You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 68: Two Weeks Later

I had not been feeling well. The last two month I have been getting sick. I went to see the club doctor.

"Grace what brings you here?"

" I need to be examined doctor."

" I can't seem to keep things down."

" How long as this been going on Grace?"

" I don't know about two months."

I took a blood sample and urine sample. I walked back to the room and smiled.

"Grace there is nothing wrong with you."

" You are two months pregnant."

" Are you sure doctor?"

" I am sure."

" You are going to have a baby in 7 months."

"Now, why don't you tell Blade?"

" I can't right now."

" Why not?"

" They are taking care of business in the shed."

" I see."

" The man that shot Laura?"

" Yes."

" Well tell him when he comes back in."

" I will do that."

" Thank you, doctor."

" You are welcome Grace."

" I will see you in a month alright?"

" Alright."

"I walked out to sit at the table with Laura."

" Since she was able to return to her own bedroom Ghost has avoided her."

" I think that Ghost is scared."

" He is a hard man but he is a good man."

" Grace, what Laura."

" Am I unlovable?"

" Oh, Laura."

" You are a wonderful woman and any man would be lucky to have you."

"Then they don't want me because of what happened to me."

" Is that it."

" No, that is not it."

" One day you will find someone that loves you."

I looked at Laura and then I knew.

"You love Ghost?"

" I do but he doesn't like me."

" At least not that way."

I watched as Laura stood up and walked out to sit on the swing. I looked at my sister with sad eyes. I have been there once. In her place. Maybe she would be better off living my house. I will talk to Blade and see what he thinks.

Out in the shed the VP was screaming. Ghost looked at him with cold eyes.

"I told you to leave this territory."

" But you had to come here and shot Laura."

" A nice quiet girl who never says a bad thing to or about anyone."

" You have to pay for that."

He continued to scream as his skin was slowly cut from his body. Blade leaned against the wall watching. Not saying anything. This went on for hours. Until he finally stopped screaming.

"Blade looked at the prospects and said. You know what to do."

They walked back to the clubhouse and Ghost went to his room and took a shower to wash the blood off. He dressed in clean clothes and walked out to sit at the table. He didn't see Laura and then he saw her sitting on the front porch on the swing.

About an hour later she stood up and walked inside and sat down next to Grace. Since she had been shot and started sleeping in her own room she was even quieter. I saw Grace whisper something in Blades ear and then he had a shocked expression on his face.

"Listen mother fuckers."

" I am going to be a father."

I smiled and congratulated Grace and Blade. I saw the slight smile on Laura's face. She hugged Grace and said something to her. Grace kissed Laura's forehead.

Then we saw Cookie bring the cake and icecream out. After we ate some Laura followed Grace and Blade to the door.

"Reaper get your ass over here."

" Go remove your sheet."

" Reaper looked at the bike and said."

" Grace you know me so well."

" It was the Grim Reaper with a woman in his arms."

"This is great. Now Ghost is not the only one with a good looking bike."

I watched as Laura turned and walked back into the club. I followed her in.

"Laura are you alright?"

" I am fine Ghost."

" Why do you ask?"

" Oh, I don't know."

" You seem different since you were shot."

"Its nothing new for me to get hurt Ghost."

" You don't have to worry about me."

" I know that I am nothing to you."

Then she walked down the hallway. I knew she was going to her bedroom.

That night we had a party. A girl fell into my lap and I saw Laura looking at me. I then saw the tears. Why is Laura crying? It shouldn't bother her that a woman was sitting in my lap even if it was an accident.

I watched as she walked over and talked to Grace.

"What is it Laura?"

" Grace I love you and the club."

" But I can't stay here anymore."

" Why not Laura?"

" I have to get away from Ghost."

" I can't stay here and see him with other women."

" Besides he doesn't really care about me."

"If I stay here and see him all the night I am going to get even more depressed then I am."

" I told Blade I was taking Laura to my old house."

" He said he understood."

We walked to her bedroom and packed her clothes. We carried everything down the back stairs to the kitchen.

We walked out the back door and put everything in my car. I drove out of the compound and was at the house in 10 minutes. We carried all her things into the house then went shopping.

"After that we put everything away and I told her to call me if she needed anything."

"I handed her the keys to the house and drove back to the clubhouse."

I walked in to find a girl sitting on Ghosts lap kissing him. I am glad that I took Laura to the house. If she saw this it would kill her. I love the club members but sometimes they piss me off. Like right now.

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