You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 71: Ripper Is Happy

We pulled into the compound reving our engines and shouting. I got out of my truck and lifted Laura off Lelands bike.

"I yelled brothers look who we found and brought home."

All the brothers ran off and passed Laura around hugging her.

"Laura you will never leave the clubhouse again."

" We all missed you Laura."

" Welcome back home."

Then Grace was pushing her way to get to her sister.

"Laura they all missed you."

" All but one I said."

Then I heard Ripper.

"Laura remember what we said."

" I remember Ripper."

Well brothers get my truck and loaded and put Laura's things back in her bedroom. In less than 10 minutes all my boxes were out of Rippers truck and in the club.

"Brave face Laura, Leland said."

I hugged him and looked over at Ghost. I showed no emotions. I turned and walked with Leland and Ripper into the house. I walked over to Grace and rubbed her belly. She is six months pregnant now.

"Laura Ripper yelled."

" You will start working out tomorrow night."

" In the weight room."

" Wear comfortable clothing."

" We build your strength up first."

" Got you Ripper."

Grace and I watched them all walk out the door.

"Laura they all love you just as much as they love me."

" They think of you as there little sister."

" Now, go and unpack your things."

" You need to wear workout clothes so find them."

" If you do not have them we will go shopping and buy them."

"I take it they have a plan to help you get Ghost?"

" Yes, they do."

" Good for them."

" Go now and get unpacked."

" And Laura the first plan I will help you with is this."

" For supper wear a sexy summer dress and sandals."

" And ignore Ghost but talk to the brothers."

" Especially Leland and Ripper."

"And I saw that you rode behind Leland."

" Tease Ripper and tell him as his little sister you expect him to take you for a ride on his bike next time he goes riding."

I grinned at Grace.

"Ghost will get mad."

" Not mad Laura."

" Jealous."

"He didn't like seeing you riding behind Leland."

" He will really hate seeing you ride behind Ripper."

" These guys know what they are doing so don't worry about them Laura."

I was walking to my room when I saw Ghost walking past me.

"Hello, Ghost."

" Good to see you again I said and opened my bedroom door and shutting it behind me."

I stopped dead in my tracks and watched as Laura walked to her bedroom and walk in.

She had a big smile on her face and she talked to me. I didn't put that smile on her face. My brothers put that smile on her face. I wonder if Leland is trying to get to know Laura better. I walked down the hall and out the door.

I heard that Ripper, Leland and some of the brothers are going to work out in the gym with Laura tomorrow night. I will have to avoid the gym. What the hell are they up to I wondered. After work I showered and walked to the kitchen. I was sitting at the table when I heard my brothers whistle.

I looked up to see Laura wearing this sexy summer dress and shoes they call wedges. Her legs looked nice. I looked over to see her talking to William and then Ripper.

"About half way there the meal I heard her tell Ripper that next time he goes for a ride on his bike he needs to take her for a ride."

I gripped my fork

"when Ripper told her he would be happy to take her for a ride."

I looked over at Ripper in anger.

"No, you won't Ripper."

It got quiet.

"Ghost I can give Laura a ride on my bike if she wants to go."

"After all she is our little sister."

" And you have no say."

"After all she is not your girlfriend or woman."

" She is single, free and over 21."

" She is not 21 yet."

" She won't be for two years."

" She is only 19 years old."

" She can go with Blade and Grace's permission."

" So, Grace can Laura go for a bike ride with me?"

" I am alright with that if she wants to go."

" Blade as my president and Laura's brother in law do you have a problem with that?"


" If Laura wants you to take her for a ride I have no problem with that."

I leaned back and looked over at Ghost. He did not like Laura riding behind his brothers. If he wants Laura he better step up to the plate. We watched as Ghost stood up and rinsed his plate off putting it in the dishwasher.

Before I walked out of the kitchen I glared at Ripper. He should not be taking Laura for any rides let alone spending time with her. He is six years older than Laura. I stormed out of the kitchen and walked to the bar grabbing a beer and sat down at my usual table.

Step one done. Ghost is jealous.

"Blade looked at Ripper, Leland and the other brothers."

" I know what you all are doing?"

" What would that be Ripper asked?"

" Getting Ghost to realize he is in love with Laura."

" If you say so."

" Oh, I know so."

" Good luck with that."

" Be Careful that one of you do not fall in love with her."

"Blade we all love Laura."

" We want what is best for her."

" We are going to teach her self defense, to use a knife and gun, to box."

" And to gain her confidence back."

" Our little sister is going to be a bad ass when we finish with her."

"I laughed and told them that Ghost is not going to like that."

" Too bad."

" He needs to step up to the plate and claim what belongs to him."

" If he doesn't then to hell with him Ripper said."

I turned from the dishwasher and said.

"If that happens at least Laura will be able to fight and know that she can depend on the rest of you."

" Got that right a members said."

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