You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 67: The Iron Eagle MC

We arrived at the edge of the woods and parked our bikes and the van out of sight. We walked through the wood and crawled to the house. We stood up out of sight of the cameras. I saw Ghost and Reaper climb through an open window. We waited.

We walked over to the cracked door with our guns drawn. We knew there were five of them in the house. We listened as they were talking.

"I heard one of them tell the VP who is now the president that they should get the hell out of this town."

"Not yet."

" I need to find out who all got shot."

" I am telling you that you shot Laura and a prospect."

" Once Ghost and his men find out they are going to come for us"

". They do not know it was us so shut the fuck up."

" President you are one stupid mother fucker."

" That bike of yours stand out."

"Don't think Reaper and Ghost won't notice it on the film"

". They are not that smart."

" You don't know them like we do."

I signaled for Reaper to use his darts. I moved so that he could see the men. Reaper is very good at hitting his targets.

He shot three of the one after the other and the men slapped the back of their necks. Fucking mosquitoes. After 10 minutes they said they were going to bed. Thankfully they did not come to this bedroom.

After 15 minutes. Reaper shot the other man and then the VP who is now apparently the president. We watched as they soon closed their eyes. Reaper whistled an the men walked in the front door. I wrote a note and told them if they want to live get out of town.

The prospects lifted the new president and carried him out to the van. I finished the note saying. Never mess with the Ghosts family. Reaper and I walked out and to the woods. We got on our bikes and followed the van back to our clubhouse. The prospects dragged the new president into the shed and placed a chain around his ankle and welded it.

We walked back into the club looked at Blade and nodded our heads. We walked to the bar and took the beer that was being handed to us. Then we sat down at the table next to the VIP table.

"Blade said if you are wondering Laura has not opened her eyes yet."

I just waited like everyone else for better news. Around 3:00 I went to my room. I changed into sweatpants and climbed into bed. I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Back in the room that Laura is sleeping in she is crying. I am so much pain. I have to use the bathroom but I can't set up. Every time I try the pain shoots threw my back. I gritted my teeth trying not to cry. Finally I rolled my legs off the bed.

I caught my breath. I slid to the floor. I scooted myself to a door and sighed in relief. It is a bathroom. I was able to lift myself onto the toilet. The tears flew down my face from the pain. I finished using the bathroom and managed to wash my hands since the sink was not far from me.

I sat back down on the floor and scooted back to the bedroom. I reached up for the rails of the bed but I couldn't push myself up off the floor. I sat on the floor crying even more. I grabbed the pillow off the bed and the blanket and lay down and covered up.

"I jerked awake."

" Something is not right."

I sat up and listened. What is it. I stood up and walked down the hallway listening. Then I heard it. Crying. I walked faster to the room Laura was sleeping in. She was not in bed.

I walked around the bed and found her on the floor.

"Laura what is it?"

" My back hurts so bad and I had to use the bathroom."

" I had to scoot myself there because I couldn't stand up."

" Now I can't get back into bed."

I walked to the doctors bedroom and woke him up.

"Laura needs something for pain."

I watched as the doctor gave her a shot.

"I am going to take her to my room."

" That way if she needs to use the bathroom again or a pain shot I can come and you."

I lifted her in my arms and carried her to my room. I lay her in the bed and covered her up. I walked around the bed and lay back down putting my arm over my eyes. I could not leave her in that room with no way to get help. I fell asleep a short time later.

I was in a dead sleep when there was a kock on my door. I looked behind me and saw that Laura was sleeping.

"I stood up and opened the door."

I saw Grace standing there.

"Laura is missing."

I opened the door wider so she could see that Laura was fine.

"Why is she in here."

" I told her everything. We need to put something in place so anyone hurt can get help at night."

" You are right."

" Thank you Ghost."

" I know that she would not have wanted to wake up in any of the other members beds."

" She trusts you."

"I am going to shower and get her some breakfast."

" I will bring it up and you can eat and go work or whatever."

" I will watch over her."

" Thank you again Ghost."

" No problem She needed help I couldn't just let her lay on the cold floor."

I took a shower and walked out wearing just my blue jeans. I put on a shirt, my socks, and boots. I picked up my cut and walked out the door.

"I held the door open for Grace as she carried a tray in."

I walked to the kitchen and ate my breakfast before getting on my bike and going to my tattoo shop.

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