You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 63: Dreamer

We pulled off the road about 10 miles from Blade's clubhouse.

"Dreamer what do you know about Blade?"

" I know he has friends in high and low places."

" He is ex-military. And very dangerous."

" Blade has been in love with his wife since high school."

" He is a very dangerous man when provoked."

"The last person who touched his wife got a good beating."

" He almost killed him."

" And if you are thinking about taking her you might want to think twice about that."

" He won't stop hunting us down to get her back and he would kill you if you put one hand on her."

"As for his club members and prospects."

" Every one of them are also exmilitary and very dangerous."

" I saw Leland standing next to Blade."

" That man looks like an innocent boy"

". Let me tell you that he isn't."

" I served with him"

"I saw him cut a mans throat for hitting a woman and he didn't even blink."

" He was called death by the men we served with."

" He enjoys killing."

" He was called in to get information needed."

" That man can skin a man and keep him alive for weeks."

"If Leland has taken a liking to Blade's wife you will die no questions asked if you try and take her."

" I can tell you about a few of Blades other members."

" He has surrounded himself with men he can trust.
And those men are men you do not want to meet in the dark."

"And two to one I will bet that those men guard her."

" They take that seriously."

" And if they take care of her it means they care deeply for her."

" So if I were you. I would just ride on down the road and forget all about Laura and her sister."

I watched as Dreamer looked at the other members sitting down.

"What do you think boys?"

Another member looked at Dreamer.

"I too have seen a few men I recognised and they recognized me as well."

"They gave me that stare and I know that they will not hesitate to kill us."

" I recognized one that we called Ghost."

" He can get in and out of any building without you even knowing he is there."

" He can be standing right behind you and you would not know it. That is until he cut your throat."

"He is a man you hired to rescue women and kids."

" He does what most men can't do."

" Even me."

" He once went right into the enemy's camp and killed 20 men in one night."

" He is one I even fear."

" Now do you see what you are up against?"

"I guess if I was smart I would just take us back to our club."

" But I want Blades wife."

Just then they were circled by every member of Blades club they just talked about. And the knife came from nowhere and was held against Dreamers throat.

"Hello boys."

" Good to see you again."

" And it is good that you all remember our reputation."

" Want to know why we are here?"

" And before you ask Blade does not know we are here."

I pushed the knife against that bastards throat.

"We all heard about Miss Grace's sister and what you did to her. If you think we will let you take Miss Grace you better think more than twice."

" Ghost here wants to just cut your throat and be done with it."

"You see, not only does Blade love Miss Grace, we all love her."

" She treats us like human beings. Like we are her brothers."

" We would not like it if someone took her from us."

" And if that did happen. We would find you."

" We enjoy the hunt. "

"Don't forget the kill."

"So, you all have a choice to make."

" Do you want to live, or do you want to die."

" Make your decision."

" We would rather just kill you and go back to the club and eat Miss Grace's homemade bread."

" We are leaving."

" That is a good choice."

" Then Ghost cut Dreamers throat."

" That is a reminder to never come back."

We watched as they got on their bikes and we watched as they rode away. We disappeared as fast as we came.

"We decided that bastard was not going to touch Miss Grace."

" Not while we were alive."

"We got back to the club and Blade asked where we disappeared to."

" We just had some business to take care of."

" Business."

" I hope that your business was a success."

" We do believe it was."

" Don't worry we didn't kill anyone."

" Yet that is."

We looked at each other and sat down with our beers. Then we smiled.

"Miss Grace is baking."

" Smells like Miss Grace is baking pies. They smell so good."

I was baking in the kitchen when the back door was kicked open.

I saw a man standing their I didn't know. I grabbed me and I kicked him in the balls and ran screaming out the kitchen door into the bar.

"What the hell."

" We looked and saw that bastard grab Miss Grace."

" He had a knife to her throat."

" No one saw Ghost slip out back door of the bar."

"That son of a bitch thought I was kidding."

" I saw red when I saw that knife against Miss Grace's throat."

" I was standing right behind him when my brothers saw me."

I nodded my head. They all stood up and looked at him.

"If we see even one drop of blood on her neck we will kill you."

" Stop right there."

He moved the knife away from Miss Grace. I pushed her away from him and stabbed him in the side. The boys caught Miss Grace before she hit the floor.

He turned around to stab me but I sliced his arm making him drop the knife.

"I told you that if you tried to take Miss Grace I would kill you."

" Now I am going to do just that."

" I shoved my knife into his gut and brought it up."

" I dragged him out the kitchen door and then cut his throat."

As he gasped for breath I said. "You should never have put your filthy hands on Miss Grace."

I watched as she slowly gasped for breath. I let him lay there bleeding out. I saw Blade standing next to me.

"We warned him Blade. He didn't listen."

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