain's phone.

"Rain what is going on with Grace?"

I have to take this I will be right back.

"I told her how Blade just yelled at Grace and she walked away."

" I also told her what happend a week ago."

" Now Grace thinks that Blade doesn't love her anymore and the he made a mistake in marrying her."

" That he wants a divorce."

" Blade would not do that."

" I know that and you know that but Grace doesn't."

"She believes that he doesn't care about her like he thought he did."

" Well she called me and told me not to worry about her that she would not be on her cell phone or landline."

" That she need to be alone for awhile."

" What the hell does she mean by that Raylan?"

"That she has disappeared."

" You know the only way she gets angry is if she is lied to or cheated on."

" Other than that she doesn't like conflict."

" She loves Blade but if he wants a divorce she will not fight him."

" She will give him what he wants."

"Grace sounded like she has just given up."

" I don't know where she is."

" She is here at the club."

" No she isn't."

" She said she needs time to think. She could be anywhere."

" Rain what if she hurts herself thinking that Blade stopped loving her?"

"This is not like what Snake did to her. This is different."

" She sounded like she is giving up."

" She is hurting Rain."

" I will find out what I can and call you later."

" I walked back in and told Blade I was going to go talk to Grace."

I walked down the hallway and knocked on the bedroom door. I opened the door and found the room empty. She was not there.

"I walked back to the bar and said she is not in her room."

" I asked a prospect to see if her car was here."

I looked up as the prospect walked to the table.

"Her car is gone."

" Fuck I called Raylan. She is not here. Her car is gone."

" I will go to the house and see if she is there."

Jammer and I rode to the house. The lights were off. I unlocked the doors and walked in I searched the house and found her cell phone laying on the small table in bedroom with the battery out and all the phones in the house unplugged.

We found her car in the garage and the electric off. Where could she have gone without her car? I called Rain and told her what we found. We will walk along the beach to see if we find her. We did not see Grace on the beach either.

"Rain she is nowhere to be found."

" She went underground. We might not see her for months."

" You don't think she had Uncle Jerry take her back to that island do you?"

" I doubt it. Hawk would know if she did."

" You are right. He would."

" Thanks Raylan. All we can do is wait for her to resurface."

"Grace is gone."

" What do you mean gone?"

" She drove to the house and took the battery out of her cell phone and laid it on the table in her bedroom."

" She unplugged all the phones in the house, and her car is in the garage. The electricity to the garage is off."

"Grace is only a fighter when someone lies to her, cheats on her, or her family is in danger."

" Anything other than that and her feelings get hurt pretty easy."

" She is not here in the club. She has gone what we call underground."

"What the hell does that mean?"

" She will resurface when she thinks that everyone has forgotten about her."

" She is giving you time to divorce her because she thinks that you decided you made a mistake in marrying her."

" Why the hell would she thank that?"

"Apparently you yelled at her in the garage in front of two presidents and some woman."

" You didn't introduce her as your wife."

" And you made her feel as if she did not belong in the garage."

" Then she came down here to talk to you and you treated her like shit. So she left."

"I almost forgot."

" I threw a pregnancy test box at him."

" What is this. A test she has not taken yet."

" She might be pregnant."

" She won't show herself for months."

" Like I said. She is giving you the chance to get out of the marriage."

" She thinks you stopped loving her."

"I didn't stop loving Grace."

" I am just upset with her."

" And you have a good way of showing it."

" You ignored her when she came home."

" If I was gone a week on business and just got home Hawk would have stopped what he was doing to come and kiss me and tell me he missed me."

" But you didn't even do that did you Blade?"

"What is she supposed to think?"

" You even walked right past her and took a shower."

" You didn't stop to talk to her."

" This is on you Blade."

" She may still love you but she won't stand in your way if you don't want her anymore."

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