You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 64: Laura

I looked up at Grace and smiled. She had gone shopping and bought some clothes for me. They fit me really well. I got dressed with Graces help and she put my sandals on me. She helped me walk down the hallway and to the table As I sat down I saw the club members look from me to Grace.

"Blade started laughing then asked Leland what was wrong with everyone."

" She looks like Miss Grace."

" I told you all to just call me Grace."

" She should. This is Grace’s little sister."

" At least one of them."

Just then Willian walked in and yelled.

"Mom, Dad, I am home."

We all laughed.

As he walked to the table he stopped looking from Laura to Grace.

"Am I seeing double he asked?"

" Because she looks like you Grace."

" This is one of my younger sisters."

" Her name is Laura."

" Well, hello Laura."

" I am William the VP here."

" I didn’t know you had any sisters Grace."

"I have not seen or heard from the in years."

" So when did you get her Laura?"

" William set down it is a long story Blade said."

" I have time."

A beer was placed in front of William and Blade told him everything that happened. When he heard about that bastard putting a knife to Grace’s throat he growled.

"Ghost killed him."

"How dare he touch Grace"

". Are you alright Grace."

" I am fine."

" Then he heard what they did to Laura."

" We should hunt them all down and kill them."

" So, Laura are you going to be staying with us?"

" I don’t know."

" Of course you will."

" You can help around here."

"Help clean the clubhouse, do the laundry just housekeeping. I can do that."

"If it is alright with Blade."

" You are my sister in law Laura of course it is alright."

" There is an empty bedroom right next to Williams."

" You can have that as long as you want."

"Now I do think it is time to eat."

We walked into the kitchen and William sat Laura next to him. We all sat talking and then I gasped.

"Am I forgetting a birthday?"

Everyone laughed. "Nope."

" The next birthday is in two weeks."

" Thank god. I don’t want to forget anyone."

"It happens to be Ghosts birthday."

I smiled at myself.

"I think I know just what to get him."

" I think he will love it."

" I knew that his bike needed worked on. So I need to talk to Blade and Leland."

" Leland is a good painter."

After we all ate William walked with Laura to the table.

"I will be there in a few minutes I need to talk to Leland and Blade."

We walked into his office and I said.

"Blade I need for you to find a way to get Ghosts bike in the garage."

" And Leland I need for you to paint something on it."

"Can you paint Ghost Flames on his bike?"

" What color his favorite of curse. Red."

" Then paint a ghost in the middle of them on each side."

" I showed Leland the picture."

" That is fucking sharp."

" Print that off Blade."

" I like that one."

" He is going to love it."

"We will take care of it."

" How long will it take to complete this Leland?"

" I will need his bike for three days."

" Good."

" We will send Ghost to the sister club in florida."

" He will drive the van and pick up the new washer and dryers and bring them here."

" It will take him two days maybe three tops."

"Lets get it done."

" We will send him down three days before his birthday."

" You get his bike in the shop as soon as he leaves."

" Will do."

" Blade you will drive his bike out when he gets back and cover it with a sheet."

"Grace you always know how to make a man happy."

" I hope I know how to make one man in particular happy"

". Baby you have no worries in that department."

" I don't want to hear about your sex life Blade."

We walked out of the office but not before Blade called the sister club in Florida.

"Ghost will think our new washer and dryer was sent to the wrong club."

" This is going to be so good."

" I looked over at Laura and noticed that she kept stealing glances at Ghost."

" Shit, I hope she doesn't get hurt."

" Ghost is five years older than Laura."

I watched as Ghost walked outside and lit a cigarette. I watched as Laura said she was going to go sit outside for awhile. I watched as she walked out the front door and limped over and sat on the swing.

I walked past the man they called Ghost and sat down. I looked out toward the woods. I looked at Ghost out of the side of my eyes. He didn't say anything to me.

"Why do they call you Ghost?"

I turned and looked at Grace's sister.

"She is very short and pretty."

" Because I can slip in and out of anywhere and no one knows I am there."

" I see."

" So how long have you know Blade?"

" We served together. He is a few years older than I am."

"Do we scare you?"

" A little."

" We won't hurt you Laura."

" We are not like them."

" We don't hurt women."

" You all seem to like my sister."

" We love your sister."

" She treats us with respect and besides she is a good cook."

" I know."

" I remember her cooking for all of us when mom would disappear with her current husband."

"Grace learned to cook us things from scratch."

" She was like our mother before grandma and grandpa took her away."

" We cried all the time because we missed her."

I turned and walked toward her. I watched as she shrank back from me. I didn't like that.

"I told you we won't hurt you."

" I never hurt a woman in my life and I don't intend to start now."

" I'm sorry I said in a soft voice."

I turned and walked away from her. I walked back into the club and sat down. I could see her from the window.

"I should not have talked to her like that."

I saw her wipe a tear from her face. Then I watched as she stood up and walked back into the club. I hurt her feelings. I didn't mean to but I am not good at talking with women.

"Laura are you alright?"

" I'm fine."

" My back just hurts."

" Let me take you to see the doctor."

We walked down the hallway to the doctors office.

"Laura's back hurts doctor."

I watched as he gave her a pain pill.

"Can you take me to my room Grace?"

I walked down the hallway and opened the door to the bedroom that was hers.

"Williams is on your left and Ghosts is on your right."

" Thank you, Grace."

" I think I will lay down for awhile."

" Alright. I will talk to you later."

I closed the door as I walked out of the room.

"Laura seemed sad since she talked to Ghost."

" Like she just lost her dog."

Inside the bedroom I lay down on the bed.

"I like Ghost but I don't know why."

" He made it plain he didn't want to be around me."

" I guess I need to stay away from him."

" But I feel safe when he is around."

I fell asleep and slept until Grace knocked on the door.


" Yes."

" It is time to eat supper."

I waited for her to put her sandals on and walked with her to the kitchen. She sat next to William and across from Ghost.

I ate supper but I never looked at Ghost. I don't want to make him any madder than he already was. I don't know why he doesn't like me.

"Laura, yes "

I asked looking over at William.

"Are you alright?"

" I am fine" I said turning my head and looking at my plate.

We finished eating and I carried my plate to the sink, rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher. When I turned around I bumped into Ghost. I looked down fast and told him sorry. I walked into the bar and sat down at the table.

"Grace are there any books here?"

" Sure we have a library. I will show you."

I watched as Grace and Laura walked to the library.

"Can I just sit in here and read?"

" Of course you can."

" You can also take books to your room if you want."

" Thank you, Grace."

I found a good book to read. I took the book and walked to a chair near the window. I started reading the book and felt my eyes grow heavy. I must have fallen asleep.

I sat in the chair across from Laura watching her sleep. She is a tiny thing. I can't help but feel as if I hurt her feelings. She would not look at me during supper and when she bumped into me she looked down at the floor fast.

She couldn't get away from me fast enough. I am to old for her. I know she has been through hell. I wonder if she is afraid of me now. I saw her moving and I stood up and walked out of the door. I opened my eyes and stood up.

When I walked to the table carrying the book I was reading I saw a box on the table. As I sat down Grace handed the box to me.

"We got a phone for you."

" I don't need a phone but thank you."

" Yes, you do."

" I put our phone numbers in it for you."

" I thanked Grace and put the box on top of the book."

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