You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 62: The Woman Wakes Up

The doctor walked out and told us the woman was awake.

We walked into the room and she said my name.

"Grace it is you."

" I found you."

" How do you know me?"

" Mom always told us about you."

" How she wanted to keep you but with her being married to a biker that life style was not for a young girl."

"Right, but she continued to have kids and kept them."

" Grace, mom said you were developing faster than you should for your age."

" She noticed several of the bikers watching you and she wanted to keep you safe."

"So you knew about me all along and never tried to find me?"

" I found you when I saw your wedding on TV."

" Where did you come from?"

" The Iron Eagle MC."

" How did you get with them?"

" Mom was once married to their VP."

" She divorced him."

" The members wanted me to stay she said no."

" They kidnapped me one day when I was walking home from school."

"So how did you get away."

" I was locked in the basement and heard them talking about kidnapping you."

" Their president Dreamer wants you for himself."

" I had to find you and warn you."

" I did not want what they did to me to do to you."

" He is a bad man Grace."

" He is handsome but he is evil."

"I am Blade."

" I know, I saw you marry Grace."

" You never told us your name."

" I Laura. I am the oldest sister after Kelly."

" So, where are our other sisters?"

" Married to other bikers."

" They live in Arizona, Dayton, Ohio, Lima, ohio, and Cincinnati."

"Where did you come from?"

" I came from Fort Wayne. I got rides from truck drivers, and three or four bikers."

" But they found me outside of town."

" I ran through the woods keeping the road in sight."

" I didn't know it but I must have ran right past your club."

"I heard a prospect call my name."

" Blade you might want to come out here."

" I walked out the door and saw the president and some of the members from the Iron Eagle MC."

" I folded my arms and leaned against the post."

"What can I do for you boys?"

" You can give Laura back to us?"

" And why would I want to do that?"

" She belongs to our club."

" Is that so."

" Well, since you seem to want to kidnap my wife for yourself, and Laura happens to be my sister in law. I can't do that."

"Especially since she is not a member of you club."

" And let me tell you this Dreamer."

" Is you so much as look at my wife, or think you can take my wife best think again."

" You see every one of my club members and prospects care an awful lot for Grace."

" Not to mention her best friend and his MC. Hawk will kill you just as look at you."

"Don't forget your brother Max and his MC."

" That's right."

" That used to he Snakes MC until Max became the president."

" So it would be in your best interest to go back to where you came from."

"And if you took my wife."

" I would ask no questions."

" I would kill you on sight. And if you even harmed her in any way. We have ways to make you pay and you would suffer for it."

" This is your first and only warning. Leave my territory, for get my wife and Laura and don't even look back."

I watched Dreamers face.

"He knew I meant what I said."

" I also know he is scared of me."

" Good. He needs to be very scared."

I watched as they started their bikes and left my club.

"Leland call Max and Hawk and let them them know what happened."

" Tell them to watch the women in there club."

"I don't trust that bastard."

" Neither do I."

" I think we should make sure the gates are locked and guards are placed around the territory."

" So do I."

" Get it done."

I turned and walked back into the clubhouse and sat down.

"Everything all right Blade?"

" No. Dreamer was here he thought we would just hand Laura over to them."

" I threatened him."

" Told him if he even tried to take you I would kill him."

" I think he will find somewhere to hold up and try and take you and Laura."

"Grace don't leave the clubhouse until we are sure they are out of our territory."

" I don't trust them."

" Alright. I won't go to town. We can send one of the prospects. That is a good idea."

My gut tells me that Dreamer wants Grace more than he wants Laura. I will not let him take her. I stood up and walked over to New Yorker.

"Come with me."

We walked into my office and sat down.

"New Yorker do we still have the iron grills for the windows in that garage at the end of the property?"

"Yes, why."

" I want you to get some members and have them put on the windows."

" I don't trust Dreamer."

" I think he wants Grace more than he wants Laura."

" I don't want them to be able to get into the windows."

" And the grates for the doors. Put them up as well."

"The next then is to make sure all the cameras are in working order."

" I want this property watched at all times."

" Will do Blade."

" No one is taking Grace from us."

" And if they try we will kill them."

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