You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 65: Two weeks Later

Ghost was sent to Florida for the washer and dryer. The minute he drove out of the club Blade drove Ghost bike to the garage. Leland started doing what he does best. Just to make sure the bike was finished in time Leland worked late into the night.

The next day Leland, Blade and I stood looking at the bike.

"My god that is beautiful Leland."

" I might just have to keep you on hand."

" Is the paint dry?"

" Yes it is."

" Cover it with the sheet."

We walked into the clubhouse and sat down.

Two hours later Ghost was driving into the compound.

"Ghost walked in and said get the prospects to take them to the basement."

" And those are some big ass machines."

After the washer and dryer were in the basement and hooked up we all went into eat.

I watched as Laura sat down across from me. She looked flushed. I also noticed she was not sitting back against her chair. We finished eating and walked back to the bar area. I saw my cake and smiled.

"First we are going to eat Ghosts birthday cake."

When we finished about 30 minutes later we put a cloth over Ghosts eyes.

"Why do I hear a bike he asked?"

" You will know in a minute."

The sheet was put back over to bike. I took the cloth off Ghosts eyes.

"There is your birthday present."

I saw Ghost look at me with suspicion.

"Go on now. Remove the sheet."

The look on his face was the best. I looked at the paint job they did on my bike.

"Grace, it is beautiful."

" Do you really like it Ghost?"

" I love it. It is one of a kind."

" It fits you don't you think."

" Grace this is the best gift you could have chosen."

"Well dam Grace several members said. We are all jealous."

" That is a great looking bike you have now Ghost."

" Who painted it?"

" Leland did."

" He did a good job just from a picture."

" Blade, I really didn't have to drive to Florida did I?"

" Nope."

" But we had to get your bike away from you somehow."

"Grace you have surprised the hell of me."

" No one has ever been thoughtful enough to give a dam about any of us."

" But you have always treated us like family."

" I hugged her and said, thank you so much."

" I really do love it"

"I am going to take it for ride and show it off."

" Anyone want to come with me?"

" Several of the members decided to go ride with Ghost."

We watched as he lead the pack out of the compound. We waved as they rode way.

"Ghost is happy with his present."

" I never seen him smile like that."

" Not the whole time I have know him."

" Grace you have made that man feel loved and that he finally belongs and has a family."

" I am so glad he is happy."

"Now, who's birthday is next?"

" Reapers is. I think we should paint his bike as well."

" That will be nice."

" I think he will like it."

" I have a feeling you are going to paint all of their bikes."

" And why not?"

" His birthday is in five days."

"I will show you what I have in mind."

" That is nice Grace."

" The Grim Reaper holding a woman in his arms."

" He will love it."

" This time I am going to ask him if we can have his bike for a day or two."

" We won't have any birthdays until next month."

"That will give me a chance to find something perfect for the next members."

" Once they all have their bikes painted how will you up the ante next year?"

" Helmets."

" My woman is smart."

" Yes, I am."

We walked up onto the porch and I sat down next to Laura.

"Laura I want to ask you something."

" What is it Grace?"

" Do you like Ghost?"

" I do but he doesn't like me."

" I feel safe around Ghost."

"I thought you did."

" He doesn't know how to talk to women Laura."

" He is really shy but he doesn't show it."

" All he knows is how to protect those he cares about."

" He would never hurt you Laura."

" I know."

" He told me."

I smiled at her and hugged her.

"Give Ghost time."

" He has never had a good woman be interested in him."

" He does not know who to deal with it."

I watched as Grace stood up and walked into the club. I heard the sound of bikes coming down the road.

I thought it was Ghost and the other members. I noticed a prospect walk out the door and listen.

"Laura, I think you should go into the club."

" Those do not sound like our members bikes."

" I stood up to go into the house when the prospect grabbed me and I before he could swing me around I felt the bullet go in my back."

Then I felt him jerk as he covered me.

"I heard Grace yelling and come running out out crawling across the porch to get to me."

I heard shots coming from the clubhouse.

"Grace the prospect please tell me his is not dead."

" He was swinging me around trying to put his body in front of mine and shoot at the same time."

"Laura, I am not dead."

" The just shot me in the shoulder."

" Thank god I said" before everything went black.

I woke up in the doctor's office screaming as he was digging the bullet out.

"I need help in here."

" Hold her down."

I kept screaming.

We arrived back at the clubhouse to here a woman screaming. She sounded like she was in pain. We ran inside to see Grace being held by Blade and she was crying.

"What the hell is going on William yelled."

"I screamed again and heard Ghost telling someone to let him go."

" Hold him down boys."

" What is the doctor doing to Laura?"

" Digging a bulled from her back."

" What the fuck happened?"

I looked over and saw a prospect with his arm in a sling.

I heard the roar of bikes coming toward the club.

"I knew they weren't you guys."

" I grabbed Laura swinging her around to get in front of her but they shot her in the back."

" While I was holding her they shot me in the shoulder."

"Who the fuck were they?"

" We don't know."

" It happend to fast to see."

" Plus they were not wearing cuts."

" I want them found.

" How dare they shoot at a woman."

Finally the screaming stopped. I looked up to see a prospect carrying a shirt covered in blood to the kitchen.

"Is she alive?"

" That was a lot of blood."

" I am fine, you can let me up now."

I sat down in the chair and looked over toward the hallway. I looked at the clock. Three hours later the doctor and four prospect walked out.

"Whiskey they all said."

I could tell they were shaken up.

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