You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 70: Leland

I was sitting at the table and staring out at the swing that continued to sit empty. I remembered that day Laura and I had both been shot. I remembered the day that so well. Laura was not worried about herself. She was worried I was dead.

Laura did not realize that she had found a place in all of our hearts just as much as Grace did. I remember walking past the library room when I heard the sound of a guitar. No one here played one. Then I heard her singing. I sat outside that door and listened to her sing.

She was playing one of my favorite songs. "I walk in the garden" I closed my eyes and listened to her sing that song. It reminded me of my little sister back home sitting on the back porch playing and singing.

I started making it a habit to sit outside that door and listen to her. I wish she would come back. I miss the simple things she would do for each of us when she cleaned the bedrooms. They were not big things just simple little notes asking how our day may have went or flowers on the nightstand. I smiled at that.

Hell, she even had small buckets filled with ice and a cold beer sitting there for after we showered. Laura is just like Grace. They both try to make our day. Make us feel like family. I am going to bring her back home where she belongs.

I walked over to Grace and looked down at her.

"What is it Leland?"

" Where is Laura?"

" I can't tell you."

" Grace, Laura is out there somewhere without protection."

" She is just as much or sister as you are."

" It is not the same without her."

"I am going to being her home."

" The other brothers are just as upset as I am."

" I took a bullet for her and now I am bringing her home."

" Where is she?"

I looked at Leland and smiled.

"Our sister is living at my old house."

I turned and walked out the door.

"I told the brothers where Laura is."

Reaper smiled and walked toward his truck.

"What the hell are you brothers waiting for."

" Lets go being our little sister home where she belongs."

I was leaning against the door of the garage grinning.

"Blade what is going on with the brothers?"

"Ghost, the brothers are going to bring their little sister home where she belongs."

" They found Laura I take it?"

" They found Laura indeed."

" Leland and Reaper are not giving her a choice."

We watched as they drove out of the compound.

"Ghost, I have a feeling that Ripper and Leland have feelings for Laura that just might not be brotherly."

I was woken up by a pounding at the front door. I walked down the stairs and opened the door.

"I not only saw Ripper and Leland standing there but five other members."

"Hello, little sister."

" It is time to come home now."

" No, I am not going."

Leland lifted me and moved me aside.

"Oh, but yes you are."

" Brothers go pack her things."

I watched as they carried boxes into the house and walked up the stairs.

I ran up the stairs to see Ripper holding my most private clothes.

"Well look here brothers."

" Our little sister as some sexy eye candy."

I ran to Leland and grabbed them out of his hands.

"Don't touch those."

" Why not?"

" It isn't like we have not seen sexy eye candy before."

"We just have not seen you in them."

" And you won't either."

" Stop that I yelled."

Just then I was picked up and gently thrown on the bed.

"Listen her sister."

" Either you tell us what belongs to you or we will pack this whole dam house."

" But you are coming home with us."

I looked at them shocked.

"We miss you Laura."

" I miss hearing you sing."

" We all miss the little touches you put in our bedrooms."

" Now. Are you going to come willingly or not?"

I looked at them and smiled. Then I thought of Ghost.

"Ripper, I can't."

" Please don't make me go back."

I felt the side of the bed dip down.

"Laura we have known Ghost for years."

" If you want him fight for him."

" I don't know how to do that Ripper."

"Laura, Ghost doesn't know how to talk to women."

" He was not raised that way."

" On top of that he spent most of his life in the military."

" He has a gentle heart and he is shy."

" He wasn't so shy making out with that woman."

"Laura he was drunk."

" For the first time in his life."

" He is running from you little sister."

" Don't let him keep doing that."

" He is pushing you away because he thinks he is too old for you."

" He is only five years older than I am."

" We know that."

"Now, let's pack your things and go home."

" Start eating right, don't let other women near your man Laura."

" If you want him yell at him, threaten those women who even look at him or touch him. I don't know if I can do that."

"When we are done with you, you can do it."

" We are all going to teach you the different ways to fight."

" Self defense, to use a knife, shoot a gun. We will build your confidence up. Trust us."

" Ghost is not going to like you being able to protect yourself."

"Really, you will teach me?"

" We will."

" We will teach you to be just Ghost as well."

" To stand behind someone and they won't even know you are there."

" I threw myself in Rippers arms. I love all of you guys."

" We know."

"Get those boxes loaded."

I looked at the prospect who rode with me.

"Now, only sisters, and wife's ride behind us."

So, Leland smiled and looked at Laura.

"You are going to ride back home behind me. Laura."

" Step one in getting Ghost jealous."

" Give the prospect your car keys."

"We are taking Laura home."

We locked up Graces house and head through town back to the clubhouse. Our little sister is going to learn to fight, and take care of herself. I know that Ghost is going to be pissed we are going to spend so much time with her. We also know that she needs to build her confidence up.

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