You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 74: The Camp Fire

We were all sitting around the fire drinking beer and talking when Bonnie walked over with the guitar.

"Please she said."

I looked up at and smiled taking the guitar from her.

"I watched as she started playing "You Lost That Loving Feeling" dam but she can sing."

" Play, "put your head on my shoulder."

After she finished she handed the guitar to Leland. Then she froze. I turned to see what she was looking at. Ghost was taking a woman to the clubhouse. I saw her look at Ripper than Grace. I think I will go to my room.

I waited and followed her into the clubhouse.I saw her her ran into her room and than run back out past me and down the all. What the hell. Then I heard it. That dumbass was fucking that woman. I turned to follow Laura. I saw the front door open.

I ran over just as she reversed her car spinning tires and drove out of the compound.

"I ran to the back yard and whispered to Ripper what happened."

" Which way did she go."

" Right out of the clubhouse."

" Fuck. I am not sure where she is gong he said."

We went back outside and Ripper kept looking at his watch. Blade watched us and frowned.

"Blade walked over and asked what the hell was going on?"

" We told him and he said Ghost just made the biggest mistake of his life."

"What do you mean by that?"

" They don't do cheaters or liars."

" I would say she will be back soon."

" If she isn't back in two hours we need to call her."

" Just then we saw Ghost open the door and kick the woman out."

We watched Blade walk over and look at Ghost.

"I have one question Ghost."

" What is that?"

" Do you love Laura?"

" Yes."

" Well now. That is too bad."

" What are you taking about?"

" Laura does not do cheaters or liars."

" You lost her for sure now."

" She heard you two."

" She left the club."

" When she gets back she will push her love for you away."

"I didn't cheat on her."

" We are not together."

" That may be."

" But she knows you love her."

" But it won't matter now."

" She will never chase you again."

" To her you will not exist in her mind."

" You made the biggest mistake of your life."

"I will tell you she would accept anyone's claim but yours."

We heard the front door slam and Laura walked in. She walked past Ghost and then looked at Blade.

"I need a bedroom as far away from him as I can get."

"I don't want to hear him fucking all night long."

" Take the one at the end of the hallway."

" Thanks Blade."

" She walked into her bedroom and started carrying her clothes from the closet down the hall."

" She made five trips before she told Blade, I will clean that room tomorrow so someone else can use it."

We then watched as she walked back down the hall carrying a throw and she went out the back door. Ripper looked over at Ghost in shook.

"She didn't even look at Ghost."

We turned and walked out the back door and watched as Laura moved her chair closer to the women.

"She didn't talk to anyone."

" She lit a joint and drank her beer"

". I looked at Laura an knew something was wrong."

" Something changed her."

Then I saw her look at one of the whores. I put my beer down Stood up and walked over to the whore. I grabbed her by her hair Brought my knife up and slit her face from her temple to her chin. Then I cut her hair off.

"Now go see if Ghost wants to fuck you bitch."

I threw her on the ground and walked back over sat down and picked up my beer. Just like nothing happened. The doctor walked over to Blade. "This time Laura gave one of the whores 25 stitches. She will have a scar."

"Good for her."

" She should never have fucked Ghost."

" I looked over and said, for someone who is shy he is not that shy that he won't fuck anything that will open there legs to him."

I saw Ghost looking at me.

"Do you have a fucking problem Ghost?"

" Yes, me fucking the whores should tell you that I am not interested in you Laura."

" That's good Ghost."

" Because I am no longer interested in you either."

" So don't worry,"

" I can give two shits what you do anymore."

" You are not worth my time."

" You showed me that tonight."

"So now you can stop staring at me and watching me."

" Oh, and Ghost I don't need your protection."

" I have Leland, Ripper and my other brothers."

" And if I get shot again or taken don't come looking for me."

" I don't want your help in finding me."

"Grace, as soon as the baby is born I will be leaving here."

" I am going to move to Kentucky."

" I will be living in our grandparents cabin. I will get a job in Kentucky."

"The hell you will Laura."

" You are not going anywhere Ripper said."

" We love you and would miss you."

" Ripper it is best that I leave this place."

" I love all of you too but I know when I am wanted and not wanted."

"Laura, please don't leave."

" I can't stay here anymore Grace."

" It really is best that I leave."

" Besides I am going to go work with a few women who are private investigators."

" I just bet you are Ghost said."

"Well it isn't any of your business now is it?"

" And it never will be."

" You made your choice and I accept it."

I took a drink from my beer.

"I am not needed now."

" Ghost made his bed and now he has to lay in it."

" Laura may love him but she no longer wants him since he fucked that whore."

I watched Blade talking to Grace. She looked over at me and gasped.

"He fucked a whore and she heard him?"

" Yes."

" Then if he ever loved her and wanted her she won't accept him now."

" I know. I told him that. But, I don't think he believes me."

"Well he better."

" And she just told him so."

" I say we let her do what she wants."

" She told me she will be back in a week."

" She is going to interview and see if she gets along with those women."

" Laura said that they might start a company here if they get along."

We all ended up back in the club house and Bonnie, Kathy, Me, and Raylan played true or dare. We got to Grace and Bonnie said.

"Truth or dare Grace?"

" Truth is it true that if Blade cheated on you that you would leave him?"

" Truth."

Then the bottle landed on Laura. We looked from Ghost to Wolf and Ripper.

"Dare she said."

" We dare you to give Wolf a lapdance."

I stood up and Grace pulled Wolf to the stage to sit down. We knew which music to play.

"Lucky Wolf the members yelled."

Out of nowhere I saw Ghost standing at the end of the stage. When the dance was over with I walked down the stairs and over to our table and sat down. When the bottle landed on my I said truth.

"If Ghost asked you out would you go out with him?"

" No I won't."

" Not now, not ever. I made sure that Ghost heard me."

" I am going to bed."

Good night I said. I walked down the hall and opened my door. I walked in shut it and locked it.

I walked to the bathroom and took my clothes off and stepped into the shower. My heart was breaking. I could hear that bitches screams in my head. I slid down the wall and cried. Why did he do it? Why did he keep pushing me away? Now he doesn't have to push away.

I will never look at him again or care what he does. It doesn't matter anymore. My heart will heal in time. Someday I will find a good man. And even if I don't it doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore.

I have been hurt to many times. I have been raped, physically abused, shot, and now told he was not interested in me. So be it. Ghost doesn't want me then I don't care. I am done crying over him. I am done showing him I don't want him letting whores touch him. He just had to hurt me in the worst way possible. He fucked another whore.

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