You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 7: The Celebration

Now that Hawk has stormed out of Snake's clubhouse the celebration of Grace's return home continued. We talked, danced, and drank. We were all glad to have her return. Snake looked around and smiled at how happy his members were for him. I glanced down at my woman and smiled.

"I looked up at Snake and told him that things will only get better now we are together again."

I frowned when I looked at Grace.

"Honey you have to start eating."

" I know."

" But, I was not hungry and I did not sleep well without you Snake."

" I promise to start eating and gain my weight back."

"I am happy to hear that Grace"

". Snake it looks to me like you worked out a lot while I was gone."

You have a flat stomach and your muscles in your arms and legs are tighter. I rubbed my hand along his thigh.

"Grace if you are not careful you will find the muscle between my legs getting hard fast."

"And I am sure that I can take care of that."

" Oh, I am sure you know what to do about that."

I felt him move his hand close to my sweet spot and I moaned.

"I will take care of you tonight."

" You can count on that."

" Promise?"

" I promise to find all your sweet spots again. I will have you calling out my name."

I leaned down and kissed the side of her neck.

"I missed your moans and I plan on hearing them for the rest of our lives."

" Oh, Snake you know how to make me feel so good."

" I do don't I?"

I watched him turn his head and look at the door. I saw a woman standing there.

"Your enemy baby."

" She tried to get me to date her the first day you disappeared."

I looked over and gasped. My friend, or who I thought was my friend would flirt with my man and try to get him to date her was standing there.

"That's not true."

" What part Cheryl. The part of flirting with my husband and trying to date him or the part of telling Hawk that Snake beat me and cheated on me?"

" Or, you did all of it?"

" Who told you I flirted with Snake and tried to get him to date me?"

" They are lying."

"So, you are calling Snake a liar?"

I saw Cheryl's face go pale.

"That's what I thought."

" You didn't think he would tell me did you?"

" Snake and I never kept secrets, I thought you would remember that?"

" So now you know why I wanted to be your friend just to get close to Snake I am out of your inner circle?"

"I could not have said it better myself."

"Cheryl you no longer sit at the VIP table."

" I think your new place should be with the whores or another table."

" You are no longer welcome in our home either."

" You don't have a right to ban me from anything Grace."

" Only Snake's claimed woman and wife can do that."

"I am his claimed woman, and is legal wife."

" What?"

" No, that is not possible."

" You just got back to the club."

" Snake claimed and legally married me before we left the island."

" So, yes it is possible and yes it happened."

"Snake tell me you did not claim her or marry her?"

" I can't do that."

" I did claim and marry Grace."

" But, I thought Hawk was coming to take her back to his club."

" He did come here and you missed it"

". Hawk can not make Grace do anything."

" Nor can he touch her as she is my wife."

"Does she know about you kissing me?"

I looked at Snake.

"That kiss was not done by me."

" Just so you know Cheryl I have a camera in my room just for this type of blackmail."

" What it shows his me sleeping and you sneaking into my bedroom and climbing in bed with me."

"It also shows you being dragged out of my bedroom, and the new lock being put on my door."

" Which reminds me. We have to code your fingerprint into the lock on our bedroom door here Grace."

" That way no one can enter but you and me."

" No need to worry about losing a key or having the key of our bedroom taken and one made from it."

"Cheryl your attempt to break Grace and me up is not going to work."

" You might want to remember that Grace is the only woman I want and if anything ever happened to her I would never claim another woman."

Just then Mandy walked into the club and ran over to the table and hugged me.

"I missed you so much Grace."

" I missed hearing you play the piano, dancing with me, watching netflix with me."

"I plain out missed you."

" I am so happy you are back home."

" And I bet that Snake is the happiest of everyone but his members."

"He was getting tired of being nice to Cheryl and telling her to go away and to leave him alone."

"Glaring at Cheryl, Mandy said she just didn't like being told no and that he was not interested in her."

" Slut Mandy" said looking at Cheryl.

Mandy sat down in the chair next to Grace.

"How does freedom feel Grace?"

" Great now that I am back with Snake."

" And married legally and claimed by him right, Mandy said."

" So, what is Cheryl's punishment?"

" She is banned from the VIP table and our inner circle."

We turned and looked at Cheryl laughing.

"Snake will not let you ban me Grace."

"We heard Snake tell Cheryl laughing, don't be so sure of yourself Cheryl."

" You mom might be my mothers friend but my mother never liked you."

" So that card you think you hold over me doesn't work."

" Besides. I don't listen to my mother and you of all people know that."

"Besides as my woman and wife, Grace can ban anyone she wants from this table and this clubhouse."

" So be very careful what you say to her, or me."

" We grew up together Snake."

" You would not ban me and you would not let her ban me either Cheryl said."

Then we heard a voice behind Cheryl.

"What makes you think I give two shits about you being banned Cheryl?"

We looked behind Cheryl and saw Snakes mother standing there.

"You always thought you could do what you wanted and then call on Snake to get you out of trouble."

"If Snake or Grace bans you then you are banned."

" But, we are family."

" No, Cheryl we are not family."

" I am just friends with your mother. That is all."

"And your mother and I are not that good of friends."

" We were just neighbors until our kids become adults."

"After you all moved out on your own I have not seen or talked to your mother."

" So, stop trying to put yourself in Snakes league."

" You are not."

" And you do not and never had any authority just because you two grew up together."

" You were banned from the VIP table if you don't want to be banned from the club take your ass away from this table."

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