You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 72: Two Month Later

I have been working out with Ripper and Leland with weights, I know how to handle a knife and shot a gun and I have a six pack. Hammer, and two female kickboxers, Bonnie Flannigan, and Kathy Longwell. Both Kathy and Bonnie have taught me so much that said I was a natural.

I became good friends with Kathy and Bonnie. They both served with Ghost, Ripper and five other members including Blade.

"Bonnie told me one day that Ghost needs a swift kick in the ass because he doesn't see what is infront of his face."

" Kathy looked at me and said, Laura don't give up on him."

" Not yet."

" At least not until the day he tells you he can't and won't be with you."

"Then walk away from him."

" But don't show him any weakness."

" And don't turn to just any man or date for revenge."

" I couldn't do that anyway Kathy."

" I am not like that."

" No, Laura you're not."

" But you are what he needs."

" Sometimes I wonder."

" I have been back for two months and he stays away from me."

"Step up your game plan Laura."

" Don't let women get near him."

" Throw them across the room if you have to."

" Let Ghost know that until he tells you he doesn't care about you or want you he is not going to be touching any other woman."

" Fucking kiss him if you have to."

" Make the first move then you will know."

"To tell the truth."

" Ghost loves you but he will not show it."

" Not until it is almost to late."

" I heard when you got shot he went crazy."

" And had to be held down by the members when you were screaming as the doctor dug the bullet out of your back."

" If he doesn't love you I call bull shit."

"When you are working out with the guys he is looking thru the doors or windows clinching his fists."

" He growls when the have their hands on your waist."

" Have you not noticing them touching you standing behind you putting your hands at certain angles more often?"

"Come to think of it I do."

" They don't have to do that"

" They can stand beside you but they see Ghost watching and they are doing it to piss them off."

" I think its funny."

" We are having a fire tonight Laura. I hear you play guitar."

" I do."

" Why don't you play for us?"

" I will think about it."

I had not seen Ghost around much. I wonder if he will be at the fire tonight. I watched as he girls walked away. I stood up and walked to my bedroom. I looked out my window and watched Ghost working in the garage.

He had his shirt off and I was looking at his arms and chest. He was built. And his tattoos I want to run my finger over them. Then I saw that whore. The one he kissed that night talking to him. I saw Ripper and Leland leaning against the door watching them.

I watched as she reached out and touched his chest. I wanted to rip her away from him. But, I stood there and watched. I saw Ripper looking at me. I reached up and closed the curtains. I sat down in the chair and fumed. She is going to pay for that.

"I saw Laura watching Ghost and that whore."

" Leland walk over here with me. I want to ask you something."

" Do you know where Wolf is right now?"

" He is at his dads club why?"

" Oh, no you are not thinking what I think your are."

"Ghost has always hated Wolf because he is such a sweet talker and that women love his hair, looks and build."

" What do you say we get him to come here and flirt with Laura."

" Do you want Ghost to kill Wolf?"

" Why not."

" Ghost is letting those whores talk to him even if he doesn't talk back."

"I say we call him talk to him about Laura."

" Get him to help Ghost show his true feelings."

" We will call him later tonight."

" Deal. "

"We will let the brothers in on it."

We turned and saw Ghost look over at Laura's window.

"He knows she saw them."

" I know."

I was walking down the hall when that whore bumped into me. I grabbed her hair and put my knife to her throat.

"You will stay away from Ghost bitch."

" And who is going to make me she said looking at me?"

"I am, I drew the knife down her cheek."

" You fucking bitch she screamed putting her hand to her face."

I then grabbed her pony tail and cut it off.

"Stay away from him."

" Next time I will shave your head."

" I pushed her away from me."

I heard Bonnie laugh as she walked out the front door.

"I sat down in the swing and saw Bonnie tell Ripper and Leland what I had done to that whore."

They started laughing and "we heard yelling as the girl was telling Ghost and Blade what I did."

Then Blade started laughing as well.

"I heard Ghost tell her, what do I care that Laura cut your hair and cheek. I can care less."

" You are just a whore and nothing to me."

" Arn't you going to do anything about it?"


" Not my problem."

" I would say that is your problem."

" You did something to piss her off."

" She told me to stay away from you."

Grace said Ghost is smiling at her.

"She told you, to stay away from me?"

" Yes."

" Then I guess you better stay away from me."

Ghost is walking away from her. I was smiling when Blade said,

"Ghost I guess Laura is claiming what is hers."

" I am not hers Blade."

" Want to bet?"

" I am to old and hardened for Laura."

" She is gentle. Not anymore."

Grace looked over her shoulder and said the whore is storming in here. That whore made a big mistake. She slapped my face.

"Get her Laura."

I grabbed what was left of her hair and threw her out the door. She landed on the porch and I kicked her down the stairs.

"Who the hell do you think you are to put your hands on me."

We were surrounded by the members, Bonnie and kathy. Grace stood on the porch watching. I proceeded to beat the shit out of her.

"If you ever slap me again I will kill you."

I was being pulled off of that bitch and I threw me foot back like Ripper taught me and kicked whoever it was in his knee.

He hit the ground still holding me. Bonnie had a hold of that bitch. Laura stop it. I yelled get your hands off of me.

"Laura so help me god if you do not stop fighting me I will do something I will regret."

Then I kissed her.

"I stopped fighting and looked at Ghost."

I was pissed.

"So, you regret kissing me do you."

" Go to hell Ghost."

" I hate you right now."

I ran into the clubhouse crying. I did not see Ripper or the members looking at Ghost in shock.

"Ghost, I can't believe that you would tell her that and then kiss her."

" I don't believe you regret that kiss one bit."

" But, Laura believed you."

" I looked over at that bitch."

" If you ever hit her again you are out of this club."

I turned and got on my bike and rode out of the compound. I turned off onto an old dirt road and rode for five miles before stopping at my favorite spot. I didn't mean that I would regret kissing Laura. I would never regret that.

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