You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 60: Two weeks Later

I decided to go back to the club today. I was not pregnant. I walked upstairs and put the battery back in my phone. I walked out to the garage and turned the electric on. I got into my car and backed out of the garage.

I arrived back at the club to find that Blade was not there. When I walked in I saw Cookie in the kitchen.

"Hello Cookie."

" Grace you are back. Of course I am back."

" I just need some time alone."

" Where is everyone?"

" Looking for you."

" Why?"

" You just disappeared."

"I'm sorry about that Cookie."

" I didn't mean to worry everyone."

" I am going to our room and shower. I will be back down soon."

I showered and put on jeans, a tee short and sandals before walking back to the bar. I was drinking coffee when I heard the roar of bikes.

"They are back Cookie."

"I hear them."

I was watching "Dead files' when they walked in. They saw me and yelled.

"That I had them all worried."

" I am fine."

" I just needed time alone."

" Good to have you back Grace."

" Blade has been difficult to live with."

" I doubt that seeing that he didn't even want to talk to me before I left."

I looked up and saw Blade staring at me. He stormed over to the table and pulled my up from the seat and dragged me down the hallway.

"You and I need to talk."

" About what Blade?"

" I think you made it plain that I was a mistake."

He dragged me to the bedroom and slammed the door locking it.

"What the hell are you talking about Grace?"

" I do believe you made it plain I was not supposed to be in the garage."

" And you didn't introduce me as your wife that day."

" Then when I asked you to talk to me before I left is you asked what I wanted."

"So, if figured you had decided you made a mistake in marrying me."

" Let's get one thing straight Grace."

" I did not make a mistake in marrying you."

" And I should never have yelled at you."

" I'm sorry I made you feel that way."

He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock.

"Does this feel like I made a mistake in marrying you Grace."

" Because I know that I did not make a mistake."

" I love you Grace and so help me god if you ever disappear on me like that again I will tan your ass."

" Even though I don't hit women. I will make an exception if you do it again."

"Let go of me Blade."

" Never, He grabbed me and started kissing me." He soon had me moaning and I was undressed before I knew it. He had me screaming his name and he made love to me for hours.

"Does this feel like I made a mistake Grace?"

"No, Blade."

" Grace, I love you."

" I was angry that bitch and those two presidents were trying to set me up."

" But Blade I know you didn't cheat on me."

" How could you?"

" If I was not with you, Hawk was."

" God Grace I thought someone took you when I couldn't find you."

"Please do not ever do that again."

" I will try never to yell at you again."

" If I do feel free to throw something at me."

" Don't leave me again Grace."

We made love four more times before taking a shower.

"And don't you keep secrets from me."

"Instead of yelling at me that day you should have asked me to come in and shut the door."

" I should have been able to confront that bitch, just as much as you did."

"You are right."

" You did have the right to do that. Blade, I know who you were with and it sure was not her."

" I was in bed with you. I was the one you were making love to. I also know now that I will always be the one beside you."

"It just hurt when you yelled at me."

"It made me feel as if you had decided you made a mistake in marrying and claiming me."

" You made me feel like what was going on did not involve me. It did. I am your wife. I should be able to defend my own husband."

"Blade if you never had a real girlfriend or claimed another woman all those years do you think I would believe her."

" Believe that you snuck away and cheated on me?"

" I would not believe that."

" But after everything that has happened to me already could I believe you changed your mind about us?"

" Yes, that I could believe."

"Baby I am sorry that I made you feel that way."

" I did not change my mind about marrying you."

" I love you Grace."

" I would never regret claiming you or marrying you. Never."

" I hated that you would not talk to me. I tried but you acted as if you didn't want me near you."

"I really am sorry Grace."

" I thought you regretted marrying me."

" Blade I do not regret marrying you."

" You told Cookie you would not fight a divorce."

" Blade I want you to be happy and if you are not happy being with me then I would let you go even though I love you."

"I am glad you still love me Grace."

" Just remember that my thoughts count too."

" And I know you are not going to cheat on me."

" I am glad you know that. Blade if you were going to cheat, you would never have remained single for so long."

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