You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 73: Wolf

I saw the hurt in Laura's eyes. I walked to my room and lay on the bed. I dialed Wolf's phone.

"Ripper how are you man?"

" I could be better."

" I need your help."

" Well the men need your help too."

I told him everything.

"Wolf we may be making a mistake?"

" Why is that?"

" Laura looks like your dead wife."

" Sure she does."

" Wait I will send you a picture."

" Grace and Laura look alike."

I sent Wolf Laura's picture.

"What do you want from me Ripper."

" She is in love with Ghost."

" He loves her too but he won't admit it."

" We have taught her to fight with knifes, guns, and she kick boxes."

" I told him what just happened and how Laura screamed at Ghost that right now she hated him."

"I told him how we met her and how she got shot."

" So, you called me to make Ghost jealous."

" You know how easy it is for you to talk to women."

" And when you are interested in one you don't touch the whores."

" So, you want me to come there and show her that Ghost is not the only man out there that would be interested in her?"


" but if you can't do it I will understand."

" I will come and stay for awhile but, I want to watch her before I make up my mind."

" Do we have a deal?"

" We have a deal."

" Just don't hurt her Wolf."

" I won't hurt her."

" You know better than that."

" Thanks Wolf."

" I will be their in two days."

" Have my room ready."

I grinned. "We will put you across the hall from Laura."

" Sounds good."

" Thanks Wolf."

" No problem."

" You sound like you are a little bit in love with her yourself"

". I love her like a sister thats all."

" If you say so"

". See you in two days."

I hung the phone up and looked at the picture. She does look like Sara. But, Sara is dead. I grinned.

"Ghost you are a fool to let this woman get away from you.

" My Sara could sing and she had a smile that would melt your heart."

"I need to know if he loves her."

" If he doesn't then I will take her for myself."

" But, I can play the game."

" Yes, Ghost needs to understand how easy you can lose the woman you love."

" I just might do this for Ripper."

I looked at her eyes. She looks like she wants to cry. She is so sad. I can see the pain in them. I stood up and started to pack some jeans, socks, shorts, and other things to put in my saddle bags. I am going to Blades MC. It will be nice to see the guys again.

"I need to meet this woman and Grace."

" I heard this is the woman that Blade had loved since high school."

" And that she is having a baby in two months."

" Imagine that. Blade having a baby with the woman that Snake kept from him after all these years."

I walked out of my room locking the door. I went to my father's office and told him I would be out of town for a few months.

"I told him I was going to see the guys."

"Son you need to get away for awhile."

" Meet some new woman."

" Dad, I am not going to Blades Mc to meet women."

" His wife is having a baby in two months."

" Oh, yes, the woman that Snake kept away from him."

" That is the one."

" Well you never know. You might find yourself a new woman."

" Sara would want that for you."

"I know dad but it is hard to forget her."

" You will never forget Sara son."

" She will always be in your heart."

" She was a good woman."

" Yes, she was"

". Go, have some fun for a change."

" Don't forget to come home though."

" You will be the next president."

" Have you thought who will be the VP when you do?"

"Yes, dad I have."

" I was thinking that Eagle would make a good VP."

" I think you have made a good choice."

" I am leaving now"

". So I should be back in a few months."

" Have a good time Wolf."

" I will."

I turned and walked out of the clubhouse and put my things in the saddle bags. I then started my bike and headed to Blades' MC. I know that Ghost will hate to see me but he will get over it.

I was a days ride from Blades MC. I pulled into the gas station and filled my tank. Then I rode to the motel and got a room for the night. The next morning I headed to Blades MC.

I drove into the MC and saw Ripper and Blade. I shut my bike off and got off. I walked over and man hugged them.

"Ripper told me you were coming for a visit Wolf."

" I had to come."

" I needed to meet the woman you finally got to marry."

"I also wanted to be here when your baby was born."

" Get your things and come and meet her."

" You are here just in time."

" Why is that one of the members has a birthday today."

" Grace always makes it a special day for them."

"Who's birthday is it?"

" Bears."

" First we eat our cake and icecream so come in."

We walked into the bar and I saw a very pregnant woman. I gasped. She looks like Sara.

"Grace come and meet Wolf"

". Hello, Wolf."

" you are in time for cake and ice cream."

" Bear she called out."

" Yes Grace."

" Cut your cake."

" Grace can't I see my bike first?"

" No you cannot."

" Now cut the cake."

"She is having everyone's bike painted."

" She chooses the design."

" After we ate we heard Bear yell."

" Now Grace?"

" Now."

" Blindfold first."

We were standing on the porch when Blade rode the bike to the porch and covered it up.

Now. We watched as Bear pulled the sheet off of his bike. Fuck me. A grizzly Bear brown with redish hair standing up.

"That is badass I said."

" Well Bear what do you think?"

I watched as he walked over and picked Grace up and kissed her.

"Sister I love it. You could not have chosen better."

" That is nice Bear."

" It is isn't it?"

" I can't wait until my birthday next week a member said."

"Go for you ride boys."

" But be back in an hour."

" They also go for a ride through town together."

" Blade you got yourself a wonderful wife."

" I do don't I."
We watched as the brothers went for their ride.

I walked and sat down at the table with Blade. I looked up to see the girl in the picture walk over and sit down next to Grace.

They look so much alike. Blade introduced me to her.

"Laura this is Wolf he served with us."

"Nice to meet you Wolf."

I looked into her eyes and it nearly tore me apart. I saw her looking over my shoulder. Ghost stood there glaring at me. I turned around and smiled at Laura.

"Laura, has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful green eyes?"

" Not that I know of."

" Well, you do."

" Thank you."

I watched a prospect put coffee in front of her.

"Thank you."

" Your welcome Laura."

I could not help but stare at her.

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