You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 66: The Prospects

"I do not ever want to hold a woman down again doctor."

" Every time she screamed I wanted to rip someone's head off their shoulders."

" How is she doctor?"

" The bullet was close to her spinal cord."

" Is she going to be able to walk?"

" I don't know that either."

" Not until the swelling goes down."

"Right now she is sleeping."

" I gave her a shot to stop infection and for pain."

" I need to monitor her to make sure she doesn't start a fever."

" I have to say this for Laura."

" She didn't pass out when I thought she would."

" That tells me that girl has been thru so much pain she has built a tolerance for it."

"I want whoever shot Laura."

" I am going to kill them."

" Has anyone looked at the camera footage."

" Not yet."

" Lets look at it now."

We was watching the big screen TV over and over and then I spotted it.

"Reverse it back to when the van starts to pass and put it in slow motion."

"There, do you see it?"

" What?"

" That bike."

We all looked closer at it.

"Reaper tell me you see it."

" I see it."

" That bike belongs to the VP of the Iron Eagle MC."

" I got you, you sons of a bitches."

" The Ghost is going to come out and play."

"When do we leave Ghost?"

" As soon as Laura is out of the woods."

" We need to find their club, look for any cameras not only on the clubhouse but around it."

" We need to make a plan."

" So Reaper you start looking for that information."

I noticed that Grace fell asleep in Blades arms. I am not only going to kill the and drag that VP back here for Laura. But for Grace as well, for her pain and suffering. I looked over at the prospect who had his arms around Laura.

"I should have been here."

" If I had been Laura would not have gotten shot."

" I have to say the prospect did what he could."

I leaned back against the wall.

"I am going to show that VP we were not lying about skinning a man and keeping him alive for weeks."

I closed my eyes. I remembered the first time I ever talked to Laura. I looked into her beautiful green eyes. My heart missed a beat. I wanted her to keep talking to me. She had such a soft voice. It was soothing. Now I wonder if I will ever hear it again.

I looked up as a prospect came running from down the hallway.

"Doctor come quick."

" She is not breathing."

My heart stopped beating. I watched the doctor run toward his office.

"I heard roll her on her back."

" Then clear."

I saw her little body jerk up off the cot.

"No heartbeat."

" Clear again."

And I was angry that her body was being put thru this.

"Doctor she is back."

I watched as the doctor rolled her on her side and put a pillow behind her back. We all took a breath and sat back down. That fucker is really going to hurt even more now.

The only woman who ever talked to me is fighting for her life. I don't want to lose her. She can't die. I decided to go to bed. I walked into my bedroom and locked my door. I showered and put on shorts. I braided my hair and brushed my teeth. And then climbed into bed.

I tossed and turned dreaming of living a life with Laura in it. I dreamed of her smile and her laugh. She doesn't do that anymore. At least not for me. Since I raised my voice at her she tries not to look at me anymore. Hell, she doesn't even talk to me now.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"I yelled what?"

" Are you going to sleep all day?"

" What time is it?"

" Its noon."

" I'm getting up."

I got up and dressed before walking out of my room. I ate breakfast and then Reaper put his laptop on the table in front of me.

"Look familiar to you Ghost?"

I started laughing.

"You have got to be kidding."

" They have been hiding in our own back yard?"

" Looks like it."

" Has Blade seen this?"

" He has."

" He said you know this building like you know your cock."

" And he would be right."

"I will going visiting tonight."

" Not without us you won't."

" We are bringing that fucking VP back here."

" So let everyone know where we are going tonight."

" If we get the chance to grab that bastard do it."

" Oh, and Reaper, bring your little dart gun with those knockout darts."

" You got it Ghost."

I stood up and walked down the hallway to the room that Laura was laying in. I walked in and sat down.

"Laura, Green eyes listen to me."

" If you can hear me."

" This is Ghost."

" I going tonight to that bastards clubhouse."

" I am going to bring that bastard back here."

"I am going to chain him in the shed."

" Then I am going to hurt him for shooting you."

" But, I need something from you."

" I need you to get well."

" I need you to fight to live."

" Since I met you, I have these feelings I never felt before."

" Please Laura don't die."

" I could not stand it if you died."

" I need to see those beautiful green eyes again."

I stood up and walked out of the room.

"As I walked into the bar I said, lets do this."

" Lets get him and bring him back here and chain him in the shed."

We walked out and got on our bikes but had two prospects drive the van. I am bringing him back here.

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